Top 5 Cities to Spend Your Bitcoin

Do you want to spend your bitcoin shopping and traveling? Then you should know about the cities where you can pay your bills in bitcoins for food, drinks, shopping, and more. There are some countries where bitcoin or any crypto coins are not even legal. At the same time, you can spend your vacation by making your payments in bitcoins in the following cities. To know more about bitcoin trading you can visit

Bitcoin-Friendly Cities

Whether you want to stay at a hotel or you want to have dinner with your family or friends, visit these cities to spend your bills in bitcoin.

  1. San Francisco, the USA
  2. London, the UK.
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In these cities, you can spend your bitcoins, but you need a bitcoin app to make payments. Now let us know what you can do with bitcoins in the above cities.

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San Francisco, the USA

San Francisco is one of the top cities in the list where you can spend bitcoins for many purposes. The city is one of the most popular cities in the world for innovation, technology, and businesses.

The Silicon Valley of San Francisco is a hub of bitcoin-related businesses. The city is home to one of the most popular crypto exchange Coinbase. Every year, many bitcoin conferences and annual meetups are held in this city.

Here, you will find many merchants providing a wide range of services and goods. You can have coffee, leave your pet at a daycare, pay your bills for computer services, consult a business executive, pay for your meals, etc. There are several other cities, including New York City, that also accept bitcoin payments in the USA.

London, the UK

London is also one of the popular cities where many financial institutions and banks have adopted blockchain-based payment solutions. This is also a hub for many bitcoin and crypto-based organizations.

Some of the popular trading platforms, exchanges, and banks are trying to blockchain-based services for the security market too.

Some of the businesses that accept bitcoin payments are travel agencies, photographers, restaurants, accountants, etc.

Melbourne, Australia

The capital city of Austria is also one of the bitcoin-friendly cities in the world. Recently, speculation made that the Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright might be the founder of bitcoin. As you know that Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonymous name who invented bitcoin and blockchain.

It is found from many reports that Australia is the highest commercial user of Bitcoin in the world. Due to which many popular banks have started closing their operations in Australia.

Some of the popular businesses that accept bitcoin in Melbourne are some restaurants, fitness centers, furniture retailers, etc.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Due to the strict regulation of currency exchange and fiat money, people are using bitcoin for payments for their services in the capital city of Argentina. There are many bitcoin platforms like Bitwage, offering discounts on your bills for paying through their platform. Some popular restaurants accept bitcoin payments in Buenos Aires.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the top cities in the world where bitcoin has a quite different scene. Here there are many significant steps that have been taken to make the citizens familiar with bitcoin transactions and the usage of digital currencies.

There is a bitcoin Embassy, educational institutions where people can attend seminars and ask their queries related to bitcoin. They can even buy bitcoins by using computers. The workshops include topics related to mining and other crypto-related topics.

Lastly, there was a film festival hosted in Amsterdam related to bitcoin.


If you want to spend your earnings or holdings of bitcoin, then you can visit these above cities. But if you are a citizen of any of these cities, then that’s a great thing. There are many other towns and countries where bitcoin is accepted as payments, but the above are the top most cities. Hopefully, the post has helped you to discover the most bitcoin-friendly cities in the world.

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