Why Events Are The Best Marketing Opportunities For Startups

While undoubtedly an exciting phase, establishing and running a startup brings its own set of unique challenges. Indeed, introducing a new brand in the market will demand a lot of work from you as a business owner.

In many ways, hosting a live event can be a great way to promote your brand. Sure, digital marketing is all the rage these days and we all know that websites, emails, and social networking sites are powerful, must-have tools for businesses today. 

Despite that, there’s just no substituting the advantages that you can get from holding face-to-face events. You can create lasting, powerful impressions with your audience as you host exhibits, networking sessions, product launches, trade shows, seminars, workshops, and other in-person events.    

Here are some of the immediate rewards you can enjoy from using events as part of your overall marketing strategy. 

How startups can benefit from hosting events

1. Increased brand awareness

Let’s face it: spreading the word about your startup is never easy. You can’t entirely rely on your website and social media channels to do all the work for you.

Hosting an actual live event gives you increased exposure and visibility as you showcase your product or service in a real-world setting. They get to experience your brand firsthand – something that would not be possible in the virtual world.  

2. Better interaction with your target market

Sure, replying to inquiries and comments can help you develop a positive reputation among your social media followers. But at the end of the day, nothing compares to the personalized, one-on-one interaction that happens during live events. 

You not only get to talk with people about your brand, you also get the chance to learn about them. You can directly answer questions or offset any hesitations they may have about your product or service and that can make a big difference. Additionally, you can give away freebies and promotional materials. 

When your marketing event is done right, you will likely have higher prospects of converting casual onlookers into loyal customers. 

3. Expand your connections

When your target audience enjoys your events, they’ll likely tell their friends about their experience either in person or through social media posts. Moreover, events likewise make great avenues for building a larger network for your business. In addition to gaining new fans, you will get opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs, along with prospective investors, partners, resellers, suppliers, and more. This could result in significant long-term benefits for your startup business.

4. New content for your blog and social media

Now it all comes full circle as your events provide you with material to use for your business blog and social media channels. Aside from using your online platforms to announce your upcoming event, you can also post about it online soon after it’s done. You can write an article or two about the highlights of the event or even about the stories of people you’ve met. Don’t forget to post pictures and videos, too!  

Additional tips to keep in mind when holding business events

1. Set clear goals

First and foremost, you want to define what your real objective is. Are you launching or testing out a new product? Are you aiming to attract new buyers or achieve increased sales? Setting your expectations can help you decide what activities to undertake and who to invite when you formally move to the planning stage. 

2. Plan, plan, plan

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning ahead is crucial to your event’s success. You definitely want your event to be memorable for the right reasons. So prepare your program, invite participants, and work out your logistics in good time to avoid last-minute problems – which could potentially turn a triumph into a total disaster if not handled well. 

3. Pick an appropriate location

Another important reminder: make sure that you choose a venue that perfectly matches your event and budget. 

Let’s say you’re a startup based in New York City and want to have a social gathering with your employees and partners, you can research renting a loft for a party in NYC. These spaces are ideal for intimate gatherings or even for workshops. Meanwhile, you may want to check out conference halls, business centers, or even hotels if you’re having more elaborate events.  

4. Let the media know

Some startup owners tend to forget about this but yes, inviting local media to events can actually be a very good idea. Doing so could lead to press coverage so make it a point to contact publications, networks, radio stations, and even bloggers, inviting them along as special guests. While not everyone might be able to attend, some may offer to feature your event which would help you reach a wider audience.   

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Final thoughts

Memorable events are all about interaction and engagement. By laying the groundwork, a well-organized event can provide your startup with the best marketing opportunities necessary for your growth. Be sure to choose an appropriate venue, start planning well in advance and give strategic consideration to your invitation list. Best of luck! 

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