How to Make Money With Android Apps

Believe it or not, there are a tonne of ways to earn money through apps on the Android play store – and you don’t have to be a computer wizard to know how to develop those apps either.

In fact, app development has never been easier or more profitable than it is today.

With mobile phones and cellular devices taking over our 21st century world, the app industry is generating millions (if not billions) of pounds per year.

So why not become a part of that group of people earning killer passive income for doing spending little more than a few weeks designing an app?

Let’s get you started.

How Can Apps Earn You Money?


The main source of income when earning as an app developer is advertising revenue, however money can also be earned through in-app purchases.

On Android there are wealth of options when it comes to including ads in your app.

We’ll talk through some of these now.

Google’s app advertising system is named ‘AdMob’, however many claim that AdMob offers little in revenue compared to other available options.

There are a number of alternatives available, however if you wish to stick with Google in sacrifice of some of your earnings then AdMob is a safe bet.

AdMob is incredibly easy to use and only requires you to set up a free account & select which ads should go where in your app.

A second option is an ad network run by called Enhance™.

Enhance claims to punch in ads on all available ad networks and chooses the most profitable options.

Enhance also doesn’t require you to do any complicated coding and can allow you to insert ads into any apps.

In-app purchases

As mentioned before, in-app purchases are another simple and effective way to earn money through apps.

A clever way to utilise both of these money-making methods is to implement not just ads into your app to earn through ad revenues, but to also include an option for users to pay to remove these apps.

That way, you’re earning using both of these methods and not just one or the other.

Another way to earn is to create premium features that only become available after a one-time or recurring purchase.

By this I mean that users can either pay just once for these features or you may choose for them to have to pay monthly/annually.

Some examples of premium content may be extra content, level-unlocks on a game or more useful tools in a productivity app.

How Much Will You Earn?

On average, developers tend to earn between anywhere between £0.50 and £5.00 per every thousand views that their apps receive.

Ads tend to be rotated every 30 seconds or so, meaning that the ad displayed at one time will change to another each time 30 seconds passes.

This means that, if a user spends around ten minutes in an app, the developer could earn between £0.01 and £0.10 for their time.

Therefore, if an app has 1000 downloads each day and all users spend 10 minutes in that app, the developer will earn something between £10-£100 each day.

This is entirely passive income being generated, and requires virtually no work besides perhaps the occasional bug-fix or updates.

Additionally, if the app is decent and becomes popular, users are much more likely to return to the app more frequently.

This can multiple ad revenue by a significant amount and may mean that developers earn upward of £300 per day. Quite a nice sum for doing nothing!

Some Don’t’s in the World of App Development

Don’t become too overprotective over your idea.

Once you have that one big idea, becoming crazily overprotective over it is a very bad thing to do.

Yes, you may have had an ingenious eureka moment and thought of the best idea for an app ever – however protecting this as though shielding a vulnerable baby king from a pack of lions is the wrong thing to do and will jeopardize your success.

You may have had that one great idea, however the problem that arises is you don’t have the first clue how to put that idea into a downloadable application form.

Which is where you need the help from other people.

And this is where overprotectiveness becomes a problem.

How can you approach other people with app-development skills for the help you require if you’re terrified of them stealing your idea and cashing in your brainchild for megabucks?

Well, put simply – nobody wants to steal your idea.

People far-too-often approach app-developers for help but remain incredibly secretive about what the app actually is and what it involves.

How can a developer possibly develop an app if he/she hasn’t the first clue about what it is that need developing?

In the world of app development, you’re going to need to discuss your ideas with developers if you’re ever actually going to get anywhere.

If a designer is perfectly capable of developing apps they’ll likely have there own projects and ideas that they care far more about than yours and wouldn’t bother with the extra hassle.

Developers are paid to develop apps – it’s what they do.

Nobody’s going to risk their career on plagiarizing your ideas.

And if they do?

There’s nothing you can do about it either way!

It’s either you speak up about your ideas and make them a reality with the minute risk of losing them to elusive app-stealers, or you sit atop of your brainchild and protect it with a sword and shield while it gathers dust.

Don’t try to design the next big app

So many people view the world of social media as a get-rich-quick scheme, assuming that they can just design the next big thing like Facebook or Twitter and move to the Maldives atop a fat pile of cash (as well as changing their last name to Zuckerberg).

Simply put, building a social network just isn’t that easy.

It’s hard work!

Not only will you be involved in tricky work such as creating a secure server for users to sign up to, but you’re also going to need to build your user base to at least a few hundred before your platform is even slightly appealing.

People aren’t going to want to join a social network that has only a handful of people signed up simply because it isn’t very, well, social.

There are a number of apps such as Periscope that are attracting a tonne of media attention, however they’re still relatively underground and disused.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Periscope – but do you have it?

Probably not.

Apps such as these require something unique and different, something that hasn’t yet been done and that’ll generate a tonne of media attention.

If you want to earn decent money through app development, you must start simple.

If you have one huge idea that you’ve decided is going to shake the world of the app store, you’re probably best saving it until you’ve got a bit more experience in app development first.

Start small and build up to your big ideas if you wish to be successful.

Don’t avoid the easiest option when developing an app yourself

When you’ve decided on a solid (and simple) idea for your first app, you’ll be ready to go on and begin developing it.

To do this, you may use a number of tools such as an app builder, Android Studio, or Basic4Android.

These tools will all help to create the coding for your app.

If you’ve decided to create a game, however, may choose Unity as a tool which which eases the process by providing a giving you a pre-made engine and an easy-to-use interface, as well as dealing with much of the coding for you.

Alternatively, you can always pay a developer to take care of this step for you which will save you a lot of time and effort.

But which app should you go with when developing?

Well, this may depend largely on your expertise and free-time, however the key is that you choose the quickest and easiest route which will create the least complications.

Don’t assume you need to endure hours of tedious coding to get the best app – it’s okay to take the easy route!

Using Unity if creating a game, for example, will make the process of app development far easier and save you much more time than if using a more generalised tool.

Don’t make your journey more difficult than it needs to be. A

pp development can be incredibly simply or excruciatingly and mind-numbingly tedious. Make life easy for yourself and choose the best tools for you.

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