How To Use The Power Of Sales Copy To Boost Your Profits

Sales copy, when used correctly, can be an incredibly powerful tool to boost your profits when selling online. Sales copy is simply the persuasive text used to encourage a reader to take a specific action, such as make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter.

It may be a one line piece of text or a paragraph describing a product. Whatever it is, using persuasive sales copy is an excellent way to boost your sales and increase your profits. But how do you make it persuasive?

Sales Copy or Web Copy?

Web copy is simply sales copy written specifically for the web. Sales copy is an umbrella term used to describe any form of text written to persuade somebody to buy/sign up to a certain product. Web copy is still a form of sales copy, just sales copy that only appears online.

Being Persuasive

Words are an incredibly powerful tool. When used correctly, a series of words in a sentence written well can compell a person to do almost anything. Take Apple for example. Apple’s simplistic sentence structure, ‘The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone’ – for example, evokes feelings of the future – of a sleek and modernised technological device that provides the needs for everybody’s tomorrow.

Although it may not appear so, Apple’s use of language has a collosal influence on its sales. Apple’s copywriters are highly experienced, very skilled wordsmiths that captivate readers and entice them into buying a product.

So how can you harness this same power?

  1. Using one main idea.

An excellent headline placed at the top of a page (known as a ‘call to action’) will compell people to explore further. An effective headline will have on main focus on a single idea. Sloppy headlines lack concision and fail to drive home a single point well.

The headline must focus on a benefit – something positive and something good about your product. Explain how your product will benefit its new owner. Be concise. Get to the point and make things easy for the reader – waffling will only drive people away due to boredom and hinder your sales potential. This brings me onto my next point.

2.  Sentence structure.

Although linguists may discourage use of broken, disjointed sentence, these can be a great way of making things easier for your reader.

Splitting up your ideas into smaller, digestible chunks will not only allow readers to pick and choose which parts they read but will convey your main ideas much more effectively. Examine the following sentences:

State-of-the-art, cutting edge technology has allowed for the creation of this incredible new blender. With three rotating blades rather than four, SpinMaster 2 has almost double the power as the first – an excellent addition to any kitchen.


Four Blades. Twice the Power. Infinite uses. The best.

The first sentence is clunky, difficult to decipher and not easy to understand straight away. It has complex sentences with multiple sections and doesn’t make sense if read in separate chunks. The second has exactly the same information but is broken into short, effective sentences. These carry far more impact than the first and the lack of detail encourages readers to find out more. S

Sentence structure is everything.

3.  Sound bites.

Sound bites are short, snappy sentences that grab readers’ attention. They’re often the most rememberable aspect of a piece of advertising and stick in people’s heads long after being read.

Effective sound bites often use repetiton, ‘all-day, everyday’, to drive home a point.

Groups of three have been used for centuries in order to persuade and grasp a reader’s attention. These are simply just clusters of three adjectives/words that carry a single idea. ‘Harder, faster, stronger’, ‘quick, easy, effective, ‘sharper, smoother, cleaner’ – these are all examples of groups of three.

Sound bites may be used in contrast with eachother or synoymously. Both are effective but may be used differently depending on the product you’re advertising.

If you’re not a skilled writer and struggle pruning back ideas into smaller chunks you can always get somebody else to write for you. Websites such as UpWork and Fiverr are excellent places to find freelance writers that’ll handle the tricky bits for you for a relatively small fee.

4. Technicalities.

Adding technical details to your copywriting is a great way to give readers faith in your product. If you give the impression that you know what you’re selling really well then people are far more likely to make a purchase with you.

Using figures and specific details in your product description will enhance your sales and draw customers in. In all likelihood, readers will have no idea what your specific details really mean. Telling them that your new vaccuum cleaner has a suction level of 35,000 probably means absolutely nothing to most people – but details are impressive.

The fact that many people won’t know what you’re really talking about gives a great opportunity for you to describe techinical details that make the product sound much more impressive. Buying a new laptop and finding out it has 10GB of RAM and a digital core processor whatever wouldn’t mean a thing to me and it probably wouldn’t make much sense to you either. Regardless, these factoids sound impressive and give buyers faith in the product, regarding it much more highly due to specific details.

And there you have it, four killer ways to use the immense power of sales copy to send your profits sky-high. Using all of this in conjuction with eachother will hugely increase the potential of your product advertisements and act as a magnet to customers.

Stay consistent and persevere – then you’ll be sure to succeed.

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