Price of data only plan in Singapore

In this modern era, it would be fair to acknowledge the fact that we all rely on the internet for basically everything. For entertainment, socializing, school research, and commonly, DIY at home. These mediums, however, can’t possibly get access to the internet without the use of data.But first things first, what is this we are referring to as mobile data? How does it work, and how costly is it? This article will give you all the answers to these questions in a short while and luckily if you are a resident in Singapore, this article will also give you a summary of the data-only plan in Singapore. With no further ado, let’s jump right into it

About data

Mobile data is what your cell phone uses to connect to the internet when you are away from a Wi-Fi connection. Just like Wi-Fi, enabled devices can send and receive information over a cellular connection. By using data, Apps, browsers and your email get access to the internet.

Is mobile data costly?

Yes, mobile data is costly. As part of cellular service or pay-as-you-go plan, your service company will charge you according to your usage. However, there is the unlimited data plan which you only purchase once then your usage will be unlimited. This is cheaper compared to them later.

Additionally, to cut more on your data cost is the availability of data-only plans. Such plans do not involve contracts or monthly plans, unlike the rest. With the data-only plans, you can purchase data only when you need to use it. Moreover, with these data-only plans, you have free will to use your data as you please. You can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to tether with other gadgets or share data across two or more devices.

Factors to consider before buying a data-only plan


Having a check on the data-only plans is highly recommended. This will allow you to make the correct purchase for the correct data-only plan that will save you money.


The majority of the people depend on a tight budget to get them through their daily lives. Setting aside the specific amount you would intend to use would help you choose a data plan fitting your budget scope.

Availability of Wi-Fi

Before purchasing any data plan you should ask yourself this one question. How often do I get access to Wi-Fi? This will help you identify the correct plan according to your data usage off the Wi-Fi.

Prices of data only plan in Singapore

· Circles. life

Circles life provides two data-only plans to select from. 50GB data with 4G speed at $20 a month. 130GB, 4G speed comes at $40 monthly

· Singtel

Singtel offers a data rollover for free incoming calls. It comes with 3 data-only plans at $25, $30, and its best at $35. Known as Data X Infinity, Singtel provides 60GB at $35 per month only.

· Zero 1

Zero gives unlimited data at $24.90. This makes Zero an economic data plan.

· MyRepublic

MyRepublic gives away 4GB of daily data at $39 per month.

Final thoughts

According to the prices above, Zero 1 is the most economic data-only plan. However, this comes with its disadvantages. From network downtime to a hard time video streaming. Nevertheless, your data plan depends on your pockets.

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