40 Passive Income Ideas In 2019 That Will Make You Money

Discover 40 killer ways to earn passive income below…

1. Sell An Ebook & Earn Passive Income

This one of the favourite ways for bloggers and content creators to earn passive income – and for a good reason.

It’s quite easy to write a 60–80 page ebook, not difficult to sell say $400 worth a month through online networking, guest posting and your have SEO optimized blog.

2. Start A Blog And Get The Affiliate Links Cranking

start a blog for passive income

Who doesn’t like some affiliate fees?

It’s even less tiresome to make money this way than with an ebook as all you need to focus on is building out the content for your own site and getting the traffic in,

Most people can get an affiliate sale within a month of starting a blog.

3. Sell An Online Course On Paid Sites & Earn Passive Income

We’re talking paid multimedia-driven website here. But you’ve got to understand that this is a lot of work.

4. Earn Passive Income With A Comparison Site

Create a site that works by comparing services from several service providers.

All you have to do is generate traffic on any deal you show your audience, you just stored your affiliate link on their computer and any time they have to purchase, you get the commission.

5. Build An Ecommerce Store And Drop Ship

There’s a lot of work that you have to do upfront and by comparison to other ideas, there’s probably bit of work on an ongoing basis.

But if you automate as much as you can and/or hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines for example, you can be working for just a few hours a week and earning a full income.

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6. Create Static Guide Sites And Sell Advertising Space

This can be a great idea if you want to make money from the traffic you’re getting to your sites.

This can make a good amount of money as your partners will pay you for the advertisement space on your website.

7. Create A Lead Capturing Squeeze Pages For Real World Businesses

You can make thousands of dollars a month with this thing.

Think about a simple search engine friendly content website with a high converting inquiry form for capturing contact info.

8. Purchase Keyword-Rich Domain Names

If you were looking around on the Internet back in the early 2000s you could have snapped up domains like seomarketing.com for next to nothing (actually they were completely free in the 90s!).

9. Get An IPhone Or IPad App Built

Apps aren’t that expensive to buy anymore and own the copyrights to them.

And if you want to make an info-based app there are plenty of ways online for DIYing this for a couple of hundred bucks.

10. Vending and Games Machines, ATMs Etc To Earn Passive Income

There are many financial accounts of these enterprises and they could not add up to profit, apart from the exceptional few enterprise operators who are good at selecting locations, making deals with vendors and efficiently outsourcing all the work and maintenance.

11. Create A Podcast Or Video Based On ‘Interviews With Experts’ episodes

You produce and give away a lot of the content for free, and then sell the premium products.

12. Make Your Own YouTube Channel And Take The Adsense Share

Getting the traffic to your blog is a lot more difficult than getting views on You Tube these days, because the text content world is so full and with incredible competition.​

However, the video world is quite empty since most people are too shy to stand in front of a camera.

13. Trying To Be Good At Reselling Online Products And Services

This can be through web hosting and the second thought is mobile websites.

These are just two options of the types of things you can resell to businesses in the real world.

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14. Create An Investment Portfolio & Earn Passive Income Quickly

The majority of successful investors, their income often comes from their shares and capital gains their investment portfolios spit out every month.

15. Write And Generate Income From Adsense

With this idea instead, you create a content and distribute your content to one of dozens of content publishing platforms that gets a lot of traffic.

16. Create A Stock Content Library For Others To Use

Create a library of whatever your creative mind can muster and live off the revenues like a fat prince.

17. Earn Passive Income With Software Or An App

Whatever it is whethere that being WordPress themes or online productivity tools or even a very industry-specific thing like an online billing service for merchants, this could make you serious dollar.

As you can see you can get all the hard work done by professionals, and then you just sell the software online through your own marketing efforts.

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18. Create A Book Reviews Website To Earn Passive Income

Of course, your monetization strategy here is Amazon affiliate links.

Amazon does pay quite little in affiliate fees but little money adds up to big money.

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Here’s a website that focuses on tech reviews: TechEngage

19. Create An Online Store And Hook It Up With Amazon

This is a very powerful idea for those of you who contemplate about creating their own online store with drop shipping.

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You can use this online review management software: MyReviewEngine

20. Purchase And Rent Out Equipment, Tools

I’m thinking Canon 6D camera, photo booth, treadmills etc.

This could not be so passive but this is just another form of rental income and the ability to make bucks by renting items.

21. Do Digital Publishing

You can build a website and do the marketing, whilst someone else creates the infos for the products, whether that be an ebook, online course, template or whatever.

22. Sell t-shirts with logos of your design

Nowadays you can do that with no money spent at all. All you have to do is create a brand and the websites will sell your T-shirts and ship them and you will make money with every sale!

23. Create A Loan Shark On Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is mainly what the name says; you lend a bunch of cash into an online account and then divide it up among dozens of people looking for loans around the country.

You give say $20 to each person (you and a couple 100 other people together give that person enough money for whatever they need).

24. Create And Sell Your Own Product, Gadget Or Whatever

If you look at the many success stories of people who created their own products, you’ll notice many of them are people who had a problem, couldn’t find a solution for it and so decided to just get a product created themselves.

They’ve then gone and created a simple online store and spread the word through social media and guest posting through affiliate programs.

25. Become web designer

If you decide to learn web design and web development, you may start creating website templates or custom graphics and sell them on various platforms. Passive income is especially popular with web design themes as many users can buy one theme and customize it for their needs.

26. Gather And Organize A Lot Of Public Domain Information

Nowadays we don’t suffer from lack of information, we suffer from lack of easy-to-access information…

The kind that is organized and can be accessed any time.

If you can organize an unattractive body of knowledge into one distinct set, you can charge more for it.

27. License Out Your Intelligent Ideas

If you’re not super excited about taking a risk a sum of money to make and sell a product, but you have good ideas for products that fill real needs in the market, you could become a inventor.

This is a quite nice passive way of earning recurring passive income for a long time.

28. Do photoediting for other people

Hire graphic designers and photoshop operators to do photo touching for you and create logos and you can sell the work online through many of the online digital service trade platforms.

passive income photo editing

29. Translate foreign languages for a fee

You can use Freelancer.com, Upwork.com and many of the website online that allows people to sell digital services and you can make monthly income with and if you want to make it passive, you could just hire a couple of translators from overseas and pay them through paypal.

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30. Purchase Items In Bulk From Overseas And Sell It Down Via Ebay

If you can get someone to fulfill the labouring part of it, it can get pretty passive.

31. Sell books on amazon kindle

You can create an eBook free of charge and use Facebook groups for writers to market your eBook.

32. Do PPC Marketing The Right Way

You can contact Clickbank and Jvzoo sellers to know the demographic information for the average buyers of their products.

Then you can conduct a ppc campaign sending tons of people with the same interest to the products page and make money per commision.

33. Create The Design For Tshirts, Mugs, Glasses Etc And Sell Them Through An Online Store Like Cafepress, Zazzle Etc

If you’ve any design skills at all, this can be a very cool idea.

Websites like Cafepress make it quite simple to produce and sell designs.

This means just like with the stock photography option being advertised often, you can pump out a lot of designs in an afternoon and keep them up there waiting for people to buy.

34. Make A Highly Niched Up Online Community And Market Place

The idea is to get a bunch of people into it with you, making content through forum posts and social media posts, and then sell them all types of products related to their interests.

35. Create A Niche Focused Jobs Board

This isn’t going to be the easiest thing you can do!

But once again think niches here.

The work can be about a fair amount of programming, even if you use a lot of template and existing programs.

36. Produce Content, Software, Plugins Etc And Give Them For Free And Receive Donations

This is a genuine passive income idea for lots of WordPress developers, especially of plugins.

It’s also quite highly rated among bloggers who create lots of useful content for free not to mention a great way to generate leads for future product sales.

The idea focuses on your product providing a ton of value to users lives and you systematically and in a fun way, asking for donations.

37. Create a squeeze page and attract emails

Create a squeeze page and collect emails from users using social media or ppc ads and later one start effective and converting email campaigns.

38. Repackage Your Content Into An Organized Product

The average blog is like the average wardrobe just a complete mess; with tons of wisdom spread throughout hundreds of articles.

How much better would it be to your audience if you created a unified guide?

39. Create A Niche Site Focused On Selling Physical Products And Associate It With Amazon And Ebay

This is different from the ‘fake online store’ idea that we mentioned earlier. ​


Because here it’s not an online store we’re creating, but rather a content-rich website with tons of product-focused posts and videos impeded with affiliate links etc.

40. Flip Websites : Create websites or blogs with Adsense approved

Create a website just for the purpose of getting Adsense approved and then go off and advertise that website on craigslist and other websites to who’s interested.

You can sell the website for a $100 a piece.

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