How To Increase Your Etsy Sales & Skyrocket Your Profits

Wondering how to increase etsy sales?

There’s one vital variable that will make or break your online business.

You guessed it, sales.

Customers are the driving force behind any business and the underlying purpose for its existence.

Without earning money, businesses are pointless and thus it is vital that your store generates a decent amount of web traffic.

So let’s dive into the ultimate guide on how to increase etsy sales in 2019…

How To Increase Etsy Sales In 4 Quick & Easy Steps

Etsy is a wonderful site for selling online and is transforming many thousands of stay-at-home mums and late-teen aspiring entrepreneurs into financial kings.

Unfortunately, though, selling on Etsy is not as simply as just creating some content and a few listings and waiting for the cash to pile in:

Chances are you’ll be waiting a very, very long time if you’re not putting and time into attracting attention.

This article will run through through some simple, quick steps on how to increase Etsy sales.

  1. Knowing your market.

Before selling it is vital that you consider your demographic – the target audience of whom you hope your product will attract.

If you’re wondering how to increase Etsy sales – it starts with your audience:

  • What are the needs and problems of you potential customers that your product could solve?
  • Think of a specific niche and its audience to ensure that your marketing style is effective in attracting that exact body of people.
  • Consider their age range, location, anything that may influence their likelihood to buy your product.

Once you’ve found your audience, target your store to this audience as though you’re pitching your product directly to that group of people.

Let’s say you’re selling an eBook about how mindfulness can help pull you through a midlife crisis:

This topic has a clear audience of middle-aged adults looking for a cure for their problems.

Therefore your store’s design should cater for this particular audience – perhaps using simplistic language and imagery that 40-somethings will be familiar with.

Think about this carefully when designing your store.

2. Photography and Description

Let’s say you’re browsing the app store for a new productivity application to help with organisation.

When scrolling, for me the single most persuasive aspect of an app’s place in the charts is it’s photograph.

how to increase etsy sales

If an app’s picture doesn’t catch my eye it simply won’t compel me to buy it.

When faced with hundreds of listings on Etsy, the unique selling point each has when being browsed as a whole marketplace, enticing viewers to click on that particular products over any others is it’s photo.

You need to get this right:

  • If your product makes it past the window-browsing phase and attracts a click, the next thing a potential customer is faced with will be your product description.
  • This needs to be concise, informative and unique.
  • The words you use should not only describe exactly what customers are buying (dimensions, contents, parts etc) but should encapsulate the beauty and uniqueness of the product too.
  • This in combination with stunning photography (this can include computer-made imagery too so don’t worry if you don’t have a state-of-the-art camera) will be sure to draw people in to buy your products.

3. Perspective

Changing your perspective is key to success in any situation.

Whether it be looking from a friend’s point of view to consider their side of an arguments or getting inside the heads of customers’ to view the pros and cons of your business.

Look at your shop from a buyers point of view.

Take a step back and picture what your average customer may look for and which parts of your store are attractive or off-putting.

What purpose does each element of your shop serve?

Consider everything’s purpose:

  • Why blue?
  • Why a picture of this and not that?
  • Is this sentence necessary?

Fine-tuning your listings and homepage with your target audience in mind is an excellent way to maximise your sales.

You may even wish to consider what things attract you in a store:

After all, you’re a consumer just as much as everybody else probably is and your point of view is just as valuable when creating your store.

Perspective is a wonderful tool so use it wisely.

4. Social Media & Blogging

Social media is a great platform through which to attract customers and generates an enormous amount of web traffic.

Neglecting social media as a tool for advertisement is a big mistake when trying to attract buyers on Etsy.

Be careful not to over-advertise through social media, though.

how to increase etsy sales with social media


Just think:

If somebody you followed began tweeting endlessly about their store you’d surely grow tired of the spam and unfollow them.

Post often about plenty of things and disperse advertisements throughout your tweets.

Try balance your standard posts with advertisements in around a fifteen/twenty to one ratio.

For every one advertising post you should have fifteen non-businessy tweets.

Furthermore if you happen to have a blog this can be a perfect medium through which to advertise, especially if your blog is relevant to your Etsy niche.

Blogging can also open up opportunities to earn through affiliate marketing so setting up an online blog is an invaluable investment of your time.

how to increase etsy sales with seasoning


Final Thoughts: How ​To Increase Etsy Sales In 2019

And there you have it, four killer tips on how to boost your Etsy sales and generate traffic to your Etsy store.

To recap:

  • Know your marketplace: discover your demographic and tailor your marketing to this.
  • Photography and description: utilise beautiful photographs and snappy, well-written descriptions to pull in window-shoppers to buy your products.
  • Perspective: get inside the heads of your customers’, consider their wants/needs and solve these with your product. What would persuade you to buy a product?
  • Social media and blogging: use social media and blogs to generate traffic and direct them to your Etsy store.

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