About the Safety and Efficacy of CBD Oil

The sales involving cannabis and its products are getting higher each day. This is evident in countries like the USA and UK. However, there are also growing concerns involving the products.

With the hype out there, it’s no surprise that many are going on the bandwagon and making profits. These opportunists of “CBD cowboys” are making profits from selling unscrupulous products. Many are not even concerned about the effects of their products on the consumers.

When it comes to cannabis, it’s important to remember the two main compounds that are very popular right now. These are the THC and CBD. Unlike the psychoactive properties of THC, CBD is known to have medicinal properties, and it’s legal as well. It doesn’t make you addicted to the substance, and it doesn’t make you high as well.

By now, more than a thousand users are regularly getting the products infused with CBD. Many anecdotal reports and research have proven that CBD oil has excellent effects. The extracts can help sleep problems, anxiety, general wellness, and back pain.

Knowing More about the Products

Cannabidiol is usually found in the form of oil, and it can be consumed as e-liquids and dropped under the tongue. The hype comes from celebrities and influencers who have found their way into CBD-infused products like oil, sparkling water, cappuccinos, hummus, and even lip balms.

Recent reports from big industries like the Center for Medical Cannabis have many researchers questioning its effectiveness. Some of them have conducted blind testing that involved over 30 products of cannabidiol. They measured if the products’ amount is equal to the labels that they are being advertised with. It was found out that over half of the products had significant levels of THC.

It’s important to know that the federally allowed THC amount in a product is only 0.3%. Anything more than this is going to have adverse effects on the users. They are illegal as well as hemp extracts don’t contain this much. Many bottled products’ ingredients were not even present in the packaged bottles. Make sure to do your research and go with legitimate and trusted suppliers like The Green Ace weed dispensary.

Be Careful with What You’re Buying

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Since the FDA hasn’t regulated the industry for cannabidiol yet, this is always a case of buyer’s beware. This means that you should research carefully the products that you’re buying. A sample of a bottle bought in a pharmacy chain was found out that does not have CBD content at all, and it costs more than $50. A legitimate bottle of cannabidiol with over 90% of the compound will cost you less, and you can be assured that it will be more effective and safer.

The experts recommend that the buyers ask for laboratory test results and a certificate of analysis if they want to ensure that the products are legit. Know more about the lab tests on this site here. Many consumers say that they are struggling to obtain a good bottle and getting your hands to medical cannabis can be a real challenge.

Some say that they needed the pills for their family members with epilepsy, and there were even prescriptions involved. For many who are not aware of this, it’s essential to know that the FDA has approved a drug called Epidiolex that is used for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome. It will be better for consumers to get well-researched and regulated products, but this is still in the process.

Does the Product Work?

With the right products, consumers can benefit from them, especially if they are having trouble with anxiety, sleep, pain, and joint aches. KamaDevaYoga writes that CBD oil is brilliant for reducing back pain. However, there are more in-depth studies and clinical trials needed to support the claims.

There were not enough studies because it was not until 2018 when the Farm Bill was approved. Before this, any studies involving the cannabis plant is highly restricted and illegal. This is very difficult for the medical centers that wanted to do clinical trials and in-depth research. Now that most of the red tapes have been lifted, it enabled the research community to determine the promising effects of cannabidiol and other compounds in the plant.

Safety of the Products

Many experts say that the safety of the products is just too soon to tell.  The good news is that the World Health Organization has released a statement that there are generally no severe side effects when people decide to consume cannabidiol. It’s a well-tolerated compound that has an excellent safety profile since it was released.

It can be compared to supplements and vitamins, but it’s still subject to the FDA’s oversight and other government organizations. Its efficacy and safety are still being studied, but the side effects that it can bring to those who are not really into cannabis may be drowsiness, dryness of the tongue, diarrhea, and irritability.

This is not generally for pregnant and lactating women, and one must consult a doctor for more information. There are long-term side effects that are yet to be determined. Learn more about side effects here: https://www.verywellhealth.com/cbd-oil-benefits-uses-side-effects-4174562

What’s Next?

With the research still ongoing, there is still so much to know about the therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis plants. But for now, consumers are expected to exercise caution when buying products. They can always check the label, ingredients, certificates, and websites of the manufacturers to know what they are buying. With these pieces of information, they can expect to get a high-quality product that can ease their anxiety, pain, stress, and many other ailments that they may be experiencing.

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