5 Promising Cryptocurrencies To Watch In 2019

So what are the most promising cryptocurrencies to watch in 2019?

Well, the good news is there’s no shortage of promising projects.

With the development of third generation crypto technology and the lack of currency fiat options for new investors, there are still some huge investment opportunities in the market.

But which projects have the most potential? And why?

Well in this guide, I’ll reveal some of the most promising cryptocurrencies to watch out for in 2019. If you’re looking for some of the best crypto investments right now, keep reading…

1. ​Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance promising cryptocurrencies 2019

Binance exchange is dominating the market.

With millions of users, and even more transactions, Binance is becoming one of the most powerful cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

It’s crazy to think that since they launched in 2017, they’ve now processing $1 Billion in trades everyday. And with that influence, they will continue to push BNB coin.

Binance coin allows users to get a discount on every trade, so the more trades they make, the more BNB coin could continue to grow in value.

That’s a powerful incentive to use the coin.

So Why Is Binance Coin One Of The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies In 2019?

2018 wasn’t a great year for cryptocurrency, so trading volumes have been low.

But in 2019, the market is expected to pick up again which means an exchange like Binance allows this coin to be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2019.

Not just that, but Binance has a huge brand name. If you Google the best exchanges online, Binance exchange is one of the first exchanges you’ll find.

It’s like a snowball effect:

The more investors Binance gains, the more investors Binance will attract. And eventually, they’re just going to gain more and more market share because people trust and rely on their exchange.

So this could be huge for BNB coin in 2019.

Plus Binance’s CEO, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, states he’s going to be focusing on growing the platform by offering more fiat exchanges.

…This isn’t definitely an exchange that stands still.

With more fiat payments, loads of new investors could flood the market, allowing Binance to grow their audience even more.

They’re actually aiming to open 2 fiat exchanges per continent, which could be a massive game-changer for the exchange.

​2. VeChain (VEN)

VeChain most promising cryptocurrencies 2019

VeChain has solid fundamentals – including:

  • Strong partnerships with big brands including BMW
  • A clear use case​
  • A lot of potential for implementation in the real world
  • Strong marketing and well established brand name
  • It’s solving a big problem – as I’ll explain below

VeChain basically allows a unique way of verifying goods in a supply chain.

They attach a blockchain unique identifier (that can’t be manipulated) to real world items – handbags, alcohol, medicines etc.

This could incredibly useful for the pharmaceutical industry, luxury goods and even alcohol manufacturers.

Basically if an industry if struggling with counterfeit goods, VeChain’s unique identifying code means goods can be tracked across a whole supply chain.

The VEN project actually began in 2007, so the team have a lot of experience in developing cryptocurrency technology.

It also creates a level of trust among consumers, because they no longer have to worry if a product is genuine or not.

After being secured with cryptography, VeChain’s unique identifier is zero trust.

Why Is VeChain One Of The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies In 2019?

As per their roadmap, VeChain 4.0 is going to be launched in Q4 2018, which is a huge update for the company.

This will allow VEN to be used in a commercial environment, meaning it’s possible for businesses to start integrating VEN within their supply chain.

Plus, their IoT integration will go live. So what does this mean?

Well, IoT simply means the Internet of Things.

VeChain’s technology will integrate with offline products, so you’ll be able to track offline items using blockchain technology.

Let’s say you want to track whether a Louis Vuitton bag is real using VEN’s technology:

You’d be able to scan the product’s packaging using VeChain’s app. This will validate the product, prove it’s not counterfeit and let you see the whole supply chain process – from ordering the product to it being delivered.

The supply chain industry is worth billions of dollars.

So as one of the biggest blockchain brands in the supply chain space, VEN could gain the first mover advantage and integrate it’s technology with some of the biggest retailers in the world.

​3. NEO

neo most promising cryptocurrencies 2019

ICOs are currently banned in China – which is a huge roadblock for new cryptocurrencies trying to land funding in China.

However, the Chinese Government have actually supported NEO so far, which is an optimistic sign for its future value in 2019.

With strong ties to the Government, and strict ICO regulations stopping new competitors entering the space, NEO has a lot of potential to grow it’s monopoly.

What else?

Well, NEO is very similar to Ethereum:

It’s platform that allows people to launch their own decentralized apps.

With the rise of new cryptocurrency related projects, NEO could be incredibly useful.

Why Is NEO One Of The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies In 2019?

  • NEO has some technical advantages over their main competitor, Ethereum
  • China’s technology economy is booming – leading to more investors in NEO’s cryptocurrency technology
  • Support from the Chinese Government for NEO’s platform – which means more opportunities, more funding and lower regulatory barriers to entry
  • Programmers need to use Solidity’s programming language to create blockchain applications via Ethereum – whereas developing via NEO”s platform isn’t so technical
  • With support for JAVA programming, NEO could attract coders who don’t want to learn a new programming language to create a blockchain application
  • NEO is planning to link their Smart Contract technology with offline assets in China. With their first mover advantage, NEO could revolutionise the real estate, ecommerce and supply chain market in 2019
  • With China’s population of over 2 billion, NEO could become the cryptocurrency of choice – and will find it easier to tap into this market with their Government partnership – versus their competitors like Ethereum and NEO

But I will say that NEO has tough competition:

ADA, Ethereum and EOS are all major competitors to NEO for the DApp space. Plus there’s not enough room at the top for all of these competitors to be successful, so NEO will have their work cut out for them to land more market share.

Competition could be a major challenge in 2019.

4. Power Ledger (POWR)

Power Ledger most promising cryptocurrencies 2019

Energy is a major industry, that’s set to change and evolve rapidly over the next few years.

Just look at the controversy hot topics like reducing fossil fuels, global warming and fracking have gained over the next few years.

One of the biggest issues the planets facing over the next few years is that the world’s population is rapidly increasing, we’re living longer, we’re more reliant on high powered technology and yet the world’s natural energy sources are slowly running out.

That’s a big problem that’s causing energy prices to spike in price, simply because there’s more demand for energy than can be sustainably supplied.

But it doesn’t end there…

As global warming increasingly upsets the balance of the world’s climate, the environment is significantly damaged. This is a major issue that affects us all.

Why Is Power Ledger One Of The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies In 2019?

So how does this impact Power Ledger’s potential in 2019?

Well, Power Ledger is actually aiming to make energy more affordable and cleaner for the planet.

They’re aiming to empower communities with renewable sources of energy, managed via a blockchain application. Electricity could be supplied and traded Peer 2 Peer via the Power Ledger blockchain, making it more affordable depending on the market price.

They’ve partnered with Governments all over the world to implement their ideas, including Thailand and Australia. If their projects are successful, Power Ledger’s future potential is extremely promising.

5. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token most promising cryptocurrencies 2019

Hosted via the Ethereum blockchain, BAT is a token designed to transform the advertising industry. Why does this matter?Well, the advertising industry is massive.

It seems like every business in the world right now is running some sort of advertising. It’s a multi billion dollar industry, yet there’s a lot of challenges across the industry that the blockchain based BAT token could help with.

Why Is Basic Attention Token One Of The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies In 2019?

How can BAT help?

Well, mainly because it cuts out the middlemen.

If you look at some of the biggest advertising platforms in the world – like Google and Facebook – they take a huge commission from paying advertisers.

Plus they hold a lot of power – Google and Facebook hold such big audiences that they can basically set their prices as they wish.

BAT is aiming to create a decentralized advertising platform, where advertising is more transparent and open. This creates a stronger level of trust, and could become a preferential way of advertising vs traditional digital media platforms.

​Tips For Finding The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies In 2019

All of the projects above sound promising, but how do you know which projects will take in 2019?

And how can you keep up to speed with the latetst developments?

Here’s a few tips to get started:

  • Make sure you follow your investments on Reddit, Twitter and Telegram to keep an eye on the latest updates and projects. Major technical updates can create a spike in price.
  • Most cryptocurrencies are designed for a specific industry, so analyse the future potential of that industry. For example, NEO is in the DApp’s industry – one that’s expected to see tremendous growth over the next 5 years.
  • Don’t take someone’s word for it – do the research yourself. If you can’t see potential in a project, don’t just invest because someone’s recommended it. It’s important to only invest in the projects you genuinely see as having potential.
  • Be careful about taking advice online – there’s a lot of internet marketers online, trying to pump cryptocurrency prices for 2019. So be careful where you find your information – I’d recommend researching a variety of sources
  • Look at the roadmap of a blockchain project – this is a huge indicator of what the cryptocurrency expects to achieve in 2019. If they have a lot of updates planned, their project is probably more ambitious
  • Analyse the market: Even if a cryptocurrency is making big moves in the industry, sometimes the overall state of the market means that prices aren’t going to increase any time soon. Just look at early 2018 – no cryptocurrency real made any profit
  • Check out online sentiment – investing in cryptocurrencies is all about investor confidence. So if you consistently see negative reviews about a cryptocurrency, be careful about investing with them

How To Research The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies In 2019?

When it comes to finding the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2019, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

…So you might have read through my list of the top 5 most promising cryptocurrencies in 2019 and wondered why I’ve mainly stuck to the biggest cryptocurrencies out there:

e.g. NEO, Power Ledger etc.

There’s a reason for this…

Maybe you were looking for brand new, unheard of cryptocurrencies about to moon 900% in 3 months.

Well, let me explain why this is a bad idea…

One of the biggest mistakes beginner investors look for when trying to find promising cryptocurrencies is looking for brand new projects.

I really don’t like this approach – and here’s why:

90% of ICOs are proven to be scams, so even though a new cryptocurrency project looks promising, most are doomed to failure

– New cryptocurrencies typically have unproven teams, untested technology and are starting from scratch

– If a project is brand new, it’s unlikely to make big moves in 2019 if they’re serious about growing a project

– More established cryptocurrencies already have everything in place to grow their brand in 2019. I actually covered some of my top cryptocurrencies for 2018 here

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