Top 5 Best Passive Income Apps To Grow Your Income

Below is a list of the top 5 best passive income apps that will allow you to make a decent amount of money (up to $550 extra a year) simply for downloading them.

All of the apps are free to download and, if you’re prepared to put in some more (minimal) work, will earn you upwards of $550!

  1. Media Insiders (up to $14 a month plus a $5 bonus after 12 weeks)

Media Insiders will pay you monthly to download their app in return for measuring your activities such as clicking and downloads.

It’ll also listen to TV shows to measure what programmes you watch most frequently.

It doesn’t require you to do anything other than download it and you’ll be rewarded for doing so – so it’s one of the best passive income apps for 2019!

You can also download the app on up to 3 different devices, thus tripling your earnings.

2. Bitwalking (170BW$)

Bitwalking is an app downloadable on the app store that, if you hadn’t guessed it already, generates money from walking.

Every time walk the app tracks your steps and gives you Bitwalking Dollars according to how many steps you take.

One Bitwalking Dollar translates to about 10,000 steps which is double the average adult’s daily step-count in their everyday life.

From doing exactly what you already do everyday, walking,  you can earn extra cash!

Unfortunately Bitwalking is not currently available for iPhone however it is accessible on Android through Google Play.

3. Ebates ($10 for Signing Up)

Ebates is a great option for making additional income through your purchases.

Ebates allows you to earn up to 38% cash-back on your orders from some of the most popular websites including Amazon and Macy’s.

best passive income apps

Ebates also offers coupons and offers on some great products.

These coupons can be used to earn cashback on your purchases, earning money in a similar way to how gift cards earn you points that give discounts.

4. Nielsen Mobile (Up to $55 a Year)

By downloading Nielsen’s app to your phone, tablet and other devices and using it just as you typically would.

Signing up will allow you to earn up to $55 a year through receiving weekly points.

nielsen passive income apps

These points will then be generated on a monthly basis.

Besides keeping active on your mobile app, you will not need to do anything extra to be entitled to earn points!

Money simply for downloading an app.

5. Cross Media Panel ($111 per year)

Created by Google, Cross Media Panel is involved in marketing research and is used to gauge how web-users buy things online.

Cross Media Panel is a browser extension that’ll allow you to earn $8 in your first week and $2 a week thereafter simply for having an extension – a completely free extension I might add – installed on your web browser.

How To Start Making Money With The Best Passive Income Apps

Now, of course, none of these methods alone is enough to make useless your full-time job and begin earning totally passively.

In reality, the earnings from these apps is relatively small, however the work you’ll need to do is also very, very minimal.

Downloading these apps and allowing them to tick over could cover some of your weekly expenses, such as the occasional meal out/trip to Costa with a friend.

Alternatively, you could deposit all of these weekly earnings into a saving account and allow them to mount up over time.

$500+ a year left untouched could generate enough to fund your summer holiday every 5-10 years.

Doing next to no work and being able to fund a holiday every now and then is, to me, totally worth it.

There’s really nothing to lose so don’t wait, check out these great apps now!

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