How to Make Money From Twitter

Any Twitter user has the potential to make money, however, it is the marketing & social media skills that they possess that set everyday Twitter users apart from those that have millions of followers. Therefore please visit to enhance twitter engagement.

This article will run through the ways in which you can hone your marketing skills and boost your Twitter follower base to start earning some extra money online.


​What Is Twitter & Why Try To Make Money With It?

Twitter is perhaps the most popular and widely-used social media platform available, gaining upwards of 250 million users after it having been launched in 2006.

Twitter’s user base is incredibly diverse, some having accounts purely for their entertainment value and others as to promote their businesses.

Twitter can be used simply for browsing the web & being nosy, interacting with distant friends/family and even as a way of meeting potential clients/business partners.

​How To Make Money With Twitter

Honing Your Twitter Skills

Although, yes, everybody has the potential to start earning money through Twitter, unless you dedicate some time to actually improving your skills as a Twitter user you won’t stand much of a chance.

Twitter isn’t rocket science, but it certainly isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme either.

You’re going to need to spend some of your time learning the ropes and getting to know the best ways to boost your follower count if you’re ever going to succeed.


Firstly, you should start learning about the best ways to attract followers to your account in particular.

Keep your demographic close in mind here, making sure to tailor your tweets and general Twitter activity to your target audience.

Although there’s no clear-cut way to get more followers (considering the enormity of Twitter’s user base, there are millions of different niches each with different interests), you can be sure to improve your Twitter reach if you publish content that’s closely related to the interests of your follower base.

If you run a self-help based account, for example, tweeting frequently about mental health will be sure to capture the interests of your followers and ensure that you build up an audience that’s actually interested in your account.

If your tweets are all over the place and not related to any niche in particular people are likely to unfollow you as not everybody will share the same interests as you.

Target audience is key.


Next up, be sure to develop your marketing skills. If you know absolutely nothing about marketing, you’ll seriously struggle to earn any money on Twitter.

Marketing is simply the process of advertising products/services for a business in return for profits.

We’ll cover more on this later, but marketing will be central to your earnings as a Twitter user as much of the work you’ll be doing will involve advertising for companies.

Thus, it’s best to do some groundwork on the ins-and-outs of marketing before throwing yourself right in at the deep end.

Familiarising yourself with key concepts like internet marketing plans and affiliate marketing will save you a lot of time further on in your marketing career.

​How To Make Money With Twitter As A Business

Social media is an excellent tool you can use to start promoting other business endeavours and make money online.

They’re also a great way to start generating more views for your website.

If you already host a site such as a blog, ecommerce store or a business page then you can drive your Twitter followers to it and hugely increase your monthly visitors.

You can drop links to your site in your Twitter bio and description as well as tweeting links to content as and when you upload it to your site.

It can be tricky to build connections with people that are interested in your niche without using social media as a middle-ground.

Twitter also acts as a great way for you to begin interacting with your followers in a way that you otherwise couldn’t if using a website alone.

Using Twitter to generate followers can improve your success in just about any area, whether it be promoting an ebook, website or a service you offer such as writing.

​Ways To Make Money With Twitter

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to begin earning money as a Twitter user.

It’s incredibly versatile and can be used on just about any type of account.

Once you’ve got a decent amount of followers on your account, begin searching around for affiliate marketing programs relevant to your niche.

Affiliate marketing, simply put, is the process of implementing links to other relevant products onto your social media accounts/websites that relate to its niche.

When people follow these links and make a purchase, you, the advertiser, will be paid commission for having sent them there.

Clickbank And Kwerdo

As a Twitter user, you can either drop affiliate links directly to your Twitter timeline or instead spend your efforts driving traffic to your website to generate affiliate revenues from it.

Kwerdo and Clickbank are excellent places to find affiliate programs and begin your affiliate marketing career.

Simply sign up and begin registering to become an affiliate of products that your target audience are likely to want to buy.

Then begin to post these links to your Twitter page and start earning money as an affiliate.

Try to make sure that your tweets actually make people want to go ahead and buy the products you’re advertising.

Your tweet could be a review or a short, interesting description of each product.

Every time somebody follows your Kwerdo link, you’ll make a profit even if they don’t go ahead and actually buy the product.

It’s essential that you find the right balance here and don’t just litter your timeline with affiliate marketing links.

If you do this, you may make more sales to begin with but people will soon start to unfollow you when your clings clog up their Twitter feed.

It’s essential that you find the right balance between marketing tweets and casual ones, ensuring to be a real person as well as a businessman.

Many big-name celebrities are making tonnes of money simply for paid tweets.

Families like the Kardashians earn upwards of $100,000 per single tweet just for advertising a company’s products.

Why? Because it works.

Twitter users with a large amount of followers are trusted dearly by their fanbases.

If a star such as Katy Perry tweets about how great the new iPhone is, her followers will believe her and are likely to go ahead and buy the iPhone.

You, as a Twitter user with a decent-sized following, can be paid for tweeting advertisements of products in exactly the same way.

Now of course you won’t be earning hundreds of thousands of pounds right off the bat, however you do have the potential to earn an incredible amount of money as an influential social media figure.

Outreach for Sponsorships

To get started, simply begin to contact companies and offer to advertise their products.

You must ensure that, in advertising companies, you do not start to clog your timeline with ads and annoy your followers.

As soon as you lose your follower base, your monetary potential as an advertiser will drop significantly.

If you don’t wish to contact companies directly or can’t find contact details to do so, sites such as SponsoredTweets will do most of the groundwork for you and allow you to simply pick and choose the tweets you wish to publish.

Selling Products On Twitter

If you already own an online store/blog through which you sell products, Twitter can be an excellent way to start driving more traffic to your ecommerce platforms.

Alternatively, if you do not already sell products, you can easily set up a website for very little money and begin selling online.

how to make money with twitter

To do this, simply head on over to a site such as BlueHost/GoDaddy, purchase a domain for as little as £0.99, connect it to a WordPress account and begin designing a site.

Once your site template is up and ready, you can either begin to manufacture products & sell them yourself or dropship them.

Dropshipping On Twitter

Dropshipping is a method of selling online that doesn’t involve any storage/shipping.

In fact, as a dropshipper, you won’t even see the products you’re selling and will never actually need to handle them.

Each time a customer makes a purchase through your online store, you simply contact a wholesaler and have that exact product shipped to the customer directly.

By selling products for more money than the fees you pay to purchase and deliver the product, you’ll be making a product for selling something that you never really own.

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