Branding Trends that Will Impact Your New Business

Building a unique brand is important for the success of your new business. In addition to providing your business with an identity beyond the products and services, a unique brand will allow your target customers to connect with you easily. A big part of your brand is your business logo design, website, and also your appearance on social media channels.

So, whether you are a small business owner or a brand designer working on a project for your new client, building a strong brand is important. Below are the best branding trends that might impact your new business. You have to keep them in mind when branding your new business for it to grow. 

1.      Color Gradients

Color gradients started as a simple feature of WordArt and PowerPoint but they are popping up everywhere today. People are using them in website design, digital art, presentations, social media posts, and other parts of business branding. The main reason behind their high usage is that they are versatile. You can use them in various contexts such as photo overlays to connect images to the color palette of your brand, as a standout or subtle background for your illustrations, or as a way to add visual interest to type or text.

2.      Monograms

Freelancing and flexible employment are part of life and therefore more and more people are choosing to brand themselves as a real business. Those working to develop personal brands are choosing abbreviated logos because they are snappy and short, and they give clients and partners a feeling that they are buying something special. They are not new because Greek coins created as early as 350BCE contained them.

For a long time, people have associated monograms with fashion brands that have existed for many years, but today they are also a perfect choice for freelancers. You can combine more than two initials to create a single symbol for your business and send a strong statement about who you are. Monograms are versatile enough to fit in the middle of your business cards and the margins of your website pages. And due to the availability of many colors and fonts, a monogram will help you show off your creativity. 

3.      Official Hashtags #

A study that Later conducted recently showed that the use of hashtags in social media posts increases reach by around 11 percent. That should tell you that hashtags might be all you need to reach more people. Still, you can make the hashtags more engaging by branding them.

Including your product or brand name on all your official hashtags will make the monitoring of your consumer perceptions and sentiments around your business easy and also improve your brand recognition. Furthermore, the branded hashtags will help you access user-generated content and include it on your website, promote your brand without paying any money for exposure, and increase customer trust.

4.      Data-Driven Branding

Networking and digital commerce allow consumers and companies to generate a large amount of data every day. The data can help you understand the relationship existing between your target customers and your brand. Therefore, you should not sit back and let the data go to waste. Use business intelligence and analytic tools to gather, analyze, and manage the information you need to develop your branding strategy. 

5.      Nostalgic Visuals

Nostalgia brings a sense of comfort and stability. It reminds people of who they once were, the place of things that brought them joy, and how everything used to be. With the nature of modern life evolving rapidly, the desire to return to the old days is getting stronger. That offers you a good chance to stand in the gap. All you have to do is create nostalgic content that can help your audience to travel back to the ages.

Final word

Building a strong brand is important for the success of your business, whether large or small. It’s not only your marketing, brand identity or the budget of your business. Following the trends will impact your new business and help you grow. Strong brand identity and image will differentiate you from the other companies within your region. Also you will earn the respect and trust of your customers.

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