How to Boost Your Kindle Sales

It’s an unfortunate fact that you could spent countless hours writing your ebook, formatting it for publishing and getting it out on the market yet it could attract no attention at all. You may have written the most perfect piece of text since Shakespeare, worthy of a thousand rewards and a billion sales however, without marketing, your efforts will likely go to waste. In this article we’ll be discussing how exactly you can boost your ebook’s sales and get it the attention it deserves.


As mentioned in the previous article on how to publish your ebook, design is absolutely crucial when aiming to draw people into at least looking at your book, even if they choose not to buy it. A beautiful cover page can and will drastically increase your overall sales. Although judging a book by its cover is typically discouraged when speaking metaphorically, literally using the covers of books to learn about their contents is the best way to decide on which to buy. When browsing in a bookshop, the only part of every book that is visible at first glance is its cover hence why it is vital to get your cover right before publishing.

Search around for ebook designers. You may use an artist you’re familiar with or somebody found online – whichever you’re most comfortable with. Don’t scrimp when it comes to prices – a generous investment now will maximise your future earnings. Cutting back, however, could jeopardise the future of your hard work and restrict its potential. Some useful resources for finding designers include:


By distribution we mean the amount of stores your book is available to purchase from. Although there are some clear powerhouses in the world of ebooks (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple etc.), browse around for alternative, less-mainstream stores to publish to. Sites such as Kobo are great platforms to widen your distribution and maximise your book’s potential.

Creating a Promotion Platform

Creating an online page/website from which you can promote your ebook by telling customers everything about your book is a great way to boost sales. On this page you could give some information about the book itself such as the reasons behind its writing, extras about characters/chapters or information about you, the author. You may wish to create your own site from scratch if you’re skilled in website creation or, equally, you may hire somebody else to do it for you. Below are some useful links for creating websites and finding people to create them for you.


  • Squarespace: perhaps the most popular site-creating resource, Squarespace allows you to shape your page with ease and quickly find a domain. It does, however, require a significantly reasonable monthly fee of $12 a month.
  • WordPress: WordPress powers 27% of all of the websites across the internet and is an incredibly reputable platform to go with. WordPress also charges significantly less than Squarespace – just $2.99 a month.
  • Wix: Wix is a totally free site that allows you to create a site using its pre-made templates.


Amazon Author Central

Amazon’s Author Central is a site that allows authors to promote their books. You’ll be able to create your own bio and add links to your blog and social media pages. You’ll also be able to track your weekly sales through author central to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

KDP Select

Finally, Amazon have set up their KDP Select scheme which gives authors the opportunity to promote their books further. The scheme gives readers the opportunity to become a member of Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime. Kindle Unlimited users can, by paying monthly, access a wide range of books for without paying for each one individually. When you sign up to KDP, your book will be made available on the Kindle Unlimited store in a much wider range of countries. This will expand your book’s availability and allow it to reach a more diverse audience.

Additionally, you can make your book available for free during its first five days of being published. This may seem silly – why give away for free when you could be earning from any downloads? Well, putting your book up for free will likely increase its downloads dramatically as people are far more likely to download  a book they don’t need to pay for because they have nothing to lose. These free downloads will push your book up higher in the charts and attract positive reviews, making your book far more attractive when it stops being free.

The only catch with this scheme is that you’re restricted to only selling your book on Amazon’s Kindle Store – you’re prohibited from publishing it anywhere else. This may seem off-putting given the advice on distribution previously in this article and so it’s something you may wish to think carefully about. Amazon will likely be your best-selling publisher and so selling only through Amazon isn’t necessarily a bad idea. The promotion you’ll receive in return will likely boost your sales higher than they would get if you sold on multiple platforms anyway.

Most importantly, staying consistent with your promotion is key. Stay persistent, keep going and don’t give up. Your future self is already there – don’t let them down.

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