7 Must-Have CBD Products for Athletes

The latest trend in the CBD industry is providing relief to athletes. CBD companies are sponsoring some of the biggest names in sports to demonstrate how their products can help improve a high-impact, physically demanding lifestyle. CBD creams are just one way to benefit from CBD products, no matter if you are training for weekly softball games or competing at the highest level.

Our Must-Have CBD Fitness Products

As the CBD industry matures, we will see several creative ways to infuse CBD into different products. Some have been complete failures, while others have been widely successful. Below are our top 7 picks for the best CBD oil for athletes.

#1 Pre-Work Out

Most people assume CBD post-workout is the only option. More and more athletes are taking CBD before they work out to fight fatigue. CBD is infused into powders, easily dissolve into sports drinks or water, and taken 30-45 minutes before a workout. Users report and an elevated sense of focus and the ability to get through the exercise.

#2 CBD Roll Ons

Topical CBD like CBD roll-ons are a great way to deliver a concentrated dose directly to the source of pain. We recommend taking a consistent amount from an oil or edible to build up endocannabinoid production while using the roll on product to get instant relief.

#3 CBD Gummies

Gummies continue to be one of the most popular CBD products on the market. Even with CBD and exercise, the consumer can feel a difference in the ability to cut rest times when taking a consistent dose. Taking CBD gummies is a great way to make sure you are getting enough CBD in your system to make a real change.

#4 Nighttime CBD

Many athletes take CBD before workout but also take CBD every night before going to bed. Proper rest is required to perform at a high level. Not getting enough sleep is the easiest way to underperform.

Taking CBD every night before bed builds up the user’s endocannabinoids, creating improvements to the sleep-wake cycle. It is imperative that CBD users take CBD consistently or aren’t going to get the chemical response necessary to experience the benefits.

#5 CBD Tinctures

The most popular delivery method is CBD oil or CBD tincture. Users allow the oil to dissolve under the tongue. This form of delivery is called sublingual administration. It allows for maximum absorption relative to other methods.

#6 CBD Cream

CBD cream is another form of topical CBD. Balms and salves are also commonly used ways to get CBD to the source of pain.

Topicals have an advantage over other delivery methods because they feature a combination of natural pain-relieving ingredients to complement the CBD. As we stated, we recommend taking a consistent dose using CBD tincture of gummies and use topical CBD after a workout or mild injury.

#7 CBD Energy Blends

CBD supplements are the latest trend in the CBD industry. Companies combine vitamins and other natural ingredients with CBD to increase the benefits. The most common types of blends are used for energy and sleep.

Taking a CBD pill or gummy packed with other healthy ingredients gets the body ready to face an active lifestyle.

CBD’s versatility is truly incredible. Professional athletes and senior citizens can both benefit from the natural pain-relieving properties of the cannabinoid. As we learn more about CBD, the uses could expand into other areas of life. For now, taking a healthy dose of CBD consistently while using topical CBD when you need it is the best plan of action for athletes.

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