Here Is Why People Prefer EBooks Over Printed Books

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Reading is one of those rare activities that has survived the test of time. Despite the abundance of visual content around us, one can readily come across avid readers. There are many science-backed reasons why people love reading. For example, it improves memory, opens the horizons of imagination, polishes communication skills, enhances vocabulary, gives you aesthetic pleasure, etc.

However, with the advent of eBooks, modern-day readers have been somewhat caught up in ambiguity. Book lovers are having a hard time figuring out whether they should opt for eBooks or printed books. Though both sources have a fair share of upsides, eBooks are far more superior than traditional books. That is precisely why they are gradually gaining popularity, which is quite visible from the rise in eBooks’ publication and sales.

If you still subscribe to print books, you are missing out on the following benefits digital books have to offer:

  1. EBooks Are Easy To Access

As a book enthusiast, it is tough to resist the temptation of buying a recent bestseller. If you love an author, you would ideally want to add his/her book to your library at the earliest. That is where eBooks can come in handy. You have to navigate through a digital bookstore and download the desired book. Lately, libraries have also started the trend of eBook lending.

So you will be saving time and energy on going outside. More so, if you are living in a remote area where bookstores are few and far between. Stats suggest the daily publication of eBooks outnumber conventional books due to the inception of a designrr ebook writing tool and similar software. Hence, you are more likely to find relevant material in an eBook without putting in too much effort.      

  • They Pose No Portability Issues

Portability is arguably the biggest inconvenience associated with print books. It is a daunting task to carry them from one place to another, no matter how tiny the distance may be. That is particularly true if you possess hardcover books. According to a study, a single hardcover book weighs around 2 to 7 pounds. If you are into traveling, you can barely tuck in a few books in the bag. On the other hand, you can potentially take thousands of electronic books while commuting.

Broadly put, a person may accommodate the entire library into a smartphone or tablet. With an eBook, it is also super easy to reach out to the required chapter or paragraph, for that matter. But when you have too many print books, you have to juggle around to find the particular information.          

  • You Can Customize Everything

You have to take print books the way they are published. There is virtually nothing one can do to get a customized reading experience. eBooks are a different deal altogether. You can tailor them according to personal preferences. To begin with, you may alter font size and style that lead to a better engagement rate. eBooks also allow us to play around with other formatting aspects like line spacing, page breaks, and graphics to increase readability.      

Until lately, people would typically complain how reading eBooks would contribute to eyestrain. But that is not the case anymore. The latest eReaders have incorporated a feature enabling readers to adjust the brightness. They also contain a special light that is easy on the eyes.  

  • Darkness Does Not Stop You From Reading

Sufficient light is mandatory to read a print book. As a result, you have to restrain yourself from reading at various low-light places. The only way you can keep up with reading is by relying on an external light source such as a charger, torch, etc. For students who live in shared rooms, this problem would rear its ugly head. eBooks cut this hassle completely.

Since eBooks are back-lit, they take the external light out of the equation. Be it your bed, bathroom, or garden; you can take them anywhere without entertaining the lack of brightness. So much so, power outages will not hamper the reading experience as long your device has enough charging. Contrary to the past, eReaders’ light does not annoy people. All thanks to the growing footprint of technology.    

  • Ebooks Come With Built-In Dictionaries

Reading rewards you with a treasure of new words. But it is only possible when you have a dictionary by your side. With print books, you will often have to go through an extremely irritating practice of finding the synonyms using a dictionary. At times readers are so frustrated doing this repeatedly that they skip over many words. EBooks have long overcome this problem. You can get multiple synonyms just by clicking the respective word.

  • They Are Good For The Planet

You might have print books preaching to us how to protect our environment. But do you know, in a way, print books are also part of environmental decay? Ironic as it may sound, wood is the most critical ingredient in the paper’s composition. In simple words, the destruction of forests is instrumental in producing print books. What adds insult to the injury is that thousands of books are burned every year due to printing errors. Although we can recycle papers, the process adds to the overall pollution.  

It has been a well-established fact that eBook manufacturing comes up with far less negative implications on the ecosystem. We usually see mainstream media criticizing electrical inventions for the destruction of the environment. Well, electronic books are an exception to that.

  • Read Aloud Option

Reading a traditional book requires you to be on top of the attention level by its very nature. You can’t engage in any other activity during reading. But you can do extra tasks while browsing through an eBook, owing to the listening aloud feature. Driving, taking a shower, or cooking, are some of the go-to errands where you can exploit this feature. It is also a welcome addition for the visually impaired community.

The Final Verdict

A fair proportion of readers are still very much awed by the feel while reading print books. That said, the benefits of eBooks are quite apparent, as stated in this write-up. If technology continues to improve at this pace, eBooks will perhaps enjoy hegemony over print books in the foreseeable future.   

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