RPX Coin Review: What Is Red Pulse Coin?

RPX coin is a platform designed to share and reward information about the Chinese market.Specifically, businesses and investors will be using RBX coin to crowdfund new research:

Encouraging vetted content producers to create research reports they’re interested in.But what’s predicted for the RPX coin price? And was the Red Pulse ICO one worth investing in?In this coin review, you’ll discover everything you need to know about RPX coin.

1. What Is RPX Coin?

So what’s RPX coin going to be used for?

Well, RPX coin is the actual token used on the platform to reward and incentivise people to distribute content.

Content could include research, white papers and useful reports.

RPX Coin Logo

It runs at the center of RPX’s ecosystem, powering transactions on the blockchain. This would be used to compensate those who create the research.

Essentially, RPX coin creates a sharing economy:

Where information can be distributed from a wide range of sources.

This makes the information market a bit more transparent and varied.

In theory, this model is win win for both the research producers and the businesses who want the research:


Well, businesses will quickly receive the latest and most insightful market research.

And research producers are rewarded directly with RBX coin to incentivise their efforts.

1.1. What Is Red Pulse?

Red Pulse is the actual content network.

So it’s where the research and information is stored.

RPX coin acts kind of like a database.

The Red Pulse team will manage the network:

Helping to moderate, manage and administer any content posted.

They’ll also vet people before they can post on the network, because they only want authoritative authors who can produce credible content.

This in turn raises the value of the information they store.

1.2. Red Pulse Prompts

Red Pulse’s platform acts as a democratic voting network for content production.

So investors can create prompts on the platform, where they’ll indicate the type of research they’re looking for.

This gives content producers direct insight into what they should be producing – because they can cater exactly to their target market’s needs.

It’s an insightful tool.

Customers vote using RPX coin:

And the more RPX that’s donated towards creating a particular project, the higher the demand for that particular subject.

Customers of Red Pulse will also get the option for exclusive content rights – if they pay above a certain threshold in RPX coin.

So why would this be useful?

Well, it allows investors unique insight into exclusive content:

They’ll get the latest research reports before anyone else.

They’ll also have unique market insights that most people don’t know about yet.

And because decisions are all about timing, this creates an opportunity to act before anyone else on the market.

1.3. What Problem Is RPX Coin Solving?

There are people around the world curious about investing in China:

Especially since it’s rise as one of the globe’s biggest economic powers.

But from the outside, China’s investment market is a little complex.

Research and information is often quite difficult to decipher.

And this creates a disconnect, which Red Pulse is aiming to solve.

How RPX Coin Works

So content that’s distributed on the Red Pulse network can be bought with RPX coin.

Also, Red Pulse argues that research in China is dominated by a few major players:

Meaning the smaller enterprises miss out and can’t afford to compete.


Because they don’t have the marketing resources or the influence to reach potential customers.

This creates problems because small businesses can’t grow or compete, meaning major researchers gain a monopoly on the market.

Benefits Of RPX Coin

It also means businesses miss out, because they can’t tap into much variety in terms of the information and reports they get:

Since they’re limited to a few big players on the market.

This could hinder their ability to grow as a business, whilst damaging China’s economy long-term:

Because businesses don’t get access to the kind of consumer research they need.

1.4. Cloud Event Feed

Also, RPX coin has an algorithm that uses machine learning technology called the Cloud Event feed.

So why does this matter?

Investment markets rely on news.

And new events can trigger opportunities and threats within the market.

So with RPX coin, every time a new event that’s relevant occurs, users on the system are notified:

Both customers and researchers.

RPX Coin Cloud Event Feed

This machine learning also ranks new events in terms of priority, relative to the topics in demand (mentioned above).

Think of it like a Facebook feed:

The order of the information displayed is ranked via machine learning.

This creates a more relevant feed.

And users can quickly sift through information based on it’s importance and priority.

2. Why Would Businesses Use RPX Coin?

Basically, because knowledge is power.

And RPX Coin’s platform is designed to fuel that knowledge.


With loads of information, research and reports about how to be a successful business in China.

The more information and data you have as a business, the more insights you gain.

And with this data based research, you can:

  • Improve the level of service you can deliver
  • Find emerging markets where there may be opportunities to grow your business and reach new customers
  • Research and design new products – because you can see trends in consumer demand
  • Understand your customer better
  • Find investment opportunities that you wouldn’t have knowledge of previously

2.1. Data Accuracy

Also, there’s a lot of noise in China’s reporting market.

It’s hard for businesses and investors to understand what’s a rumour and what’s confirmed.

RPX coin is proposing a different system.

And it all happens via the Red Pulse ecosystem: 

Where you can openly and transparently find credible research from highly vetted sources.

Therefore this allows investors to make stronger businesses decisions based on the information they receive.

Plus, there’s so much information released in China.

This creates a situation of paralysis by analysis.

It’s hard to decide:

  • Which source to take research from:
  • Which ones to filter out
  • And where the most valuable information is.

RPX coin would create a powerful database:

And within it, you’ll be able to quickly sift out the information you need.

All without suffering from information overload.

RPX Coin Red Pulse Ecosystem

Plus on a macro level, Red Pulse could fuel China’s further growth:

Linking potential investors to useful information about the economy.

It also means businesses in China gain more insight into the market:

And so they can deliver a better service to their customers.

China looks like an unstoppable economy that’s only going to attract more attention from businesses and investors looking to profit from it’s growth:

So Red Pulse’s value could quickly grow.

2.2. What Sort Of Information Would Be Paid For With RPX Coin?

So basically, any type of market intelligence information that’s focused on China’s economy and the latest news about China.

This could include:

  • Research reports
  • Financial data
  • Business news
  • Statistics
  • Studies
  • And any other type of information stakeholders of RPX coin would be interested in

3. How Does RPX Coin Work?

Red Pulse works in several stages.

Let’s run through each.

3.1. Content Feed

First of all, it’s a combination of manual and automatic content:

So content is curated from all over the web as soon as it’s posted online.

This information comes from vetted sources:

So it’s like a shortlist of credible authors on the web.

Red Pulse have stated that this could involve hundreds of websites online.

3.2. Filtering

Then information is tweaked and cropped to make sure it’s relevant to Red Pulse’s database:

So if the content isn’t relevant or a useful addition to the RPX coin database, then it’s removed.

This also goes for opinions:

If content has highly opinionated insights, then it’s removed from the Red Pulse platform.


Because it’s no longer factual – and could be misinterpreted by it’s users.

3.3. Making Red Pulse Actionable

They’ll also add more actionable content to the database:

So rather than reading really theoretical news reports that don’t advise of the next steps, RPX coin will only host content that’s highly actionable and practical to it’s users.

It’s like a Blinkist version of market research.

Once you’ve paid the fee to join Red Pulse (this is paid in RPX coin), you’ll get an all you can read buffet of information.

Why is this a benefit for RPX coin users?

  • Content will posted quickly to the platform – useful for news releases
  • Content will be vetted – so propaganda and bias views will be removed from the content, making sure it’s more factual and relevant
  • The research posted on Red Pulse is designed to be a bit more practical and actionable – it’ll cut out the fluff and give you a report you can actually use

3.4. Mobile App

There’s also a mobile app for Red Pulse.

So you can access RPX coin on the go.

Their app is available to download from the Play and iOS stores.

It also comes with push notifications, so you can receive updates as soon as information is released on the platform.

4. The RPX Coin Blockchain

There’s a few reasons why RPX coin is created on the blockchain, and not with traditional fiat currency.

So let’s take a look at the main reasons why RPX coin could be a useful cryptocurrency.

4.1. Transaction Fees

So most consumers on the platform will be based in international markets.

And Red Pulse states: ​

Their blockchain based payment system allows a more efficient form of payment, where everyone gets a better deal by paying with RPX coin.

So let’s say you have investors in Europe, who are interested in transitioning to the Chinese market.

If they’re paying from Euros into Chinese Yuan, everybody’s slice of the pie is going to get smaller because of the banking logistics involved.

Here’s why:

  • Customers will pay extra because they get charged foreign transaction fees
  • The sellers of the research will lose out on currency conversion fees
  • International transactions take longer to clear
  • The third party selling the information has to deal with more customer service issues around payments

Overall, by the time the money’s cleared, every party involved in the transaction has received less money than they should have.

And that’s mainly because of banking.

4.2. Cutting Out The Middle Man

Whereas if you pay with RPX coin:

  • You’d pay less transaction fees
  • Sellers would get paid directly
  • Transactions will be processed instantly
  • And banks would no longer be able to charge a 1-10% fee from the whole transaction process

It’s therefore a more efficient deal that also saves time by cutting out the middleman.

4.3. The Public Ledger

The RPX coin blockchain is a little more transparent than existing ways of buying research data.


Because on Red Pulse’s public ledger, you can see every RPX coin transaction on the blockchain.

If you buy research from a traditional research retailer, you never know how much the actual researcher producer has been paid.

And that’s a problem:

Because you don’t know if research producers are being compensated properly for their work.

Whereas with RPX coin, you can see on the public ledger how much each author was compensated for the research they produced.

4.4. The Cold Start

It’s undeniable, research takes time.

It’s a long, complicated process where you need to ensure every fact you release is accurate, practical and actionable.

So as a content producer, you don’t know if your research is going to sell.

It might be in demand – but it might not be too.

The Use Case For RPX Coin

That creates what’s called a cold start:

It’s the risk you take spending your time creating research that might not sell.

And this research could take weeks or even months to produce.

So as a content producer, if you don’t receive anything for the work, you’re going to be left frustrated.

It’s a brutal system.

4.5. Incentivising Research With RPX Coin

Whereas, with Red Pulse, you can see the exact topics that are in demand.

Topics are voted upon and staked with RPX coin, so content producers know there’s a pot at the end of the rainbow.

It’s kind of like an insurance.

Plus you don’t have to research your customers – so it makes content production more time efficient.

And as the platform grows, so do the rewards for content producers.

It’s like a crowdfund platform for research:

Where the most in-demand topics are chosen by your main customers.

5. Why RPX Coin?

So why have Red Pulse decided to create a platform powered by RPX coin – and not Ethereum or Bitcoin for example?

After all, these coins have much bigger communities and it’s easier to trade Ethereum than RPX coin.

Red Pulse have stated this is down to creating an ecosystem.

5.1. Branding & Community

RPX are trying to build a brand and a community.

They want a long-term, brand loyal audience that understands how the RPX coin ecosystem works.

They’re trying to become a recognized brand in the blockchain world, where people recognize that it’s a convenient way to buy research.

RPX coin is powering the Red Pulse economy:

And this therefore creates an ecosystem, where users are loyal to their community.

6. RBX Coin Price Prediction

So let’s talk about what some of you might care about most:

The RBX coin price prediction.

I’ll start by reviewing the pros of Red Pulse.

6.1. Is RBX Coin A Good investment?

Let’s look at the obvious reasons why Red Pulse might succeed:

  • Market intelligence is a really powerful tool that businesses will pay a lot of money for
  • This decentralized model removes the monopoly major research players have in the Chinese market
  • The platform allows businesses to crowdfund useful research
  • It rewards content producers with RPX coin

The Demand For Shortened, Actionable Content

If you look at the success of content apps like Blinkist, you can see that shortened, practical information is popular.

And there’s definitely a demand for it.

Blinkist are doing something similar to Red Pulse:

They produce 10 minute long shortened infoproducts with action points – breaking down books that are already out there.

Blinkist vs RPX Coin

RBX coin is planning to do the same thing, but for informational reports instead.

However, I still have concerns about the uniqueness and value of RBX coin’s content, which I’ve explained later.

Impartial Information

China is a communist country.

The Government has a lot of surveillance set-up and information is highly censored.

Now I’m not going to comment on whether that’s a good thing or not – it goes beyond the scope of the this RBX coin review.

However, I will say that content in China can be filled with propaganda:

No one knows what’s true and what’s not.

Just like how we have problems with fake news in the Western world, China struggles with this issue too.

So there is some value in creating a content platform that filters out highly opinionated content.

Economics Of Information

If you look at the monopoly major Chinese research companies have, you can see the need for RBX coin.

Because right now, the ecosystem of information is broken – and that creates problems.


Because when there’s a monopoly on investment research and information, this creates problems for investors such as:

  • Research companies can charge higher prices
  • Smaller researchers can’t compete
  • Businesses don’t have access to a variety of information from different sources
  • It’s hard to know if the information is complete – because you don’t have any reference points (due to the monopoly situation)

So in terms of creating a more decentralized model where there’s more transparency and trust for information, Red Pulse could be incredibly useful.

Information Overload

We live in the information age.

The amount of content pumped out every single day is unbelievable.

There’s so much free content out there:

Every minute thousands of new blogs, videos and reports are published from around the world.

It’s easier than ever to create a blog – and it’s easier than ever to publish content too.

But that’s not always a good thing:

If you’re investor, you want accurate, reliable information from credible sources.

And that means you have to sift out the unreliable content – which is 90% of it.

Most analysts are overloaded with information – and it’d be impossible to search through everything.

RPX coin is creating a content ecosystem where they cut out the fluff.

6.2. Is RBX Coin A Bad investment?

Why Do You Need RBX Coin?

I just can’t see a clear use case for RBX coin.

Sure, their platform sounds useful:

But do you really need a blockchain application to pay researchers?

What’s the benefit of their cryptocurrency?

And why not just use cash?

OK you can save a little money with transaction fees. But that’s as far as it goes.

And why not use a more decentralized cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Bitcoin?

I actually checked RBX coin’s white paper and I couldn’t see any technical details regarding how their blockchain works.

That’s a worrying sign:

Usually cryptocurrencies will discuss the technical details, algorithms and future updates of their blockchain.

RPX Coin’s white paper doesn’t really cover any of this.

Isn’t There Enough Content On The Internet?

There’s so much information out there:

So do you really need another informational product like Red Pulse?

And can’t businesses quickly sift out non-bias information themselves?

I can see RPX coin being useful, but not critical.

If you look at the success of content companies like Netflix and Blinkist, you can’t find this type of content anywhere else for free on the web.

It’s exclusive.

But Red Pulse’s content isn’t really that exclusive:

It’s being released online for free and then they’re just filtering it out a little bit to make it more user friendly for people to read.

That’s not indispensable

Small Community

Community is everything.

If you want people to use your technology, you need to build a community that’s engaged with the vision you’re trying to create.

And for blockchain projects like Red Pulse, Reddit’s one of the best places to build a community.

RPX Coin Sub-Reddit

But when I checked the sub-Reddit for RPX coin, there’s no active community.

There’s lots of posts from their team, but no one’s commenting.

For me, that’s a huge red flag.

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