How to Personalize Your Emails to Boost Ecommerce Sales

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Investing your efforts and time into perfecting email marketing offers you the ability to grow and maintain your client bases. For those wondering whether email marketing is still effective today? The answer is YES! 

In fact, email marketing to this day offers you a tremendous return on your investment and can often put other marketing tactics such as a promotional video to shame, considering just how highly cost-effective it is in comparison.

According to a recent study by HubSpot, there are over 3.9 billion daily email users, with 73% of Millennials preferring to communicate with businesses via email. Furthermore, marketers who used segmented campaigns for their email marketing strategies reported as much as a 760% increase in revenues. 

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways through which you can personalize emails to boost your e-commerce sales.

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Personalizing Emails to Boost Ecommerce Sales 

Here is a list of eleven ways that you can use to boost e-commerce sales through emails. 

1. Asking the Right Questions

Do you know what gets people attention? That is right; it is about asking the right questions, questions that matter to them, relate to their lives, seeking to provide viable solutions to their pain points. 

Millions of people out there are looking for resolute answers to their problems that can assist them in solving their troubles, such as questions about Crypto Margin Trading

In fact, people pay others to get rid of their hassles. Your email can be the most opportune thing that they come across, and in order to do that, you have to make sure that you grab their attention by asking about things that matter to them and can make their lives less miserable. 

Here are some easy to try examples:

  • Would you like to stun the crowd this evening? (here is what you wear)
  • Having trouble resolving your cash outflows? (here is a quick and easy guide)
  • Are you stressed because of your job? (here is the solution)
  • Is your neighbor getting on your nerves? (here is a book that can you help settle the matter)
  • Want to know the best-budgeted meals this week? (here are the best deals)

2. Behavioral Trigger Emails
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Trigger emails are those that cause an effect on your recipient where they feel like responding to your message or take some action in return. They play on human psychology and are often deeply rooted in compulsive traits that we exhibit in our daily lives. 

They are more like adding fuel to the fire, and that is why they focus not only the relevancy of the time and the subject but also on users and their behavior. In short, you can pretty much say that ongoing events and trends are used as the driving force behind such emails. Some examples include:

  • Best Gadgets to Buy this Year on Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday Top Picks
  • Christmas season greetings and gifts /Halloween/ Easter/Valentine’s Day 
  • The best tools that can help you beat your mechanic to it.
  • Limited Offer – Top Picks for Him/Her/Boys/Girls/Infants/Pets

3. Corporate Identity

Now surprisingly, personalized emails work not only for your customers but also can become a powerful tool to brand your corporate identity. This can help you to create a distinct format for your emails that instantly captures the attention of your recipients and viewers. This can very well include design elements that relate to your branding theme and a tone that reflects the unique voice of your brand. 

For an e-commerce store, it is important that they develop a personality for their corporate identity, and they imbue their communications with this personality. Hence whenever a customer or a visitor receives a message from them, it would feel familiar like an old friend talking to them. In order to do this, here is a quick guide:

  • Take the perspective of your customers and how they perceive your brand to develop a unique brand voice, one that helps viewers imagine as if a person is speaking to them when they read your email.
  • Incorporate a friendly tone and common terms and phrases that can transform your communications into something iconic. These can be catchphrases as well as a specific way to great customers or signing off an email in style. 
  • Use design elements to create a terrific theme that you can deploy for the rest of your emails to make them distinguishable.

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4. Fondness & Preferences

Another way you can score great responses from your client base is to offer them messages that cater to their preferences and fondness towards lifestyle choices. 

For this, you need to perform considerable research regarding their demographics, income class, social status, and other daily life activities, interests, and hobbies. 

Once you are able to connect with your customers on the bases of their likes and things that they are passionate about, the rest of your communication will become surprisingly easy. Here are some examples:

  • For Videogame Addicts: The Best PS4 and Xbox One Titles at Discounted Prices
  • For Athletes & Gym Goers: Athleisure & Sportswear to Keep You Looking Smart Throughout the Year
  • For Business Travelers: Superior Travel Gear & Items for Hassel Free Trips
  • For Hitchhikers & Outdoor Enthusiast: Your Complete Camping Tools & Survival Gears

5. Implementing Customer Data

There is hardly any e-commerce operating and functioning nowadays that are not implementing analytic tools to gather customer data and implement it to improve their product offerings and services. 

You can use analytical data collected by your website and use them to generate emails that strike at the very heart of consumer demands and desires. 

For instance, your analytics show that kitchen mittens during baking season and festivals increase in demand as a lot of web traffic is landing on similar pages on your website. Then this is the prime time to set out emails and create further awareness about them to the rest of your clients as well. Who knows you could probably end up generating returns and sales more than your expectations.  

6. Managing Customer Personas

customer persona is a semi-fictional archetype that represents the key traits of the ideal customer to your business. The reason I say semi-fictional is because even though it is an archetype, there is still a lot of realism that goes into crafting a customer persona. 

This can involve a deep study regarding your ideal customers and their lifestyle choices, demographics, age, gender, and other factors. This helps you to analyze and improve your services, which is why you can also utilize customer personas in your email marketing strategies as well. 

An example could be where your ideal customer represents a young person who adores fast food, and you include a message in your email that reads:

“Since we know you like to treat your taste buds every now and then, how about a personalized tumbler to carry around with you and enjoy your favorite drinks with the meal of the day.” 

7. Loyalty & VIP Status
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It goes without saying that as human beings, we all like to be appreciated, recognized, and acknowledged. In fact, pretty much everything we do in our lives is all about accomplishing things that we do not have as we chase after our dreams and pursuits in life. 

Offering people recognition through your emails and making them feel entitled can also bring a positive impact on your email marketing strategy. People love to be treated well by others and made to feel like kings and queens. 

Your job as a marketer is to make sure that you let your loyal customers know about their VIP status so that they understand and comprehend that they have additional privileges which others do not get to enjoy. Students nowadays also get to enjoy a VIP status by simply hiring professional dissertation editing services to get the job done. Here are some phrases that you can use in your email to show respect and adoration towards them:

  • Extra Special Service for the Extra Especial Client
  • For Your Trust in Our Service, We Would like to Reward You
  • Only the Very Best Offers Just for You and No One Else!

8. Product Recommendations
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This again relates to the incredible amount of customer data that an e-commerce store collects when web traffic goes up, and a lot of online users rush to their domain. By analyzing this data using various analytical tools such as Google Analytics and the rest, you can pretty much pinpoint trends and customer buying tendencies. 

This also hints towards various products that customers buy in conjunction. Thus your database and all the assimilated information can provide you with tons of product recommendations that you can use to suggest customers. The same can also be followed through your email marketing strategies as well, such as:

  • Those running pants you just bought would look great with these Nike shoes.
  • Here are some power-brick suggestions that would go nicely with your new AirPods.
  • Cooking Utensils that Look Good Together Work Well Together as Well.  

9. Relevance of Location & Time

When it comes to personalizing your emails, both location and time can be effective factors that can help you shape your message. This can relate to the ongoing trends, recent events, as well as the prominence of where your customers are located. All of this would make your emails feel exclusive and specially built around your customers. 

10. Significance of Subject Lines

Subject lines are probably the first thing anyone sees when they are going through their emails. It holds the potential to make someone stop scrolling and actually click to open the email. There are various ways through which you can alter and modify your subject lines so that they offer you higher CTRs (click-through-ratios). 

You should customize them to great effect by keeping them short, precise, to the point, witty, humorous, and insightful to get the most out of them.

11. Visual Content Germaneness

We all know for a fact that exciting and attractive looking visuals nowadays are a proven method of grasping the attention of your audiences. This is why your emails should incorporate the same tactics and must include visual content that appeals to your audiences and is specifically tailored towards their needs and preferences. By germaneness over here I mean relevance. 

Both your text and your visuals should play along with each other and compliment one and another as well as be completely inseparable.  


Personalizing your emails is a great way to boost your e-commerce sales as they are able to relate to your audiences because of greater relevance to them according to both location and time. 

You should consider using personalized subject lines as well to instantly grab their attention and further support them through visual content that supports your overall brand identity and business image. 

If writing marketing emails doesn’t come easy to you or isn’t the best use of your time as a business owner, consider working with a professional copywriter for email campaigns.

You can also check out these tips in managing your emails.

For more questions regarding the topic, please feel free to share your queries in the comment section below. 

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