Convincing Reasons Why Investing in Platinum is a Good Move

Guest Post by: Sarah Williams

When your income runs steady, there will be people who will encourage you to invest. From stocks to vintage cars, business or your own house, putting up an investment is a wise move to keep your financial plans stable. When you save, not only do you have funds in case an emergency happens, but you also get a lot of profit out of your earnings.

The investment markets surrounding precious metals are not as famous as the other forms of investment. A lot of people rarely tap into it, and when they hear about investing in precious metals, they coin it either with gold or silver.

Did you know that when you buy platinum, you are making a good investment? Platinum is synonymous with high-value. This translates to reliable investments and better quality. Platinum has unique characteristics, and the demand for a global scale is growing by the day. Therefore, platinum is a substantial investment. Still, if you need some more convincing, below are fascinating reasons why investing on platinum is a good move.

Solid Properties

Platinum is a type of soft white metal and stands out because of its lovely sheen. It is ductile and malleable, which is why this is used in industrial processes like making sheets or wires. Platinum is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Today, platinum is used in different fields of industry like jewellery, motor vehicles, and dental works.

A surge in Industrial Demand

Platinum is considered one of the rarest types of precious metals. Production is just 7 million ounces per year during the 70s. Over the years, the demand ballooned, and this is expected to grow even higher after some time.

More than 20% of goods use platinum

Most of the present industries like glassworks, medical, dental application, petroleum refining, and chemical processing, use platinum as their major catalytic component. Platinum is used in transport applications as well to help minimize global warming. Plus, this metal’s gorgeous luster and malleability make it a top choice in the jewellery industry.

Increase in Platinum Investments

Platinum has significantly increased investment funds, and the numbers are said to grow even more. Some private businesses equipped with their pension funds had notably increased their company’s commodity investment when they started practicing platinum exchange-traded funding.

Limited Supply Sources

Platinum mines and reserves are usually concentrated around the Russian and South African regions. In fact, half of the world’s platinum comes from these countries. Because of a minimal supply, no one can tell what lies ahead in terms of its supply. Meaning, platinum will always be a precious thing to own now.

Price Performance

For years, platinum is regarded as the most top-performing investment. Platinum’s price increase is more significant than any other price increase of other precious metals.


In business, this refers to an asset’s ability to be reverted into cash quickly. Higher liquidities mean your asset can turn into cash quickly. Although gold is considered more liquid over platinum, this precious metal still has its advantage because when platinum prices are increasing, it will take lesser buys for the costs to rise further.

Considering the growing investment and industrial demand, platinum has remained affixed at this point. Meaning, when you buy platinum, this is one of your safest investments forever.

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