Top Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

So how do you live a healthy lifestyle?

In a world where we’re constantly switched on, distracted and living a 24/7 work lifestyle, it’s seductively easy to ignore your health.

From meditation to intermittent fasting, here’s a few of my top tips for living a healthy lifestyle

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Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent Fasting is one of the easiest ways to manage your weight.

But it’s not really about weight loss:

For me, intermittent fasting boosts my productivity, energy and overall focus.

After all, we are tomorrow what we eat today!

And it’s incredibly easy – all you do is skip breakfast and finish eating about 8-9pm at night.

That’s especially true when you throw in a black coffee in the morning.

The best thing about it is that you can focus on work and getting on with your day, rather than wasting time looking for food, feeling sluggish after eating and getting tired during the day.

Eat Clean Vegan Shopping List:

And when I say eat clean, I don’t mean starving yourself or going on some crazy fad diet!

Eating clean means feeding your body with the nutrients, energy and fuel you need to perform at your very best.

When you eat good, you feel good.

It’s that simple 🙂

My personal preference is the Paleo Diet:

It’s just an easy way to cut out heavily manufactured, processed foods. When it comes to Paleo, this isn’t really a diet, but more like a lifestyle that keeps your food natural and non-processed. Also, ensure your body is hydrated by drinking enough water. Health authorities commonly recommend 2 liters a day.

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Yoga is a great way to improve your health.

When you compare yoga versus going to the gym, the benefits are clear:

  • You’ll avoid putting too much pressure on your joints
  • You’ll discover how to build up your flexibility
  • You’ll gradually tone up your muscles and overall strength

Yoga is one of the best exercises for your overall health!

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For me, meditation is one of the best things I’ve ever done:

It helps me focus, concentrate and deal with the daily inevitable stresses of life.

Plus when we’re moving from one screen to another, meditation helps me take a break from my brain being constantly stimulated.

Now even though it sounds a bit ‘out there’, you don’t need to trek into the himalayas to benefit from meditation. In fact, you can practice this from almost anywhere!

So here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Try using a meditation app like Headspace
  • Find somewhere quiet and relaxed to practice
  • Make sure you try meditation on a daily basis – you need to be consistent when you practice this!
  • Don’t let anything distract you whilst you’re practicing
  • Be patient with the results when you’re first trying it

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Optimise Your Sleeping Routine

Poor sleep is really unhealthy.

You should be aiming to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep per night, but more importantly, you want your sleep quality to be high.

What does this mean?

Well, there are different cycles of sleep – and some are better for your health than others.

For example, if you get REM, it’s very healing for your body but also hard to achieve.

So what’s the solution?

First of all, switch off all electronics at least 1 hour before bed. Why? Because this helps your mind to switch off. When you’re too stimulated, you’ll struggle to sleep properly.

This problem is exaggerated by blue light – which is emitted from electronics.

There’s a few ways around this:

  • You could buy some special glasses which filter out blue light
  • Download an app/software for your phone and computer that reduces the blue light
  • Reduce your usage of electronics before bed
  • Also, try removing all electronics from your room before you go to bed

Additionally, make sure you go to sleep at roughly the same time each night.

This attunes your body to a routine, so that your mind knows when it’s time to rest and recover.

Another important factor for sleep is the room temperature:

Try and make sure your room is cool, even if you need a fan or air con to get the temperature down. Having cozy sheets and sleepwear can also help. You can check out Eberjey’s comfy womens pajamas.

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