Influencer Marketing: How to Negotiate with YouTubers

Dynamic YouTube influencer marketing can create a buzz around your products or services, and help convert leads into sales in the same breath.

However, influencer campaigns don’t always run smoothly. If you use the wrong influencer or pay too much, it could tarnish your campaign and cost you significantly. This article will explore how you can negotiate with the right YouTube influencers to lift your marketing to new heights.

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Do the Research

How do you decide on the right influencer? The key lies in research. Firstly, who your target market is needs to be crystal clear. To help your team learn how to accurately map your customer personas, consider taking sales training classes. You’ll learn how to create an outline of your potential buyers’ needs, motivations, interests, and more.

Once you’ve got your target market visualized, make a shortlist of YouTubers who your customers are likely to resonate with. Then select the best by evaluating key metrics like:

  • Followers
  • Post engagement
  • Consistency

These metrics will help you weigh up the quality of eachYouTuber’s followers. Also, it will give you an idea of how much influence each candidate has. For example, if the YouTuber consistently strikes big on the likes, they are more likely to pull the sales in. On the other hand, if their likes swing from one extreme to the other, the downside risk may be too big. 

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Set your expectations

Before you proceed with negotiations, bring into focus what you expect from your campaign. This can include:

  • Sales targets
  • Deliverables: Will the campaign involve a few mentions in a video, or will it incorporate how-to video classes?
  • Budget: What are you willing to pay the influencer? What’s your upper limit for the campaign? Fixed fee or based on results?
  • How to measure results: Will you measure by engagement, traffic to your site, or final conversion?
  • Follow-up campaigns

Going into the negotiation with a clear set of priorities gives you a more favorable position.

Pitch your proposal

Often, the best influencers are swarmed with offers. For your offer to stand out, you may need to warm up your pitch by engaging with the influencer on their social media platforms. Once you’ve forged a connection, then reach out with a friendly email.

Making Your Offer

When it comes to discussing price, consider the benefits of putting in your offer first. Sales classes teach that first offers have a strong psychological pull. Negotiations tend to pivot around the first offer on the table. So, offer first, and you could gain more control.

However, think about your offer ahead of time to ensure that your offer will be an appealing one. You could stop the negotiation dead in its tracks if the YouTuber feels undervalued.

Non-disclosure agreement

Can you trust influencers with your trade secrets? No matter how trustworthy a YouTuber is, getting a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before agreeing on a campaign is a must. Your competitors may also be scrambling for the same influencer’s attention. If the negotiations go south, without an NDA, your secrets could be shared or even used against you.

Offer some extra perks

Consider offering the influencer other rewards to help increase sales. For example, many companies offer their products along with training on how to use them. If the YouTuber genuinely relates to the product,in aworld whereonline partnershipscan be less than sincere, your market could be blown away by the authenticity.

Seal the deal or move on

At this stage of the negotiation, it’s important to clear away any hazy details before locking into an agreement. You’ll settle the price, discuss exclusivity, and iron out all the kinks. You’ll also finalize details on how long you will work together for.

If you still haven’t reached an agreement after all concessions, it could be time to walk away. It’s seldom worth sacrificing profits for a sour deal where you give too much and get little in return.

It’s advisable to close the discussions amicably to avoid backlash and to keep the door open if circumstances change.Knowing when and how to cut the talks without burning bridges is a skill that you can perfect by taking negotiation classes.

In Summary

Taking your marketing campaign to YouTube can help boost your business. Firstly, you need to study all the metrics. Then find a great influencer whose words won’t ring hollow with your audience. Finally, negotiate the most favorable price and terms, and your campaign could be set to clinch solid conversions.

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