Marketers do not quickly recognize Linkedin as an essential social channel for advertising their businesses. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the more popular platforms for most. However, considering that Linkedin has over 500 million users globally, it, no doubt, is a platform that draws some serious attention.

Added to a high following, Linkedin also receives over 100,000 new clients consistently. A good percentage of LinkedIn’s audiences are top-level businessmen and decision-makers. Among other things, the platform offers a great avenue to interact and collaborate with experts on a variety of projects.

Linkedin offers marketers one of the best channels to quickly meet and interact with their specific target audience. The key here is through adequate lead generation through various means and especially the right content; as such, content marketing is crucial.

LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Edge

Coupled with daily hustles, checking up and having to handle each post manually can be hectic and time-consuming. However, after putting in work to create compelling content for your demanding audience, getting them across, just right, is vital. Linkedin offers a more modern, stress-free content marketing model that is both effective and easy to follow through.

Because of its superior targeted content algorithm, Linkedin offers an excellent avenue for sourcing expertly developed content. Linkedin easily beats other platforms when it comes to content marketing. Through Linkedin, marketers can quickly boost their network as well as their products as Linkedin instantly offers the needed visibility.

Why Should You Schedule / Market Your Content on Linkedin?

We will take this part in two sections; first, let’s discuss why you should market with Linkedin in the first place.

Why Market Your Content On Linkedin?

  • SUPERIOR WEB TRAFFIC: Most popular social networking platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are more prominent for interactive social purposes. Linkedin, however, is typically recognized as a platform for business (B2B, B2C, etc.). As a result of this peculiarity, Linkedin quickly receives and sends more significant amounts of guests to businesses compared to other platforms.
  • MASSIVE ACTIVE USER ADVANTAGE: With an active user following of over 400 million, Linkedin easily ranks as the third-largest social networking platform in the world. Consequently, it ranks as the most significant business networking platform in the world. Also, Linkedin makes it easier to connect with intended target audiences as 99% of users are highly business minded.
  • REACH: Posts shared on Linkedin reaches five times more significant percentages of your following compared to most other networks. You can even use writing services reviews like Online Writers Rating to write some content for you.
  • HIGHER CONVERSION RATES: A recent study was carried out by experts at HubSpot that examined the sites of more than 5,000 businesses. The study revealed that traffic from Linkedin produced more excellent conversion rates from leads compared to Facebook and Twitter. Statistics from the survey showed that Linkedin has over 2.74%, 226% (.77%) more conversions than Facebook, and .69% more conversions than Twitter.

Why Schedule Your Content on Linkedin?

  • LEVERAGE HIGH TRAFFIC TIMES: Scheduling posts help you to make the most of high traffic hours. On the Linkedin community, the official 9:00 a.m. start of workday time is, in most cases, ideal (depending on the posts). Scheduling your post for high traffic hours helps you secure more attention from your target audience.

Note: while posting on specific high traffic hours is great for results, the system might quickly spot and punish you for spamming. To avoid spamming queries from Linkedin, it is essential to edit your publishing calendar to be more flexible. Also, try to schedule posts for when you have vital information to share and not merely for the sake of posting.

  • MAINTAIN CONSISTENCY: Another benefit of scheduling your posts is that it assures consistency, which is essential, especially for your business. Perhaps you are already handling it manually, or you may have employed the services of someone, this does not rule out unforeseen eventualities. Scheduling your post helps you make ready for the rainy days.

It is better to have your posts scheduled for a couple of weeks than not. From your schedule, you can easily make adjustments if the need arises. Each business page has the alternative to post immediately, or they can schedule their posts for later.

  • IDENTIFY AND MINIMIZE LAPSES: With scheduling, you can quickly identify lapses in your future posts and correct them early on. Also, within the time you have before posting, you may have new or additional ideas. Scheduling, therefore, allows you to implement necessary changes or additions where they are needed, and on time. Post-Scheduling presents marketers with the perfect tool to eliminate risks of crucial errors.
  • SAVE TIME AND RESOURCES: Scheduling helps businesses save costs on money spent on human management of the company’s posts. Also, you will be saving those employees the time they would have wasted monitoring posts. By buying back your staff’s time, you also make your staff so that they can be serviceable to the company in other ways.

How to Schedule Posts on Linkedin

To schedule posts on Linkedin, you will need to employ the services of third-party software. There is already a long lineup of various tools you can integrate to create scheduled posts on Linkedin. However, most of them barely get the job done.

Below is a list of recommended tools you can use to make compelling scheduled posts on Linkedin.

How to Schedule Linkedin Posts Using Social Champ

This application offers a simple means with which you can schedule and post all your relevant business content online. Here is a simple guide to show you just how.

STEP 1: go to Social Champ’s official website and sign-in. The sign-in menu is located at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

STEP 2: sign-in from any of your social media accounts.

STEP 3: Select the “Linkedin page” option to add your Linkedin page in Social Champ.

STEP 4: Log into your LinkedIn profile. Form your profile, select the page/content you want to add on Social Champ. Select whether to post immediately or schedule your posts for later. After successfully selecting your posts, Click done. Added Linkedin pages will automatically display on your Social Champ dashboard. You can further choose the pages or profiles you want to schedule by simply clicking on that post.

STEP 5: You can add comments to your post in the comments box. You can add a variety of exciting characters including emojis, videos, images, hashtags, text, links, or

STEP 6: Click on the “schedule” option to select the time and date you want your scheduled post published.

Once you have successfully gone through all of the steps, you will receive a notification upon successful completion of your scheduled posts. You will open the notification and follow the simple prompts, and you are good to go.


You can view all of your posts from a unified point of view in the ‘queue’ section. Also, you can edit each post from here using the drag and drop feature.

Social Champ comes with a built-in media library. This library gives you access to unlimited royalty-free images. You can integrate any pictures you want from here on your posts.

Social Champ also allows you to view your published post, number of shares, number of likes, comments, and so on.

Social Champ is equally equipped with content suggestion tools to make things easier for you. With this, the system can easily suggest appropriate materials for you to integrate into your content.

You can also incorporate Bitly for better analytics on your Linkedin account. This tool can also help you monitor the performance of all your shared links.

How to Schedule Linkedin Posts Using Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers marketers and business owners a comprehensive social media marketing and management platform. The system incorporates all your network channels so that it features them simultaneously on a smart dashboard. The dashboard has a multi-column layout that helps the user to easily monitor and engage with each of their social networks in real-time.

As soon as you have your Linkedin account(s) synced with Hootsuite, you can seamlessly schedule your Linkedin posts. Hootsuite supports a variety of post formats, including text, images, videos, etc. posts. The application also allows you to manage Posts individually or as a group.

An added advantage of this application is the fact that you can use it to target your posts by professional parameters.

Finally, you can use Hootsuite’s advanced tools to measure your progress on each post. It is very much an excellent pick for small businesses as it offers a comprehensive package for free.

How to Schedule Linkedin Posts Using Sprinklr

Sprinklr offers a cloud-based social media management experience, mainly targeted for enterprise customers. One of the best things about Sprinklr is that it is very flexible and synchronizes excellently with Linkedin. Its granular permissions can help to keep all the members of your team organized.

How to Schedule Linkedin Posts Using HubSpot

HubSpot has a comprehensive set of Social media marketing and Ads management tools. The tool generally makes an excellent inbound marketing software. Besides scheduling LinkedIn posts, you can also take advantage of its other essential features as well. This tool also helps enhance your targeting by providing you with insights to learn more about your audience.

Scheduling Linkedin Posts Using Buffer

This tool, among other things, focuses on offering users an intuitive and efficient interface for social media management. Simplicity and ease-of-use are the focal points of Buffer. The tool is pretty straightforward; as such, it makes it very simplistic for users to schedule content for their LinkedIn Pages seamlessly.

Scheduling Linkedin Posts Using SalesForce

This tool is excellent for sales related businesses. Thankfully, however, it can also be incorporated for other companies as well. SalesForce incorporates a lineup of essential tools that give users adequate support with publishing, social listening, engagement, and advertising support. It is also ideal for scheduling posts.

Scheduling Linkedin Posts Using Khoros

Khoros is another excellent option for scheduling posts. The software is designed as an easy to use management and social marketing solution for enterprise companies. You can easily collaborate, plan, schedule, and publish Linkedin posts from this platform. Notably, this platform also offers distinctive visual analytics and a rock-solid workflow structure for your business.

Scheduling Linkedin Posts Using Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one social media management and optimization tool that offers a smooth user experience throughout the software. With this tool, you can Schedule your business posts on Linkedin. Added to that, you can also edit important details in your posts, including image sizes within the app, etc. This platform also allows you to set up reviews and approvals for other team members while collaborating in real-time.

As far as payment is concerned, Sprout Social bundles come with a full 30 days free trial period. While Sprout Social is an efficient tool for scheduling posts on Linkedin, the payment packages are a bit aggressive compared to most other platforms as it starts at $59 per month.

Scheduling on Linkedin with Postcron

Postcron is another comprehensive tool with which you can automatically share scheduled posts on Linkedin. With Postcron, you get access to a wide range of added services. Thankfully also, Postcron happens to be one of the generous platforms that offer a long spell of a free trial. While Postcron is quite clear about how long their free trial lasts, their FAQ page tells us that it is available “for as long as you need it.” This addition means that users can enjoy a long spell of free access. Like any other valuable product, the paid version does come with lots of extra features, of course. For those who would like to enjoy the full dividends of Postcron, you are in luck because Postcron’s lowest pricing for a paid plan seems reasonable as it comes with a 15% discount on a one-year installment.

Other Things Third Party Softwares Can Help You Active

Publishing and scheduling posts on Linkedin are not the only things third party software can help you in your business. Most of the management tools provided by third-party can seamlessly integrate with our APIs and offer a wide range of functionalities.

Some of the functionalities include:

  • Engaging followers and responding to comments
  • Tracking mentions of your brand and following up meaningful conversations
  • Analyzing metrics and results

You must note, however, that it is not all the tools that are available on all platforms. For busy teams, these tools can help keep your social strategies right on track. Linkedin is very open to working with several third-party tools to ensure that you have the best experience while reaching out to your audience/users over a short time frame.

It is important to consider scheduling your Linkedin posts because you stand a better chance to reduce last-minute errors.


Linkedin offers marketers and businesses a great avenue to interact and meet with relevant experts for collaboration. While scheduling may not have been so smooth in the past, with the aid of third-party software, it is now very much more comfortable to schedule, collaborate, and share more than ever.

Scheduling your posts reduces the time and effort it would have taken to have it all done manually. Also, it helps to minimize errors that can be detrimental to your business. This surefire guide will keep your business shoulder to shoulder with the latest concepts in Linkedin Posts scheduling and other essential information as well.

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