Digital Product Ideas To Sell Online

We’ve covered how to get started with selling on Etsy and how to choose your niche but you may, like many, still be struggling for that niggle of inspiration to get you going. Maybe you haven’t quite found an area that tickles your fancy enough to push you into getting going. This article is what you’ve been searching for – a comprehensive list of examples of digital products that you can sell online through Etsy and whichever other platforms you choose.

Photoshop Templates

Photoshop is an excellent tool for both the photography genius and your average-joe with an interest in imagery. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a wizard to make a living through Photoshop.

  • You could sell website template designs at a reasonable price to customers, perhaps at a limited quantity to avoid customers having duplicate websites.
  • Newsletter templates that companies can use to send to their sign-ups
  • Poster templates

If you’re more familiar with Adobe Illustrator, many people are purchasing hand-drawn fonts at the moment as well as stickers. These are simple to make, would only need to be created once and can be sold an infinite amount of times.

All Adobe software can now be downloaded and paid for monthly rather than having to pay hefty sums of up to £200 for a single download. Adobe products are the best available and can open doors to you making a fortune from selling on Etsy.

Ebook Design

People will pay upwards of £150 for a unique book cover design. It’s wise to sell only one copy of each design to avoid multiple customers having identical book covers. You could also pre-design book covers and sell them for over £30. Designing book covers can be done with little expertise and is a very profitable niche to explore.


Carrying on from the previous point, Ebooks themselves are invaluable items to sell online. With the introduction of Amazon’s Kindle and many other E-Readers, Ebooks are a booming market currently with huge potential. Ebooks can be self-published with ease, avoiding many of the hassle publishers would have previously faced when trying to get a book out there. Writing and selling an Ebook allows you to keep 100% of your profits and to earn passively without having to create any further content.

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Virtual Summit

5 Key Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Summit Online:

Benefit #1: Generating New Leads
Benefit #2: Increase Your Network
Benefit #3: Establish Yourself As An Authority
Benefit #4: Grow Your Revenue
Benefit #5: Product Creation

Online Course

The education industry is enormous and a great area for online entrepreneurs to dig their claws into. Marketplaces such as Udemy are excellent tools for content-creators to design top quality courses that can sell an unlimited number of times for a considerably high price. People will pay thousands for courses covering a whole range of topics thus making the industry an excellent one to explore.

Dedicate a week or two to creating a course about any area that you know well/are interested in. Perhaps you’re a creative writer offering information on how to begin creating your first romantic novel. Maybe you’re a killer guitarist looking to teach people how to shred face-melting solos and play like Slash. Whatever it may be, there are bound to be a tonne of people out there looking for just the right person to teach them how to do something. Once it’s out there you’ll never need to put in any more work, either. A course can be sold infinite times and will generate money without you having to create any more content.

Software & Apps

Developing apps and software is a great way to earn and is seated on a thriving marketplace. Just last year over 100 billion apps were downloaded, generating a total of more than $25 billion.

You may be concerned about your lack of skills in the mentioned areas, however at your fingertips is the richest and most exhaustive source of knowledge known to man – the internet. If you have an interest in a particular field but lack the skills to create content within it, learn! It’s that simple and nobody is stopping you. Maybe you’ll need to dedicate a few solid weeks to advancing your app development skills or becoming familiar with web-developing software but it’ll most certainly be worth it. A relatively short time investment could unlock a lifetime of financial freedom for you so don’t hold back.


With the rise of YouTube and other popular video streaming sides, videography is a growing marketplace with massive potential. Whether instructional videos, lessons or even just daily vlogging, creating video content is an excellent way of earning passive income by creating content that generates money automatically. Even if your content is free it can be monetized with relevant ads and affiliate marketing to generate you a decent amount of money without having to work constantly.

Don’t limit yourself to any one of these ideas. Many of these require lots of work to begin with but can then be left to tick over, generating decent amounts of money themselves. Once you’ve set up on source, move onto the next and get multiple streams of revenue flowing nicely. You are unlimited. Don’t restrict yourself.

You may start to know the basics of videography for beginners for you to startup.

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