How to Make Money From Quora

Quora is perhaps the most popular question and answer platform available online, on which people are able to ask questions to an enormous community of writers. Quora is a rapidly growing site that was opening in 2010, since then attracting millions of users.

Quora is such a popular platform largely due to the fact that users are completely free to ask questions that relate to their own interests and areas of expertise. If you’re an experienced drummer, for example, you could choose to search out drum-related questions and answer those that you’re happiest to write about. Practically any question that you ask on Quora will be picked up and answered by one or more of its many writers, making it an incredibly quick and easy way for people to have their questions answered.

But, how on earth can a massive Q&A site possibly earn people money? This article will run through the best ways that Quora-users can start earning some extra cash for simply answering questions.

Are answers paid for on Quora?

First and foremost, I should point out that you won’t be earning money paid to you by Quora for answering questions. Writers are not paid for their answers, they are paid by other companies after being recognised by answering questions on Quora.

When you start to answer lots of questions on Quora and build up your profile, companies and business will begin to notice you and your expertise. Then they’ll begin to reach out to you, offering you money for various projects and partnerships. Quora isn’t paying you, Quora is being used as a medium to gain exposure and getting companies that are willing to pay you to notice you.

But this, of course, doesn’t really tell us anything about how to earn money on Quora. Yes, Quora may be used to drive traffic to some other business you have running, but how exactly can we use Quora to do this?

This guide will cover exactly that.

Driving Traffic to Another Blog

If you already run an online blog (or wish to start one up), Quora can be an invaluable way to start driving an insane amount of web traffic towards it. Blogging is an absolutely enormous industry, with millions of potential pounds to be made.

An online blog is simply a creative space, typically run by just one person (or a small group of people) to which content is frequently posted for public viewing. Content may be posted multiple times a day, once a day or even once a week and is regularly viewed by an engaging audience.

Once a blog begins to build up a large following, it can eventually be monetised. Through implemented advertisements into an online blog, bloggers can start to earn incredible amounts of almost entirely passive income. There are two primary forms of advertising that many blogs used, these being affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

Affiliate marketing it a very large industry that involves companies paying influential figures in commission for advertising their products. Affiliate marketers approach companies (and virtually every company has an affiliate scheme available, Amazon’s ‘Amazon Associates’ program being the biggest) and sign up to advertise their products. When accepted, marketers will be sent web-links to add to their blog. When a visitor clicks on these links and makes a purchase, affiliate marketers will then be paid a cut of the sales for their service as an advertiser. Generate enough visitors and affiliate marketing can be used to earn thousands of pounds a week.

Google AdSense isn’t entirely dissimilar to affiliate marketing. It involves signing up to Google’s AdSense scheme, dropping advertisements around your blog and being paid money each time that ad is clicked on. If a visitor visits your site and is compelled to click on an advert you’ve displayed, you’ll be paid money for it. Now, in comparison to affiliate marketing, the profits made per click through AdSense are minimal – pennies per click. However, when thousands of people are viewing your site each week and clicking on these ads, these pennies add up to hundreds of pounds a week. Not bad for doing little more than dropping a few links across a website.

How does this link to Quora? Well, Quora uses a system by which people can choose their biggest interests and view answers on their feed tailored to these. Thus, the people that are viewing answers related to, say, fishing (for example) are people that are actually interested in catching fish.

If you begin answering questions on Quora related to the topic of your online blog, people that are interested in your niche will begin to see your name popping up all over the place. If your answers are of a high quality, people will trust you as an online figure and be compelled to check out your work, clicking onto your profile and subsequently stumbling upon your blog.

As Quora has such a gigantic user base, it’s an invaluable way to begin connecting with people interested in the topic of your blog and attracting followers that actually care about what it is you’re writing about.


If you’re a skilled writer, there are millions of pounds to be made as a Quora user.

Most of Quora’s visitors are people looking for a solution to their problems, asking for help with particular dilemmas that they do not know how to solve. For instance, I’ve seen a tonne of questions on Quora asking about how to improve self-esteem, help with investing in businesses and how to become a better writer. Almost every Quora questions follows this same format of asking for help with a problem.

Now, by using Quora you can gain an excellent insight into the types of problems people are struggling with and create a solution in the form of an ebook. Let’s say everybody appears to be struggling with confidence, as was mentioned before. By writing a book all about improving confidence and then marketing it using Quora, you can boost your book sales massively by doing little more than rewriting the contents of your book in an answer-style format. It is also recommended to use a character count to help you keep track of the words, characters, and sentences you use in a text.

Imagine writing an ebook that aims to solve this problem and selling 100 copies of it each month for just £10. This is an extra £1,000 cash every single month simply for writing one book and answering some questions online.

When you’ve written and published your book based on observation of Quora answers, head on over to the site and search out topic related to your ebook. Then, choose the answers you like best and start creating top-quality answers, recommending your ebook at the end of your writing. You should also include a link to your book in all of your social media accounts as that’ll help get you recognised as an author and encourage people to go ahead and check out your book. If you have a blog, start promoting your book through your blog too.

Having a published book is not only a great way to earn some extra cash, but it’ll also greatly improve your respect and trust as a public figure. People are far more likely to listen to what you’re saying if you have ‘published author’ under your title as this shows that you have sufficient knowledge in your field to not only write a book, but to have finished it and published it.

Sell Your Services Through Quora

If you already offer services such as content writing and SEO elsewhere, Quora can be an excellent location to start promoting your work.

As with books and blogging, by answering questions that are closely related to your works you are also creating an excellent opportunity to start marketing your services and boost your exposure. In your answers, be sure to include links throughout and at the end to your other services, perhaps to your online portfolio for content writing or to your business’s site.

The key to boosting your external successes through Quora is consistency. It’s no good just writing a couple of answers and expecting your profits to increase at all, and if this is your expectation then you are sure to fail.

Try to write as many answers as you can each week, perhaps dedicating a certain time/day to purely writing answers and promoting your book/blog/services. Make sure to include links in your answers wherever possible, using every opportunity to promote your work and not wasting any writing by forgetting to link.

Good luck.

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