How to Make Money From Facebook

Perhaps a more esoteric area of the online financing world, Facebook is a hidden gem when it comes to making money from the internet. There are a tonne of ways to earn using Facebook, from blogging to being paid for each Facebook post. This article will run through some of the best proven ways to earn some extra cash using the social media powerhouse that is Facebook.

Ways of Earning Through Facebook


If you’re a skilled writer and have time to create lots of top quality content, you could easily blog using Facebook. By sharing posts to your Facebook page, you’ll be building an audience dedicated to the niche you already blog about.

Sharing the content at the right times will ensure that many people view them and maximise your earnings. There are a tonne of handy little apps around, Crowdfire for example, that you can use to publish content at just the right time.

Once your blog has generated a decent amount of followers and you have command over a large audience, you can begin earning big money from advertising. Each advert can earn you upwards of a pound per 1,000 views. 1,000 isn’t a lot considering the vast amount of internet users in the world, and so making money through blogging really isn’t that difficult.

Additionally, you can join affiliate marketing programs and begin earning commission advertising products for businesses. There are a bunch of affiliate marketing programs around (Amazon have their own marketing network called Amazon Associates through which you can advertise literally any Amazon-sold product) so there’s bound to be one that suits your niche. Affiliate marketing isn’t limited just to your blog either – you can earn money from affiliate links off of any platform, including inside Facebook statuses & descriptions!

‘Pay Per Post’

It’s a little known fact that ‘Facebook famous’ users, people with a significantly large following, are being paid worldwide simple for posting. I read in a Cosmo article once that the Kardashians earn upwards of $100,000 simply for posting adverts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Businesses have moved past pumping thousands into TV and radio ads and are instead paying influential figures in the media to advertise their products.

And it works. Many people, including you and I perhaps, have purchased products almost purely because their favourite celebrity claimed it to be good. Businesses are thus making the most of this immense influential power that media figures hold and paying them to advertise their products.

You, as a Facebooker, can do exactly this. So long as you build up a decent sized following using the guidelines in this article, just about anybody can be paid for advertising if they command a large enough audience. We’re not talking hundred of thousands for posting a picture of a pair of Nikes or Mac lipgloss – however, overtime, accepting paid-posts can be an incredibly profitable way to earn some extra money as a public figure.

The most-used platforms for accepting paid posts are Influencer and Marketplace. Here, you can view lists of advertisements needed and take on those that suit your niche. If you’re accepted, you’ll be paid simply for hitting that share/post button.

There are also sites like Shoutcart where you can list your account and your price for a sponsored post. Here, brands will reach out to you instead of you reaching out to them


Although not necessary a way of earning directly through Facebook, self-publishing an ebook is a great way to diversify your revenue streams and begin earning some extra cash.

Ebooks are simply electronically formatted books, books that can be read through a digital medium rather than on paper. Therefore, because no physical copies need to be printed and distributed, ebooks are entirely free to self-publish. Just about anybody can do it.

My best advice for actually going ahead and writing a book is, well, actually going ahead and writing it. Countless individuals long to be an author, claiming it to be something they wish they’d started but just never did. Thus, the most important step to your writing success is not to think about writing, but to put pen to paper (or rather hands to keyboard) and write.

  • Choose a subject that’ll interest the public, a book that isn’t so esoteric and niche that it’ll attract a tiny amount of buyers.
  • Discipline yourself – make a commitment to write x amount of words every single day and stick to it. Whether it be 100, 200, or even 1,000, choose a daily amount of words to write and you’ll ensure that your book isn’t left unfinished.

Once you’ve finished writing and have published your book, Facebook can be an invaluable tool for advertising because your success lies fully in your hands rather than some overpriced company’s. You don’t need to fork out thousands advertising your book and making sure people will see it. So long as you put in the time and effort, through Facebook you can build up a decent sized audience that’s interested in your niche – that’ll actually buy your book rather than scroll past it.

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How to Gain More Followers

The key to your success in any of the aforementioned fields is people. Without followers, you simply won’t be earning money from ad commissions, affiliate programs or ebook revenues. Thus, dedicating time to building up a loyal fan base is crucial your prosperity.

  1. Having an Attractive Profile

It is vital to have an attractive, appealing Facebook profile if you wish to stand out from the crowd and attract followers. Creating a page that lets people know that they can trust you will give impressions that you’re a credible and reliable figure.

It’s important to choose a professional-looking profile picture – a picture of yourself that appears friendly and approachable. Your header should be attractive, yet it can also be a great place to advertise whatever it is you’re trying to sell on your page. Whether it’s you wearing a t-shirt of the company that you’re endorsing, or the front cover of your new ebook, your header is the first thing people are likely to see and thus you should make use of it.

2. Utilise Messenger

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s online chat system which operates straight through the main site. It can be an excellent place to revitalise old relationships with friends with whom you’ve lost touch, or message old clients to let them know about your new lines of work.

As a way of not only rekindling old relationships, but to also boost your success as an influential Facebook figure, messaging previous acquaintances is an easy and subtle way to market your page. You don’t need to send mass, reduplicated messages to your entire friends list with promo codes for your new book (‘Hey, follow this link for 20% off my brand new book!’), simply engaging in conversation with people in your friends list will encourage them to check out your page and perhaps stumble upon your business. You should only really mention your products & sites if they specifically ask you. Otherwise, leave it out because you’ll just come across as annoying and spammy.

You could even send messages based on previous conversations to friends. Perhaps they’ve mentioned in the past that they’ve always wanted to take up golf and you just so happen to endorse a load of beginner golfing equipment for a company. In using information gathered from purely interactional (rather than transactional/business-related) conversations, your friends will see your message as a less of a business advertisement and more like a friendly suggestion.

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3. Create a support group

Through Facebook you can also create a Facebook group based on your niche. When you first startup your group, you should aim to post as often as possible – once a day if you can. These posts may be questions, images or even little snippets of quotes/books to motivate people. You should always try to like and comment on whatever people in your group are posting to increase your reach.

If you run a Facebook group correctly and build up a decent following it can boost your success significantly and, further down the line, be sold for a sizeable chunk of money!

4. Don’t forget that Facebook isn’t everything

While yes, Facebook will be an invaluable tool in helping you build connections and relationships with others within your niche, you’re going to have to do some things away from the computer too. Talking to people face-to-face, attending events related to your niche and joining real-life groups/societies will also help you to widen your reach & earn more money.

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