How To Live Longer? Amazing Tips For Healthy Aging

There Are Solid Strategies To Explore

First, keep this in mind: the healthiest guy in the world can’t help it if he’s out jogging one day, there’s an earthquake, and he falls down a fissure never to be seen again. The point is, there are always situations outside our control. So regardless of how good you are at keeping yourself healthy, the truth is, nobody really controls the day they shuck this mortal coil.

That said, there’s a lot of things to do to enable you and those you love to live as long as possible. Some people have lived into their 120s. Their secret? Well, nothing anyone can really pin down. Jeanne Calment lived to 122 and smoked. Not extensively, but she didn’t totally quit until the age of 117. Figure that one out! Some think she was a fraud.

Even if she was a fraud, and her daughter took over her identity in the earlier part of the 20th century, the woman associated with the deep age still lived to at least 99. So regardless of whether she’s the oldest verified person in history or not, she still did things traditional health experts would say aren’t a good idea for longevity; and yet she lived.

All that to say this: doing everything right won’t necessarily save you. Doing some things wrong won’t necessarily chop things off short. Our ticket gets punched without any real control on our part. But we can take proactive steps, and these, while not an assurance of the outcome we seek, can definitely help secure a strong foundation. Consider the following.

1. Flossing Can Reduce Your Risk For Heart Disease
Gum disease and plaque lead to heart disease—follow this link for the article. So start flossing daily; in the evening, or in the morning. That can help. Even so, as pointed out earlier, the best you do won’t prevent things outside your control. But having healthy teeth and gums can help.

2. Eating Good, Reducing Vice, And Exercising Regularly
Don’t eat anything with synthetic foodstuffs like artificial sugar or margarine. Foodstuffs have a taste and feel like food, but they’re not. The word “foodstuffs” doesn’t seem real, but it was designed to describe these synthetic, unhealthy products. Avoid them. Also, avoid preservatives, trans-fats, an overabundance of carbohydrates, and too much sugar. Along with reducing sugar and carb intake, intermittent fasting is another good way to reduce body fat.

Sugar and carbs are what actually makes a person obese, clogging arteries and stressing the heart. Trans-fats aren’t good either. However, natural fats like those in oils or organic meat actually aren’t as bad for you as we’ve been led to believe.

On that note, you should indeed exercise regularly. If you can get a half hour of exercise six days a week where you work up a good sweat, that’s worthwhile. Once you get to your athletic zenith, you can likely get by with three workouts a week. The more, the better.

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Once you get diet and exercise figured out, cut out all the vice you can. Controlled substances usually aren’t good for you in large quantities. Alcohol pickles your brain and body. Cigarettes destroy the lungs. However, if you’re moderate with these things, it doesn’t have an adverse effect. It’s all about self-control, and that’s so hard, quitting may be wiser.

3. Securing Proper Insurance And Associated Medical Coverage
You need the right healthcare solutions. But if you don’t have money for medical help, then knowing who the right doctor is doesn’t do any good. Determine which medical practitioners you trust, and may need. Then figure out which insurance plans will cover them for you.

Sometimes you’ll do better with an HMO because it’s cheaper, but the doctor you need is out of your network. Sometimes you’ll do better with a PPO, even though it’s more pricey because such options offer a more extensive network. You can explore this link to get a more in-depth understanding of the differences between an HMO and a PPO.

4. Don’t Go To Bed Angry, Honor Family, Be At Spiritual Peace
People lose the will to live. They die of broken hearts. Deaths by despair are a real thing. Life is difficult, and emotions can literally kill you. So don’t end the day with a negative emotion that’s carried over into the next morning; that’s like emotional cancer. If you’re mad at somebody, resolve that issue before you go to bed.

Beyond that, honor your family as possible. Sure, this isn’t always something you can do—every family’s got some under-handed chiseler somewhere; that’s the human condition. But when your parents and you have a good relationship, when you have a good relationship with children, or aunts, or uncles, or cousins—that’s good for the heart, and good for the soul.

Avoiding unnecessary negative emotions and being at peace with your family helps you to be at peace with yourself, and enjoy life more. When you enjoy life, that reduces stress. Stress causes telomerase reduction. Telomerase binds DNA together.

Stress invites aging. Eliminating stress slows it. Being “spiritually” and “emotionally” at peace in your day-to-day life, and with family, helps cut down stress; and so you age more gracefully.

5. Be Social, Be Active, And Become Involved In The Arts
Human beings aren’t supposed to be cloistered up by themselves for days, weeks, months, or years on end. That sort of hermit living is bad for the body and bad for the mind; accordingly, it’s bad for the soul and steeps a person in unnecessary collateral stress which ages them more quickly. Instead, be social; find a circle of friends and become active within it.

Also, be active beyond simple exercise. If you must work at a desk, stand as it’s possible instead of sitting. Take walks. Explore hiking trails. Go swimming. Do things, and you’ll be able to do more things.

Artistry similarly helps provide peace, reduce stress, and feed the soul. Play an instrument. Go see a movie—a good movie. Take in paintings. Dance.

Gracefully Segueing Into Golden Years
Being socially active, being involved, exploring the arts, going to bed at peace, honoring family, seeking spiritual peace, getting the right insurance, eating well, cutting out or moderately reducing vice, exercising, and flossing—all these things can provide you a firm foundation from which to age more gracefully.

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