How to Generate Leads for Your Moving Business?

With the rapid growth of the moving industry, it requires more than just starting a moving business to be successful. The industry is competitive and dynamic. Thus, to succeed in your moving business, you need to provide a constant flow of leads and a high conversion rate. However, generating leads for your company is not an easy task, and it requires an organized approach that combines quality marketing and SEO strategies.

Below are some of the top ways to get leads for your moving company to ensure your company remains strong and thriving.


Search Engine Optimization is another excellent source of moving leads. It involves optimizing your company web page to rank higher on search engine results when someone searches for a moving company in your area. However, SEO can be expensive, especially if you decide to hire a company. But it has significant benefits when it comes to getting leads for your moving business. If your company appears on the first page of a Google search when someone searches for movers in your area, you will get more leads.

Pay per Click

Pay per click ads generally are ads that appear above a search result that is marked “ad.” Using pay per click options such as Google ads and Bing ads is a great way to generate moving company leads. The most significant advantage of using pay per click is that you can target specific keywords your potential clients are searching for. 

This allows your company to show on the search results when a person is explicitly searching for movers. However, it is essential to note that the success of pay per click heavily relies on your company website’s ability to convert a click into a lead.

Local SEO

This involves showing up in the local maps section on a search result. Your company showing on the local maps is a great place to be. Local SEO results rank higher than organic results and get more attention for specific search queries than organic search results. Besides, local SEO has a call button where your prospective clients can reach you quickly. Local SEO is a great option, especially with the increasing use of smartphones.


Branding is crucial, especially for a startup company. If you are an older company, it won’t hurt to bulk it up. Your image is critical in the moving industry because, at times, your marketing and advertising messages might not always reach those who need moving services at the current moment. If your company has the right brand image, people will trust and interact with your company even when they don’t require your services and are most likely to remember your company when they need your services. Your brand is a small but significant component in the final decision customers make on which moving company to contact.


Companies that sell professional services, such as moving companies, have a specific customer base. One thing about moving companies is that your clients will not need you regularly. That is why it is essential to gather many moving companies leads to ensure your success in the industry.

Written by: Sarah Williams

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