Tips And Tricks For Beating DUI Cases

DUI cases are demanding. They are complex. Plus, poor tactics can cost you dearly. That’s why you need strategies on your side to win a DUI case. Besides detention, a DUI case can lead to the revocation of your driver’s license. This will highly inconvenience your daily activities. Thus, employ the right strategies. Here are practical tips and tricks for beating DUI cases.

Contest The Officer’s Observations

Normally, the police officer will write down observations regarding your case. In the report, he/she will write notes that incriminate you for drunk driving. There are guidelines to be followed when drafting this report. For instance, an Alcohol Influence Report comes with its own guidelines. Normally, the officer will indicate watery eyes, bloodshot eyes, and even impaired speech. This doesn’t make the police right. Your lawyer can argue that your watery eyes are caused by many other things. He/she can also dispute the observations by arguing that the bloodshot eyes are caused by fatigue, smoke, medical condition, or even sleep deprivation. Thus, it’s important to understand these observations first. Hire the best DUI attorney near me. Let your lawyer counter them with logical explanations. You should also have evidence to counter these observations.

Fight Admission Statements Made While in Police Custody

The police officers are obliged to read out your rights. According to previous court precedents, anything you say while in custody is totally admissible before a court of law. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer before being taken through a session of interrogations. If the officers don’t explain these rights to you before interrogations, the evidence may be inadmissible in court. Thus, if you were interrogated in this manner, consider contesting the evidence. Ague that you were not made aware of your rights.

Attack The Field Sobriety Exercises

Normally, the officer in charge will perform a series of Field Sobriety Exercises tests. This includes moving a pen from side to side in front of your eyes. If the eyes start jerking, it’s presumed that you are under influence. You can fight off these pieces of evidence by carefully reviewing them. Ask your lawyer to review and ascertain if the right procedure was used when administering these exercises. He/she should question the importance of each exercise.

Contes The Breath Tests

You can contest the breath testing. Under the law, you are presumed drunk if the alcohol level in your system is above 0.8. However, you can fight these charges by arguing that sufficient time passed before arresting you. For instance, if you were arrested 4-5 hours after the tests, you can contest. Your prayers can be answered.

Attack The Blood Tests

Of course, blood tests are very accurate. However, they can be attacked. For instance, if a blood test was not done properly, the evidence can be attacked. Still more, a police officer cannot perform blood tests without your consent unless there was a fatal accident that led to severe injuries.

The Bottom-Line

On the surface, your DUI case may look straightforward. Wait until you are interdicted or imprisoned to understand the heaviness of the charges. Going to jail because of DUI is real. Losing your driver’s license is a probability. That’s why you need the best lawyer. Also, you need to employ the above tactics. 

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