Why The Smart Passive Income Podcast Is Awesome.

The Smart Passive Income podcast is hosted regularly by Pat Flynn. In the series, Flynn talks over all of his secrets when it comes to online blogging & business strategies, establishing multiple revenue sources and a tonne of marketing tips.

Flynn shows how any ordinary people can discover how to setup multiple sources of passive income that will unlock you the freedom to travel and live as you wish without being tied down to a 9-5 job. Pat confesses how, although he isn’t a millionaire, he is able to work only a few hours a week and provide full financial support for his family through making use of SEO, niche websites, social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.), podcasts, eBooks and many more passive income opportunities.

Flynn is exciting in his teaching, giving clear and concise batches of information that are grounded in extensive research. He is an incredibly experienced online entrepreneur that has been working in the area for many year and offers his advice on how to succeed in the industry in the form of podcasts.

For those of you that don’t know, a podcast is simply a way of transmitting information to an audience verbally. Podcasts do not typically feature any video footage and involve only audio. Personally I find podcasts far more useful than video tutorials as they can be listened to in the car, on the train or wherever else you wish.

The podcast is currently on its 251st episode giving you an absolute tonne of resources to absorb information from. The content includes information about a wealth of passive income opportunities ranging from affiliate marketing to course-creation. There most certainly will be a number of podcasts on the site that are just right for you.

The best part?

You guessed it – the podcast is absolutely free to access and listen to.

Other than the sites premium section which provides bonus material and ad-free listening for $4.99 a month, the materials the site contains are totally free to use by the general public meaning that all you’ll be investing is time. Any profits you make using the invaluable information given in the series will not have to be spent on learning the information as it costs nothing!

Below I’ve listed some reviews that encompass just how valuable the podcast is, written by real, genuine people looking to earn money. The following quotes come from https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-smart-passive-income-podcast-online-business-blogging so be sure to go ahead and check out the ones I haven’t included!

Pat is awesome. He give you so much “Epic Content” and shares with you proven methods for running an online business from himself and through inspirational interviews. Moreover is completely authentic and shows you on his website how he makes his money. He serves his audience with a teacher’s heart and sets the standard for his audience on how to serve your audience better. Love what you do Pat – Keep it up!’ – smeek

‘SPI is a great podcast. Pat truly cares about his audience and listens to them. He chronicles his journey as an infoprenuer, family man, and gives his audience real step by step lessons. I highly recommend the Smart Passive Income podcast for anyone thinking about getting into the online marketing world.’ – rjramirez

‘You just can’t find a more giving person than Pat Flynn. His podcasts are jammed full of practical, detailed ‘how to’ instruction and advice. If you follow him from week to week, you won’t need expensive courses and seminars. Bonus: Pat’s fun, too!’ – Editor

There really is nothing to lose with the SPI podcast. It’s a totally free resource and offers top-quality information from a well-experienced, fun, excitable online entrepreneur.

So what are you waiting for?

Head on over to https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ now to get started with creating your online empire!

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