Top Email Marketing Software to Get a Headstart in 2020!

Guest Post by Christeen Paul

2020 is well upon us, and it is touted to be the year when email marketing goes to another level. Email marketing has long been one of the biggest and most reliable revenue drivers in a company’s portfolio. With the number of email users bound to increase and companies pumping in more money into their email campaigns, 2020 is a great time to get a headstart.

Close to 89% of marketers use email as their main source for generating leads and increasing revenue. It is also the most preferred form of online marketing, with close to 47% of marketers rating emails as the best and most effective channel to bring in revenue. B2B businesses, too, swear by email marketing, with 93% of marketers using emails as their primary channel for distributing content online. 

Thus, the importance of Emails is immense, considering that they are a great way to engage customers because they give you a lot to play with. From smart written content to beautifully designed images and short videos, there’s so much you can put into one compact email. Also, the added advantage of being able to sell your products and drive traffic directly onto your site are just two more awesome plus points to making emails online.

This year looks promising if you’re planning to kickstart your e-commerce business and email marketing strategy. To help you excel, we’ve compiled a list of great software, some of which are fantastic alternatives to Mailchimp. Let’s begin!

1. SendX: One of the best software for anything email marketing related is SendX. They offer a range of excellent tools to not just create great content, but also monetize it. SendX has some beautiful and powerful templates that can be used to generate emails with compelling content to entice your audience into purchasing or clicking.

The templates are just one part of their services. They also provide a robust automation tool with which you can keep your emails moving smoothly. Once you subscribe to their services, SendX allows you to send as many emails as you’d like, with high deliverability and open rates. You can compare different campaigns and use the same insights – delivered by SendX to improve on a newer one. 

SendX is a great option because they’ve got everything sorted out. Even if you’re facing trouble despite their self-explanatory features, they have 24×7 support teams that ensure all your queries are taken care of as soon as possible.

2. Active Campaign: Active Campaign is another great email marketing software to consider as they provide many tools, including email templates, auto-responders, marketing automation, drag-and-drop email designers, SMS marketing, and so much more! The comprehensive coverage of all different features makes them an ideal tool for small business owners and online marketers.

With Active Campaign, you can segment your subscribers with different tags and focus your emails towards the right audience. Other impressive features include the excellent user interface that enhances the experience for the customer and their cost-efficient subscription, which is a godsend if you’re bootstrapped.

Active Campaign is a great tool to begin your email marketing game this year, so choose right and begin asap!

3. Omnisend: When it’s time to go beyond simple email marketing, it’s time to go to Omnisend. Rising star in the marketing automation world, Omnisend offers omnichannel automation workflows where you can add several channels to the same automation workflow. 

This means that from one workflow, you can create a sequence to reach your customers through email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, push notifications, and so on. In this way, you can create a seamless customer experience, no matter what channel they prefer for contact. 

Omnisend takes omnichannel marketing seriously, offering sophisticated segmentation for smart targeting, keeping your messages always relevant. While all of that seems complicated, Omnisend is known for its user-friendly interface, employing a drag-and-drop builder for everything you’d need to create: emails, workflows, forms, landing pages, and the list goes on. 

Offering 24/7 support, it’s easy to see why Omnisend is consistently rated 5-stars on Shopify App Store, Capterra, G2Crowd, and many other review sites. Their pricing even easily scales from their free plan for basic email marketing, adding channels and automation features as you need them. 

4. Mailerlite: Another software that comes with brilliant benefits is Mailerlite. You can create professional emails within a matter of minutes, in addition to other advantages. These include sending bulk emails with ease, improving the retention and conversion rate, and more. 

The software comes with many editors, including a rich text editor, custom HTML, and drag and drop editor for starters. There are also proven newsletter templates you can choose, in addition to ecommerce campaign managers, pop-up forms, and subscriber management for you to delve into and start 2020 the right way. If you are confused between Mailerlite and Mailchimp check out the in-depth comparison.

5. Automizy: When it comes to AI, Automizy is up there among the best software to consider. They have some of the best capabilities that can learn from previous campaigns and then use them to improve on current deliverables, making them a software you must consider if you’re planning to start your email strategy this year.

With Automizy, you can create beautiful emails that can be powered via AI-powered tools, and all of this is possible without any know-how on coding. These include the likes of Subject Line testers, Automatic Resends, A/B testing along with the tried and tested drag-and-drop editor that comes with proven newsletter templates. 

With these tools, you’re bound to get the returns you expect, and more, so check it out now and start your email campaigns with Automizy.

6. AWeber: AWeber is a popular email marketing software, especially among the blogger community and internet marketers. They make creating emails a breeze, with plenty of great tools that can simplify the job for you.

The primary feature among them includes their professional templates that have a history of being successful. These templates have over 150 different styles that can be used and customized according to your marketing needs. There are also other tools like segmentation and subscriber management and tracking, which can be enjoyed with AWeber.

You can also enjoy high deliverability, with AWeber promising a 98% success rate, making them one of the best in the business.

7. ConvertKit: A cost-effective yet versatile emailing software, ConvertKit is another one of our recommendations because they have practical features. The primary of those is their pretty opt-in forms that are bound to grab the customer’s attention, in addition to built-in templates and broadcasting messages. These tools can be subscribed to at a reasonable rate, making ConvertKit a software that can surely kickstart your 2020 in style. 

Convertkit Full Review, Read Here

8. Constant Contact: If you’re looking for a practical email software that simplifies all your emailing needs, then look no further than Constant Contact (CC). They have elegant tools that do the needful while also ensuring your brand gets the right type of visibility.

Constant Contact is a great tool because even the most inexperienced marketers can easily adapt it. The easy drag-and-drop tools, narrow segmentation, and beautiful templates are just some of the reasons for you to consider CC this year.

To Wrap it Up:

Thus, we’ve compiled this list knowing you’re ready to head into the new year and take over the email marketing game by storm. These email marketing softwares have some of the best benefits that are sure to propel your business forward. We hope that this list of softwares will make it easier for you to choose from and kickstart your new year in style. 

Good luck!

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