Make Money With YouTube

If you haven’t yet heard of the freelancing, video streaming behemoth that is YouTube you must surely have been living under a rock for the past decade. 

YouTube has over one billion active users with their most subscribed user, PewDiePie, having over 50 million subscribers.

PewDiePie is just 27 years old and is worth an estimated 90 million dollars, all earned primarily through YouTube.

It’s possible to earn serious amounts of money through the video streaming platform and many vloggers and content creators are making videos for YouTube as a full time career.

But how?

How to Start Earning Money on YouTube

Well, first and foremost, you’re going to need to create a YouTube account. This is incredibly easy to do and can take less than a couple of minutes. If you already have an account then you can skip this step. 

  • Create your account by putting in your basic information. You can also link some keywords to your account in the ‘advanced settings’ section. These should be words relevant to the nature of your account - words that summarise it and would tell a person what the channel represents.
  • Your username needs to be easy to remember, as short as possible and relevant to your channel. If you already have an account, it’s always possible to change your account name to suit your channel. 

Adding Videos

The next step once you’ve created your account is to start adding some actual content to it for people to watch. 

Make sure to upload high-quality content that stands out and isn’t longer than it needs to be.

Your content would be best recorded on the highest quality camera you have, however don’t let a lack of recording equipment prevent you from getting started with filming.

Regardless of your equipment, going ahead and actually starting with your YouTube channel is the most important part of your success. 

Even if at first your videos aren’t very good, consistency is absolutely key. If they’re bad, make sure they’re consistently bad until they start improving. If they’re good, be consistent and keep up the good work. Whatever you do, do it often.

Try to improve with every video you create and you’ll be sure to build up a large following.

Some tips for creating videos:

  • Gradually increase the quality of your equipment and editing by improving your software over time. Don’t, of course, spend all of your money on equipment and leave yourself with nothing. Match your earnings with your equipment - as you earn more, invest in better equipment when you can afford it.
  • Building onto this, try to improve the way you actually film your videos over time too. To do this, you may wish to purchase some decent quality lighting equipment or tripods. These will help make your video look more professional and bring in a larger audience. 
  • Uploading regularly is also incredibly important. Simply posting more videos more frequently will draw more attention to your channel as your videos will be appearing on people’s feeds more often. Users will also be much more likely to subscribe to your channel if you’re churning out content on a regular basis. Create a schedule and stick to it. 
  • Be sure to tag your videos with a bunch of relevant keywords. These should be just about anything that relates to your video. Picture the sorts of things YouTube users may search if they were hoping to find your video. These are the tags that’ll drive appropriate audiences to straight to your video. 

Building an Audience

No matter how many videos you upload, if you’re not generating any views you simply won’t earn any money.

It’s essential that people actually watch the adverts attached to your videos for you to begin earning, and if people aren’t clicking on your videos then they won’t be watching the ads either. 

There’s no real secret to building a tonne of subscribers quickly.

The only thing you can really do is to keep posting top-quality content on a regular basis.

That way, people will begin to notice your videos and start sharing your channel around to their friends.

Some tips for building a larger following:

  • Upload content as often as you can. By doing this, people will have constant content to view and will likely flick from one video into the next, boosting your overall view count. 
  • Promote yourself through social media. Use your account to build a larger following and begin to promote your YouTube channel through your social media accounts. Share your video with others, post links to your site through social media. Subscribers are the most important part of your success and thus you should dedicate time to building up a lot of them.
  • Be sure to interact with your audience too. Reply to their comments, emails, create occasional videos thanking them or responding to their frequently asked questions. Do Q&A videos and meetups - anything you can to let them know how much you value their time and support. Connecting with your audience will increase its size.

Start Monetizing Your Videos. 

When you’ve built up a larger following, you may feel ready to begin monetizing your videos.

This simply means adding advertisements at the beginning of your videos - advertisements that you’ll be paid for each time they’re viewed.

Monetizing your videos also requires that they are free from any copyrighted material, too, so be sure to try to avoid including this to prevent you having to go back and remove it all after. 

Video Advertisements

To simply add video advertisements to the beginning of your YouTube videos, follow these easy steps:

  • As your video is uploading, simply click the ‘monetize with ads’ button to ad advertisements to it before it goes public. 
  • Or, to monetize a video that you’ve already uploaded, open up the ‘video manager’ section of your channel and click on the $ sign beside the video you wish to monetize. Then, simply click the ‘monetize with ads’ button again. 

Google AdSense

Alternatively (or additionally), you can use Google AdSense to add advertisements during the video. 

Head on over to Google AdSense and hit the ‘sign up’ button - it’s completely free to create an account so don’t worry about any fees. 

You must, however, be over 18 to create an account.

If you’re under 18, simply continue improving your channel and producing content until you’re old enough.

If you wish to start now, you can always ask a parent to help you out.

You will need a valid PayPal account or a bank account & some other personal information so that Google can confirm who you are and send the money earnt from ads to you.

You’ll be earning money through these ads only when they’re clicked so it can take some time to begin earning.

Be sure to add adverts that are relevant to the topic of your channel in order to increase the likelihood that they’re clicked.

You will be paid for these ads per view as well, however the revenue generated from these is considerably low.

Having a large audience is the only way to earn decent money from these ads. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry that involves advertising products for companies and being paid for it.

In the context of YouTube, this would involve speaking about products and including links in your videos, generating commissions depending on the number of people that click on your links.

There are a tonne of companies that offer affiliate marketing programmes and so it’s important to choose products that are relevant to the topic (niche) of your youtube channel - not just products that sell for lots of money. 

There are also a number of affiliate marketing networks that you can ,join for free, including Clickbank and Commission Junction.

These offer a bank of affiliate marketing links that you can add to your site and be paid for.


Amazon Associates

Alternatively, Amazon have their own huge affiliate marketing program called ‘Amazon Associates’.

This allows you to market for absolutely any product sold through Amazon and pays a fair amount of commission too. 

Be sure to use your affiliate link in the description of your videos - the one that actually includes your name in it - otherwise you won’t receive anything for your advertising.

Monetize your content using the YouTube Partner Program

Once your channel has a decent number of videos to its name, you may wish to join the YouTube Partner Program.

This will entitle you to monetize your YouTube content and begin getting paid per thousand views, rather than being paid smaller amounts for using advertisements.

The only thing you must do is enable your channel for monetization and you’ll be able to receive payments for each thousand views your channel gets (around $6/7 per thousand views).

Follow this link to get started with the YouTube Partner Programme.