Be a Boss Through Truck Advertising

Relax while your product or service is being advertised. Technology and integrated marketing have made it possible for brands to measure the effectiveness of their out-of-home (OOH) campaigns accurately and with ease. Mobile Billboard Advertising vendors like Movia make it convenient for their clients to track campaign success through the use of technology. With the ability to detect wifi and Bluetooth signals from bypassers, they are able to tally impressions, track real-time insights, and retarget ads on popular websites to their prime audiences.

The most preferred method of OOH advertising is mobile billboards, as they hone in on prized KPIs such as awareness and industry-leading recall rates at some of the lowest costs. Truck advertisements are relaxing because there are no restrictions on the time or rate for your fleet wrap to circulate. Approximately 91% of vehicle owners confirmed that truck advertisements get more attention than static ones. Furthermore, it is an extremely cost-effective medium in terms of cost-per-impression (CPM) rates– the measure that tracks how many people are seeing your ad. On top of this, truck ads have the advantage of being noticed in hard-to-reach locations like residential neighbourhoods since it features large creatives that are impossible to miss by passersby.

Overall, truck advertisements offer plenty of opportunities for both local and national brands to reach a wide and diverse audience as it covers a larger area. As a result, truck advertisements can give you better and more useful results, all the while being an easy and stress-free process.

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