Tips for Starting A Proficient Animation Studio in Australia

Guest post by: Sarah Williams

Working as an animator in Australia is a highly rewarding task because it requires a lot of various skillsets – voice encoding, programming, graphic design, writing, storytelling, editing, audio design, composition, acting, motion design, and illustration. 

However, running an animation studio in the said place is more difficult because it requires wearing more hats. To fully understand and develop this business, individuals need more time. As such, entrepreneurs must make key business decisions, understand marketing, license music, commission voiceover, accounting, bookkeeping, project management, SEO, and web design. They must learn to professionally liaise with the clients and staff. 

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To continue, below are additional tips to fully run the animation studios proficiently.  

Manage the cashflow

In running an animation studio, it is advisable to charge the clients upfront to help them manage the flow of the cash. Since some projects could inevitably stall for some reason; for example, a project could be stuck in an endless review or the client decides to ditch the job. Having to wait for the payday could be the reason for the early adjournment of the animation studio in Australia and the upfront payment is a good idea to solve this issue.

Besides, business owners should communicate with their clients to clarify the sourced subject of the money to prevent having any issues in the future. 

Build a portfolio

Portfolios are commonly used to show clients the products and services offered by the establishments. These could also be proof of the successful transactions done by the animation studio. In starting the business, it is advised that people should build their portfolios to create a profile quality of their work. From simple themes to high-quality projects, owners should be transparent to establish trust within the clients. Having a portfolio could also help the business see things that are needed to improve and show development over time. 

Find the animation studio niche

Designers and animators can no doubt produce projects on any subject or topic. And surely, a client would choose someone who is an expert in producing videos related to their needs. In building an animation studio, managers must master working with various experts in the fields. At the same time, they must have a niche. Although the business would primarily focus on the establishment’s specialty, there’s still a wide variety of products and services to offer. 

Consider offering percentages

One good tip in building any business is giving flat fees or percentages on introductions or recommendations that lead to the results or paid work. This technique works well in web design companies, agencies, or any individuals who do networking. This method reduces the need for the middle man and has the benefit of getting all the profit after a few repetitions of the transactions.  

Furthermore, offering percentages also means that the managers have some help from various people to market the animation studio in Australia with only having to pay for the successful leads. As such, always remember this tip to prevent problems in the end. 

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