How Can Australian Businesses Benefit from PIF V6

Australia has been a beneficiary of the evergreen global food-consumption trend. The country’s revenue projections in the food and beverage segment stand at US$ 4.46 Billion for 2021. The country’s long coastline has led to the creation of all sorts of seafood.

It has a thriving alcoholic beverage industry, which churns out USD28.67 Billion in revenue to its economy. There are many other food-related industry players manufacturing varieties of food.

All of these need quality checks to keep them healthy. The Australian Food And Grocery Council requires labels containing all details of the food product to be present. Earlier, its documentation exchange happened in the Excel sheet format. But now, the Product Information Form (PIF) has been introduced. You can click here to learn more.

Getting the PIF Benefit

The new PIF format is already revolutionizing the exchange of food product information between the various stakeholders in Australia’s food industry. It has brought about many benefits to everyone involved, which is raising its popularity by the day. You can click here for more information on managing the many PIF’s you might have and how to extract the maximum benefits.

Compliance Streamlining

The food industry is a heavily regulated one to keep the food from turning harmful. It also has compliance structures to guide the manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and sale of food products. A food product can be sold legally only if it meets all these criteria.

The PIF V6 form comes with all compliance aspects woven into it. Completing it will ensure that your product is according to the laws of the land. There is no longer any need to fill a separate country of origin form like with V5. It is also compliant with the latest ANZ Food Standards Code.

Everything Up-to-Date

V5 had spreadsheets with separate sections for different aspects of the food. They each need to be updated separately and manually each time a change occurs in any one of the product’s components. Many errors can creep into the documentation during this process.

V6, on the other hand, will contain all relevant information in a single package. Every stakeholder’s name and time of the last update will be present, eliminating any confusion over that. Other documents and certifications will be passed along automatically with the form when attached. Editing and reviewing options are available to such attachments.

Data Accuracy, Searchability, and Accessibility

The PIF V6 management platform allows for any data to be searched at any time and by anyone easily. It functions as a single point of contact for all PIF data related actions. This data is secure and centralized in a server set up by a service provider.

The authorization to access the data is conveniently manageable using this online portal. This system saves time and, ultimately, money.

Improved Automation and Tech Integration

Automation applies to every aspect of every industry, and this one is no exception. PIF V6 has an automated version comparison so that you know what has changed between the two. There’s no need to check two versions side-by-side manually.

V6 is also easy to integrate into other technologies currently in use in companies. The software themselves will update all details of the form if needed, further saving resources.

Australia will continue to churn out good food that everyone can enjoy, thanks to the PIF V6. Everyone from manufacturers, vendors, and traders to end consumers can relish the delights, knowing that the food is safe.

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