A Review of Dropkingz Dropshipping Course

Dropkingz is an online course that, for a one-time fee of $79.95, will teach and assist you in starting up your online dropshipping store. Now, on the surface, this fee may seem considerably high however, if the course is helpful in teaching you how to start your business then your resulting profit will hugely overpower this fee. This article will explore if, and if so, how, the Dropkingz dropshipping course is worth your time and money.

What Does the Course Include?

Once you’ve paid the fee of $79.95 you’ll have access to the Dropkingz Dropship Academy section of their website – this section is only accessible by paid and approved members. This section includes a full training guide on how to get started and a download link to access the Dropkingz software. The software is designed to allow you to sell as a dropshipper effectively and easily using a range of websites – in particular, eBay and Amazon. It also allows you to run searches on each of these websites to find which products sell most frequently and which words attract the most internet traffic.  Dropkingz also allows you to find suppliers for your products which makes searching for wholesalers to dropship your products unnecessary, as well as losing out on profits by paying for access to a supplier directory.

Is it Worth it?

While much of the features of the Dropkingz dropshipping course is doable by yourself, it’s certainly a great guide to follow if you’re struggling to get started up. Their software makes it much easier to find sellable products and to locate suppliers that will ship for you. Furthermore, Dropkingz offers a 60 day money back guarantee! If you find that you’re not satisfied after 60 days then you’ll be issued a full refund. There really is nothing to lose here as, even if you were unhappy with your purchase, you’ll still have learned some things from the course whilst still being able to get your $79.95 back! The course’s owner also has added over 70 extra tools to the course addressing any problems members have had and adding solutions into the software. He claims that whatever customers want/need for dropshipping will be added upon request. The owner also states that any suppliers that receive bad reports are dropped from his list straight away.

All in all, the course is certainly worth a try. Regardless of whether it works or not, your money back is guaranteed if you’re left unsatisfied so there really isn’t anything to lose. The software they provide is a great tool for gauging what sells and what doesn’t and will give you a coherent and comprehensive training guide which teaches you the ins and outs of dropshipping. The software will allow you to get the most out of many popular online-selling websites and will almost certainly assist you in making your first few sales, if not many, many more. It’ll also give you access to a list of tested and reliable suppliers, making it even easier to find and sell the products you wish to. Finding a supplier can usually be the hardest part when it comes to getting started with dropshipping and a one-time fee of $79.95 is significantly small when compared with a potential $80 monthly to access supplier directories. Not only does the course give you quick access to these suppliers, avoiding the need for a directory, but it’ll also give you training and tools to really make the most out of dropshipping.

My advice? Go for it. Even if you’re unhappy with the result, you can still get your money back or even email the developer with ideas on how to improve it. After filtering through a number of reviews, many members of the course have had their queries resolved within a week or two. I would also advise you to first decided whether or not you have the time to invest in getting started independently. If so, you could save the $79.95 fee and startup your store yourself, however if you do not have time to do so then the payment may be something to consider.

Have a read around and see what you think. There really is nothing to lose but it’s important to gather some information to make your own informed decision. Whatever path you choose o take, good luck.

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