Best ways to market your brand on Twitter

Have a new business and looking for new ways to promote your brand? Marketing your brand can be difficult enough as is, and if you are new to social media it can be even more challenging for you to get things up and running.

Twitter is considered to be one of the best social media platforms to market your brand, not only because you can promote and advertise your product, but engagement is the name of the game and twitter is perfect for interacting with your followers and consumers.

Many brands often make the mistake of using Twitter as a one way communication channel, or solely focus on the follower count when marketing but this will get you nowhere. There are better ways of going about marketing your brand on Twitter, continue reading to find out the best ways of doing it.

Get a handle on things

No one wants to be searching to find your account for more than a few seconds. This is why choosing the right handle for your account is so important when it comes to marketing your brand. Keep it short and simple. Try going for something that is related to your brand or product, as well as something that can be easily remembered by anyone.

Not only is your handle important, but so is your display picture. Using something that is easily recognized and ties in seamlessly with your brand is crucial when it comes to your marketing. Once you start to interact with your followers, your account will become more and more recognizable by the small image that pops up with any notification. Don’t forget that people use social media over a variety of mobile devices so ensure that all of your pictures used are clean and simple, and stick with a version of the logo that can be seen even when compressed.

Focus on real followers

It would be pointless to be marketing your brand or to have a marketing strategy without having any real followers. Once you have a good amount of followers, the demand for content will increase and will lead to this content being distributed faster to a larger number of people. Following from this, the opportunity for your content being retweeted, or even becoming viral, increases immensely.

Getting followers is no easy feat, and can often times be disheartening when the follower count doesn’t increase so quickly or reaches a plateau. If this sounds intimidating to you, you have no reason to worry, services like Twesocial are available to help you with just that. It is an organic marketing service that allows you to grow your twitter account with minimal effort. All you have to do is supply the content and they will handle everything else from posting the right content at the right time, all the way to engaging with your followers to keep things interesting and exciting. If you’re interested in checking out their service you can visit here.

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Establish a baseline

Before you even begin thinking about a marketing strategy, you should know the basic statistics of your account. Look at analytics such as how many followers you are gaining weekly, see how often your posts are being retweeted, liked, and commented on, and make sure to find out what time of day your posts receive the most engagement.

All of this information will make it much easier for you to create a marketing strategy that works efficiently for you and your team. Working with a team can be confusing but with a clear list of responsibilities this can become very beneficial to your brand in the long run.

Be personable 

People love to feel good, and reading other people’s heartfelt stories is just one example of how to get a reaction from an audience. Posting about other people’s success stories, relating to your brand, become human interest pieces. This will make your brand appear more personable, likeable, and caring.

Another way to engage with your followers is to constantly keep up with your direct messages, respond to comments on your posts, go on to your originally created hashtag and like your followers posts that are related to your brand, and so much more.

People love it when they feel noticed and it will encourage them to continue engaging with the brand and potentially even share it with their own followers, friends, and family.

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