Tips for Choosing Right Salesforce Partner

A Salesforce partner can make or break your Salesforce implementation and business success.  Therefore, you must choose the right partner for your business.

While the decision of partnering with Salesforce doesn’t have to be complex, it is not always a simple choice that you can make in just a few minutes.

 Here are some tips to help you find the Salesforce partner best suited for your needs.

Research Thoroughly

There are many Salesforce consulting partners available today. It may be challenging to find the right one for you without proper research. Ensure you have a Salesforce partners list that will help you filter through the many options.

Salesforce consulting reviews help you determine if your preferred partner has a proven track record of delivering results. They will show their service quality and how well they satisfied their existing customers. Don’t just go by what people say, though, as the clients may not always be reliable.

You are the one who will use their services. Ensure that you have done enough research to find an agency with solutions for all your business needs. If your agency cannot provide you with intelligent solutions, it makes no sense to have them as your Salesforce consulting partner.

Your partner should be able to meet your business requirements with their solutions. The company you choose should know your business to increase productivity, customer relations, and sales.   

You can find out about their client support services by checking the testimonials of their existing clients.  


Before you select a partner, have a budget in mind. You can make one before beginning your research, or you can do the research first and then work within that budget. 

When looking into costs, find out what the fee includes. For example, whether there are any hidden charges or if it provides support services. Know if you’ll be able to pay upfront or when the project is ongoing. 

Salesforce consulting partners may ask you to pay for an entire project upfront, while others may ask you to pay them over time. If you have a limited budget, get a partner that will work with you on an installment basis.      


Choosing Salesforce consulting partners who are experts in your industry is essential. By relating directly to your business, their insights will help make the Salesforce implementation successful.

Ensure that your partner has a proven track record of success working on projects for businesses in your industry.  

Also, check if they have worked on similar projects to yours and the ratings for their work.     

You should find out what kind of training they provide to their staff, and what certifications they hold. Salesforce certification programs can help measure the knowledge of an organization. Use them as a guide to determine the level of expertise of your consulting partner.

Sign a Long-Term Agreement

It is best to sign a long-term agreement with your Salesforce partner. It will give you maximum value for your money and ensure that they properly care for your business.

Look into their terms and conditions when signing a long-term agreement. Make sure there are no hidden costs in the fine print. 

Ensure that they provide excellent client support services after you sign a contract. It will allow your business to gain maximum value for its money over the agreed time.   

Verbal Communication 

Determine how well they communicate with you. Do the partners have a good command of English? Can they respond to your emails promptly?

You and the Salesforce partner need to communicate clearly and promptly to succeed. Therefore, choose a partner who is ready to be there for you always and answer your questions satisfactorily. They should also be able to explain their points clearly to you.

Also, find out if you have access to the same contact person throughout the project or you will have to deal with different people.


Research & Development is a vital sign of your Salesforce consulting partner’s capabilities. Try to find an agency that is constantly innovating and improving its products.

The right partner will improve your company’s productivity and increase profits. You’ll be able to develop custom applications with your Salesforce consulting partner if they have an R&D team.    


The consulting partner should provide you with a weekly status report, and you should explore the basis of their account. If you don’t entirely understand what it says, ask them to explain it to you.   

Ensure that your Salesforce consulting partner communicates with you every step of the way. Ask them questions and be sure to get satisfactory answers. Furthermore, learn about their internal planning tools so you can be sure they deliver results on time.

A Salesforce consulting partner in another time zone should have no problem providing remote access. To monitor the progress of your business, they should have experience with multiple time zones.

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There are several partners that you can have for your Salesforce implementation. The reason that there are so many is that each one has a unique specialty. Your business needs will determine who the right partner will be. They should be able to help you build your business and grow your profits

Although it is difficult to get an excellent partner, you will get the right one for you with a bit of research and time. Ensure they put the interests of your business first.

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