How to Make Money With Online Surveys

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years of entrepreneurial evolution, you’ve likely heard of online surveys as being a super quick and easy to earn money at home.

And they’re exactly that! An effortless, no-skills-required way of earning a decent amount of cash on the side whenever you have some time to spare.

What is an Online Survey?

Companies hoping to get a feel for their target market will often publish surveys on an array of sites to find out more about their demographic. Many businesses pay hefty sums to get their questionnaires published to survey sites such as Opinion Outpost. Luckily for you, these survey outlets pay people to answer questions as a way of fulfilling the requirements of the companies that use them.

A survey is simply a series of questions targeted to a specific audience. I can almost guarantee that you’ve filled out a survey at some point during your life – perhaps a work satisfaction survey or a questionnaire from your child’s (or even your own) school asking about how they’re finding it.

Thankfully, surveys aren’t just a routine pain in the bum but an excellent window for you to boost your financial gains with very little effort.

How Can You Use Online Surveys to Make Money?

Some surveys can earn you up to £5 each for something that takes little over half an hour. If ever you have a little time to spare, simply smashing through a few surveys can earn you an extra £20 or more whilst you’re sat watching TV.

Users of survey sites build up points as they complete surveys. These points can then be redeemed for Amazon vouchers as well as a plethora of other rewards.

But how?


Perhaps the top-dog of the world of online surveys is Swagbucks. Swagbucks boasts a user base of over 10 million question-answers, distributing billions of rewards a year. The site rewards users for completing a number of tasks including watching videos, searching the web and, of course, taking surveys. Points will be given to those that complete tasks and can be redeemed for a number of gift cards or PayPal Credits – which can then be redeemed for cash.

The average Swagbucks survey will take you around 20 minutes and could pay up to £5. For simply reading and answering questions that require no prior knowledge, this really is an incredibly easy way to make money.


Similar to Swagbucks, Crowdology is a survey-distributing site that pays its users to complete surveys based on a wide range of subjects including shopping, cooking and finance (and many, many more). Crowdology surveys can pay anywhere from 50p to £12. Say a £12 survey took you an hour to complete – that’s essentially earning you as much as a job with an hourly rate of £12 without you having to even leave your house.

Crowdology requires no signup fee or ongoing usage costs and is completely free to use.


MySurvey offers rewards to users for completing surveys. These points can then be redeemed for vouchers or can be donated to a selection of charities. Vouchers include Amazon and Argos and, alternatively, points can be exchanged for PayPal cash.

Some Extra Tips

Above are listed some useful sites to help you get started with online surveys, however these don’t quite cover all of the ins and outs of surveying and how to manage your efforts effectively.

Here are some extra pieces of advice to help you with your survey journey:

  • Be prepared to be denied for a lot of surveys. Many companies will target their questionnaires to very specific audiences and, chances are, you’re not going to make the cut for every single on. Don’t let this lead you into giving dishonest profile information in the hope of qualifying for every single survey. There will be plenty of questionnaires on the site you choose and you’re guaranteed to be right for a tonne of them.
  • Some surveys might not pay. You may need to complete a number of surveys when you start that don’t yield any rewards, however any completed thereafter will be sure to rake in points. Survey sites use these to filter through registering users to ensure that the members they take in are legitimate and not robots.
  • Keep checking your emails! Sites will inform you when survey opportunities suitable for you arise so make sure to keep an eye out these to ensure you don’t miss any.
  • Cherry-pick the best surveys. You’re likely to have a tonne of surveys mounting up before long which gives you the power to pick and choose the ones you prefer. Filter out poorly-paid surveys and aim to complete more rewarding ones to increase your profits per hour.
  • Never pay. You will absolutely not need to pay websites up front for the privilege of being able to answer surveys. If companies ask you for up-front payments to access their surveys then look elsewhere. The top sites listed below will absolutely not ask you to pay to use their service so stick with the most well-known, credible platforms.
  • If you’re a teen looking to earn a bit of extra cash, be wary that not all companies will allow it. Some sites will require you to be 18 before you can have access to their surveys so make sure to sign up for ones that you’re legally allowed to use.

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