How to Make Money Using Shopify

Shopify is an online site and ecommerce platform through which you can set up your own online shop and begin selling products. It is perhaps the most reputable and credible of its kind and has been used by many to make thousands, millions even, of pounds almost completely passively.

Shopify gives you everything you need to set up your online store – a web domain, hosting, payment gateways and just about all of the things you’ll require. It isn’t a profit-generating spam system that takes your money, promises the world and delivers nothing. Shopify is a huge system used by many to succeed in the online business world and is your best bet in succeeding in the field.

Still not convinced? Massive companies such as Pixar, Evernote and Wikipedia all use Shopify to run their online store systems. It is trusted, reliable and an invaluable tool to boost your success with ecommerce whilst still giving you full control over the design & layout of the site.

There is a catch, however, and you can probably guess what it is. Shopify isn’t free. The system costs around $13 per month and Shopify also take 1.5% worth of fees from every sale. Without these fees, the system will cost $40 a month to use – however the fees are so small that it probably isn’t worth paying this much to remove them. Shopify also offers a 14-day free trial to new users so if you find that you don’t like the site you can simply stop using it and not lose out o any cash.


The main principle behind Shopify is dropshipping. Dropshipping is the term given to a form of ecommerce that doesn’t actually involve an inventory – you never need to handle the products you’re selling. Instead, when a customer purchases a product, you simply have it delivered straight to them.

Say a customer purchases a product from your online store for, say, £20. You then head on over to a site such as and purchase the product for £2. You have this product shipped straight to the customer for a fee of, let’s say around £6. This way, you never see the product and never have to pay to handle it, all the while making a tasy profit of £18 for simply being a middle man.

How to Sell With Shopify

First and foremost, head on over to Shopify and choose to sign up for an account. Then, input your personal information and confirm your email address.

Next, all you need to do is log in to Shopify through the home page,  and then click on the ‘create an online store’ button.

Then, choose one of hundreds of themes for your site and an appropriate domain name for the store’s niche. Finally, choose a category for your site.

And that’s it – your site is up and running. Now for the actual moneymaking.

How to Make Money on Shopify

Now that you’ve got your site set up and running, it’s time to start actually making some money from it.

The underlying principle behind the Shopify world of dropshipping is buying products for cheaper than you sell them for. This is often done by purchasing from countries that sell for low amounts, such as China.

When deciding on products to dropship, heading over to a site such as Aliexpress of Everbuying is the best place to start. Here, you can view lists of all of the products available for you to resell. When you’ve decided on the types of products you’d like to start selling, try to find several products within that area and begin listing them on your site.

Below is a list of useful pointers to boost your Shopify sales and multiply your profits:

Profit Margin

Try to choose products that will provide a decent profit margin for you to earn from. In all likelihood, you won’t be selling a tonne of products within your first few months of Shopify and so it’s no good selling products that only give you a few pounds of profit per sale because you won’t be earning enough to support yourself. Be sure to choose products that sell for much more than you’re buying them for in order to maximise your success.


Search engine optimisation is the absolute key to the success of any website. SEO is a huge industry that generated millions of pounds per year, and, sadly, many site-owners fork out tonnes of money to SEO companies to see little benefit.

1. Keyword Research

It’s crucial to put the time and effort into choosing the appropriate keywords to get your site ranking in search engines and earn a decent income from Shopify. If people aren’t able to find your site, they simply won’t be able to buy your products and thus you won’t make money from it. The key to ranking in search engines is to conduct decent keyword research using keyword planning tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner in their AdWords campaign and Bing Ads’s similar tool.

Punch in different keywords that relate to your site. Be sure that the results show that these words not only have a high monthly search volume but that they also relate to a niche that involves transactions.

These transactional keywords are words that people search with when they’re hoping to buy something, whereas informational words are those that people type in if they want to find out information. Scattering transactional keywords across your website is the most effective way to boost your sales, as people that are looking to make a purchase will use these. Users of informational keywords won’t be wanting to make purchases and therefore will use the information on your site without actually buying anything.

2. Improve Your Offer

Another super easy way to send your Shopify profits skyrocketing is to offer something better than all of the other sellers out there. This could be your product pricing, incentives visitors will get for signing up to newsletters or simply offering information of a higher quality than everybody else. If your offers are better, people will favour your store and purchase from you instead of from other sellers. It may be time consuming and cost some extra cash to improve your offers but this will certainly be worth the effort when you’re making more sales.

Details about the offer should be included in both your title and in meta-tags which will be seen in your Google rankings as well as on the site itself.

3. Email capturing

It’s all well and good having people view your site in the first place, however people won’t necessarily make a purchase during their first visit. Thus it is important that people are encouraged to revisit the site to maximise the chances that they’ll buy from you.

Email capturing does exactly this. By implementing systems that capture visitors’ email addresses you are able to gradually feed content into the inboxes of those that sign up to your newsletter so that they’re continually reminded of your site and are more likely to return to it in future. These emails don’t necessarily need to be direct advertisements – they can simply be friendly reminders that your site exists and subliminal encouragements for receivers to check it out (and perhaps go ahead & buy your products).

Marketing using email capturing is a great method for maximising your SEO profits as it can be used as many times as you wish and only needs to be created once – it also costs absolutely nothing to utilise! Unless you decide to pay someody to write your email copy for you, that is, which may be a good idea if you lack the skills to do so yourself.

The best way to capture the highest amount of emails you can is to offer something that appears to be of great value but is actually fairly low-cost. An easy way to do this is by writing a report that’s completely free to make and will answer any questions your visitors may have. By doing this, visitors will becoe hooked by your offers and will be left with no questions left to ask, thus being ready to go ahead and buy your product. It’s vital to make sure that this content is of a high-standard as, if it isn’t, visitors will simply unsubscribe or leave your site.

As more people begin to visit your Shopify site, your sales will begin to increase over time and you’ll be earning much more money very quickly. It really is one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash and takes practically no skill – just some time and effort and a little advice.

You’ve got the advice – now it’s time to put the effort in!

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