Choosing Marketing as Your Career Path

The world of work is ever changing. Long gone are the days when you might work for the same company for your whole career. That’s why it’s work-smart to choose and industry with growth. Marketing offers a varied range of roles. It’s in demand and offers fantastic opportunities for graduates and career switchers alike. That’s why you should consider investing in a course of study to future proof your career.

Future Proof Your Career

While many industries are shrinking or disappearing, marketing is experiencing an unprecedented boom. It’s an industry with countless opportunities and good career potential. There are various ways of getting qualified to work within the industry. 

For example, taking a degree or diploma in marketing, or there are also short courses to specialize in copywriting, SEO and so on. Don’t let the rising cost of education put you off pursuing your marketing dream as student loans are available from private lenders, which you can often pay back after graduation. Look at a student loan calculator, as it will allow you to work out your repayment plan and take the next step towards securing your future in one of the top four marketing careers.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

The Internet and social media have transformed our lives in many ways, but one of the most interesting developments has been in the world of career opportunities. Digital and social media marketing is a booming industry, creating thousands of well-paid jobs. The job entails reaching the target audience via digital channels, but there are many different roles available. 

Social media marketing involves creating a distinct online presence for an organization through channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There are also opportunities in search engine optimization, with developing strategies to make content visible to the target audience. Other roles include pay-per-click campaigns, affiliate marketing and mobile marketing.

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Advertising Art Director

If you have an eye for style and can get the message across, becoming an advertising art director might be the perfect job for you. Usually, an art director would work with a copywriter to produce advertising campaigns through print or digital channels, other media such as cinema, television, or even radio. An art director oversees the whole advertising campaign, responding to the client’s brief and developing concepts to reach the target market and convey the desired message. It’s a varied and fast-paced role in which creatives can thrive, and for the most talented individuals, it can be a lucrative career move.

Market Research

If data analysis is more for you, then working in market research might be just the ticket. You may work client side for an organization, gathering customer opinions and feedback, and trends in marketing. You would then analyze this data to help the organization position itself to better reach its target market, or to adjust the message of its marketing strategy to improve sales. Most market researchers work for marketing agencies, which gives people the opportunity to work for a range of clients and on several different products and services.

Public Relations

A company is only as good as its reputation. That’s where public relations experts come in. They may work for one organization, or for an agency, providing public relations services to a range of clients. The main responsibilities are building, managing, and maintaining the reputation of the client through a range of media channels. Using key messages, the role involves managing the relationship between the client and the public by monitoring publicity and getting feedback from key stakeholders and the public.

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