What Is Next for eCommerce?

The first online stores have been built years and years ago. And the eCommerce business market has changed and grown a lot since then. Thus ironically, the biggest trend of eCommerce right now is the speed of its growth – because it is so phenomenal. There is an endless list of factors that influenced the situation we are in today.

Surely, lately, all online and offline businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 virus and pandemic. Online stores expanded their businesses and generated more sales because people started to buy more online. And offline stores started to create online versions of their stores, especially when all of the physical stores were closed.

But this pandemic is something we could not have expected to happen. Another solid reason for this market growing so fast is the ease of creating one and the dynamics of ever-changing trends. In fact, the competition in the eCommerce market is so huge nowadays that the only way to survive is to follow and adapt to the newest trends for example chatbots – and that is why we want to share some of them with you. How can you help people to buy?

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Trend #1: Outsourcing the Product

If you already run an online store built on a Shopify platform, you should try out the print on demand for Shopify. This is because the trendiest businesses are now cleverly focusing on scaling, developing, and growing their businesses in order to outshine the never-ending list of competitors.

And it does make sense – if you choose to work with a print on demand service, you will not have to think about producing the goods, packing, storing, or delivering them. This will help you save tons of time and budget; therefore, you will be able to focus on the growth and uniqueness of your business.

Trend #2: Customization of Packaging

Even though the packaging is not the most important factor in our purchase, we still notice and evaluate it. And there is no reason to be surprised – it is only logical to equate the packaging with the brand of an online store that we bought from. 

And as a matter of fact, there is a certain category of people who are strongly influenced by the packaging – it may even be the core element why they make the purchase at all. This creates added value – you have to admit that if there would be two products completely the same, for the same price, you would still choose the one with nicer packaging because of the added value. Increasingly, packaging sustainability is also one of the things that customers look for, including reusable packaging.

Trend #3: Faster Purchase Process

As you probably heard, people value their time much more these days. Surely, social media has a big influence on it – some people lose more than 2 hours per day just because they are scrolling through social media and chatting with their friends. But the pace of life itself has increased as well.

Therefore it is only clever to simplify the process of checkout. People do not have a lot of patience or a lot of time nowadays – thus, if you can offer a faster purchase process, then the customer is all yours. To improve the checkout process, try purchasing something on your online store yourself – and afterward, eliminate every step that is unnecessary.

Trend #4: Mobile Shopping

People are still purchasing a lot of products and services by using the desktop version, but it is an undeniable fact that the numbers of mobile shopping are constantly increasing. And as the numbers have grown quite a lot today, it is expected to grow even more in the year 2021. Which makes mobile shopping a trend that you can simply not skip.  

Also, as the years pass, there are more and more mobile phones sold – so there are also more and more people using them. Which, in a logical sense, has a big influence on the growth of mobile shopping. And a fact that often gets forgotten is that even if a potential customer does not purchase an item using his phone, it does not mean that he did not check it out on his mobile phone and then bought it from your physical store.

Trend #5: Ecology and Sustainability

We all know that the world cares about the heath of the planet Earth deeply. But a more surprising fact is that it actually has quite an influence on online sales. Therefore, if a business is selling sustainable products or initiates donations to, for example, save the rainforests, it has more chances of attracting a customer than a similar competitive business would. 

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