Money Making Trends for 2020 – Easy Ways to Make Money

Many people are struggling to earn money. Whatever the reason may be, but if you are not able to pay your bills, it’s time to find a way that can give you some extra money.

But I want to add a word of caution here, never take any idea for granted. Use your analogy and decide whether it is possible for you to earn money with the following ideas and give them a try.

If it works, that’s great; otherwise, try improving your skills and understanding where you miss the point. In this article, I have listed some of the top money-making trends of 2020.

Money Making Trends for 2020

The list contains some of the ideas which have been modified due to technological development. On the other hand, some of them have evolved into a new way of making money. Now here are the top five money-making trends that you may earn a lot of money in 2020.

  1. Digital Consulting
  2. Online Teaching
  3. Crypto Trading
  4. Web Development
  5. Affiliate Marketing

There are a number of ways you can earn money in 2020, but the above trends are the most successful fields of earning money.

Digital Consulting

With digitalization, it’s now possible to consult people for different matters. Whether it’s about health, finance, laws, career, business, marketing, or anything else, it’s now possible to provide your consulting services.

If you are a physician, you can provide your prescription online through a digital appointment. However, if you are good at finances, you can provide financial services online by connecting clients through online mediums.

Digital marketing is one of the most rewarding careers in 2020. If you search in google trends and compare blogging, data science with digital marketing is far superior to the other two. So if you have good marketing skills and you are familiar with some necessary skills in computers and websites, then you can earn significant money.

Online Teaching

Providing on-demand online courses is one of the most rewarding trends for making money in 2020. If you are good at a subject, say marketing, communication skills, coding, or anything that can help people grow financially and in career, you can earn a lot of wealth.

Apart from that, you can take courses on general topics such as parenting, cooking, gardening, etc. These courses also have value but limited scope.

Crypto Trading

You may have heard about bitcoin and blockchain. In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become one of the best investment instruments for many people. If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, then start investing now. There are many crypto investing apps like, which allows you to invest in multiple crypto coins, including bitcoin and Ethereum.

Important note: While investing in the crypto market, educate yourself about it. There are certain risks involved in the crypto market, so prepare before you invest your money in it.

Web Development

With the growing number of websites, businesses, and brands are looking for web development solutions. If you are good at web designing, coding, programming, you can develop websites or applications for corporate and individuals. This is one of the most rewarding money-making ideas if you can provide good services.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new way of making money. However, it’s highly rewarding in the long run once you build a large audience. Most people leave their job to pursue affiliate marketing, but that is not suitable for everyone.

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The above ideas are the most rewarding ideas, both in terms of money and a good career. However, there are many other money-making trends available, but you can earn money from these ideas without sacrificing your day job.

But if you want to leave your day job, then you need to figure out what works and what doesn’t by practice. Once you gain confidence that it can provide you a steady income over a long time, then you can decide to leave your job.

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