How To Harness The Power Of Affirmations To Increase Your Wealth

Many people have sufficient knowledge of how to make money yet they simply don’t. There are a tonne of articles out there revolving around earning money, establishing multiple streams of revenue, stocks and trades, you name it, however people still settle for the norm. A 9-5, earned income lifestyle that ties its workers to one location and threatens them with financial turmoil if they dare to leave. So, if there exist ways to escape this norm, many of which you have likely already heard of before considering you’ve reached this article, what on earth is holding everybody back?

The answer – attitude. Success originates in the mind and lacking in the correct attitude is a guaranteed way to limit your financial growth. This article will explain exactly how you can adjust your perspective to attract wealth in all areas and persevere when streams run drier than usual.

The Importance of Your Brain…

Positive affirmations are simple, short statements that, when read repeatedly, help to reprogram your subconscious mind to integrate a particular belief. Your brain is a lot like a maze of winding paths. The more a walkway is utilized, the more downtrodden the grass that covers it will become and thus the more that path will be automatically used. Let me rephrase that a little more clearly – if walking in the woods, you are far more likely to follow pathways that have been used frequently rather than taking disused, overgrown routes. Your brain is a sea of intertwining pathways that work in this exact manner.

Every single brain is filled with trillions (yes, trillions) of tiny cells called ‘neurons’. These neurons, when activated, send electrical signals that, in turn, cause some sort of change in your body. Your brain builds clusters of these neurons over time so that it can operate more efficiently. If you saw a dog, for example, you would not need to recall all of your past experiences with four legged creatures, identify its ears and snout and wait for it to bark to conclude that, yes, this animal is a dog. No, your brain instantly recognises this animal as a dog because it has a section of neurons dedicated to this knowledge. Clever.

Now, here’s the key bit. These neuronal pathways act as great shortcuts to make things run more smoothly upstairs. However, the brain is, of course, a finite space that cannot house endless amounts of neurons. Therefore, when a pathway is not used, it is lost. Alternatively, and most importantly, if a pathway is used frequently then it becomes stronger. Your brain will automatically use that pathway without you consciously having to choose to do so.

… And Why This is Relevant

Now you may be wondering what on earth this information has to do with wealth and earning money. Brains are naturally negative, pessimistic machines and are built this way to ensure our survival (more on this another time). Therefore, naturally, if you suffer from a financial loss, you will naturally wish to pull out of a project to prevent any further losses. Strengthening your neural pathways is absolutely key to building a positive attitude towards your financial journeys and, in turn, increasing your wealth. Positive affirmations are the perfect way to change your brain’s natural assumptions and to switch your vision to focus on the positive rather than the negative. This process abandons pessimistic neural pathways and builds fresh, positive shortcuts for your brain to take. Through practice, you will no longer automatically think pessimistically and will begin to see things differently.

How to Use Positive Affirmations

So what exactly is a positive affirmation?

An affirmation is a short, positive statement that you make to yourself frequently to rewire your subconscious brain. Examples may include, ‘I am in control of my happiness’ or ‘I am wealthy’. It’s best to formulate your own affirmations that are specific to your beliefs and goals. Focus on what you hope for and would like to achieve and base your affirmations on this. I would recommend aiming to have a list of around 3-5 affirmations tailored to your goals.

After building a bank of affirmations, write them down somewhere easily accessible – perhaps in a notebook or on your phone. You should aim to read through these affirmations around 2-3 times for 3 minutes, every single day for the next couple of months. I recommend reading them just before bed and right after waking up as your subconscious mind is most active during these times.

Although it’s best to think of your own affirmations that suit you, below are a list of popular ones that you may choose if you wish.

  • Money is good, I love money
  • I am consciously happy and positive about money.
  • Money is simply an energy that allows me freedom
  • I attract money naturally to me. I am a money magnet
  • I am not a slave to money. Money is attracted to me.
  • I am wealthy and abundant.

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