Why Does Your Business Need Penetration Testing?

Guest Post by: Sarah Williams

Technology has made progress so rapidly in the past decades that it has become a crucial aspect of every business. Nowadays, information technology (IT) is stably growing as an industry because of the demand for tech skills in the workplace. With companies now relying on computer systems to store information and create databases, there is a need to strengthen security measures to prevent cybersecurity threats.

Anti-virus software and firewalls are commonly set in place to prevent cyberattacks, but with the increasing complexity of technology, such measures are not always enough anymore. With security breaches happening left and right, you need to make use of penetration testing services. Contrary to the usual anti-virus measures, this method creates an authorised simulation of a cyberattack to evaluate the security of the system.

Proactively Identify System Vulnerabilities

Most of the time, you only realise the need for stronger security systems once a cyberattack already occurs. This type of set-up can have serious repercussions, especially if the hacking incident led to the leak of valuable company information. Penetration testing aims to make your computer system more proactive since it simulates a hacking attempt and tries to exploit all aspects of your system, so it is more prepared if a real attack occurs.

With a penetration test, you will be able to discover possible vulnerabilities in your system, along with code bugs, software errors, and the like. Penetration testing consultants will model a real security threat so you can discover the weaknesses and hidden loopholes in your system before a hacker or exploiter does.

Establish More Efficient Security Measures

Using the results of the test, you can create more robust and more efficient security measures. When availing penetration testing services, the company will give you advice on how you can better respond to or recover from a cyberattack, as well as recommendations on how you can attend to the vulnerabilities you identified to make your computer system more reliable.

As much as possible, find a testing company with innovative solutions to cybersecurity threats, so they are familiar with the latest technologies and know how to respond to them. Find a company that has the knowledge and expertise to help you budget your future investments in cyber solutions.

Protect Company Reputation

Just as companies are becoming more concerned about system security, consumers also trust companies with strong security measures in place. A crucial part of your SEO strategy, for instance, entails having a secure sockets layer (SSL) for your website since search users are more likely to click on sites with this certificate.

With the help of penetration testing, you can ensure that company information is kept secure, so no consumer data is compromised. Having a poor security system can have damaging effects on your company reputation since consumers will have a more negative perception of it. Thus, through constant testing and monitoring, you can protect your company reputation, keep your current customer base, and also work towards better customer acquisition strategies.

Based on the top statistics on cybersecurity, almost $20,000 is lost for every minute of phishing. This figure emphasises the importance of having reliable and robust security measures in place. With the continuous advancement of technology, you must continuously test your system to see the methods hackers are using today, so you get a better understanding of what your system needs or lacks.

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