7 Essential Things Regarding Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are everywhere and perhaps the most effective tool to boost your marketing strategy. It simplifies the process of explaining your product or services and how this can be beneficial for your potential customers. Explainer videos are engaging, straightforward, and help increase sales and conversion rate. 

What Makes A Good Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are the most effective tool to get your target audience on board with your company or business. It’s short, precise, engaging, simple, and an all-in-one tool that supports your marketing effort. With the benefits of animation explainer videos, no wonder more and more digital entrepreneurs, both startups and big names, are going over these digital marketing tools. 

Promoting a new product or service nowadays can be challenging with all the digital marketing strategies and trends going over the internet. Simplicity, engagements, interest, fun, information, and easy digestion are a few vital factors to consider. Explainer videos are gaining popularity with their efficacy and success rate. 

As technology continues to dominate and simplify our lifestyle and routine, so as digital marketing. Now, more than ever, video content will be the top marketing tool every business will turn into. Instead of using the traditional method of promoting your product or solutions on printed copies, web pages, or text, video contents are simplified ways with powerful drive and engagements. 

A good explainer video must have seven essential elements: 

  1. Tells a story

A good explainer video tells more than an exciting and fun story but tackles an issue and provides a solution to its viewers. It can effectively explain everything you need to know about the brand, product, or service while it’s short. Creating quick, on-point, and concise video content is vital to the success of your marketing plan. Your message must be easily digestible by your viewers.

  1. Set clear goals

Explainer videos are created and carefully crafted with a clear goal. It’s not only straightforward content to fill in your web page or was made for online signage programming. It is designed to precipitate an intentional result. Before the production process, there are helpful queries to help you stay on track with your goal. 

  • Think of how your audience will react once they finished watching the video
  • Are there elements that may hinder them from taking action?
  • Did you discuss all issues?
  • Check if you are offering the right solution to the topic,
  • identify your target audience and identify pain points. 

Once you find the best answers to the aforementioned factors, you can easily create the perfect information to use on your explainer video. 

  1. A good formula

One of the reasons why explainer videos are compelling is the formula that they use. Most of them follow a specific process:

  • Identifies your target audience problem
  • Showcase the solution from the product or service that you offer
  • Explains how your product or service works and the expected benefits
  • Provides call-to-action to guide your audience on the next step to resolve the issue
  1. Use the best script.

Your formula sets the video’s initial outline, and the script then fills in the required information. A good explainer video comes with a great hand using:

  • The simple language your audience use and understands
  • Share simple ideas and concepts 
  • Offers easy-to-digest pieces of information
  • Second person voice-over or narration
  • It matches the brand’s tone
  1. The perfect timing

Timing is vital with every explainer video. Several essential metrics must be considered, like when to place critical information (30 seconds), length of your video (ideal is 90 seconds), and reading time (150 words/1 minutes). 

  1. Good visuals

Visuals are as crucial as voice-overs and must not fall short on this element when producing video explainers. Check the video and ensure you’re using high-end visuals. 

  • Visuals support your text. Work with your scripts first and ensure the visuals complement your message.
  • It’s okay to be fancy with visuals and graphics.
  • Visuals must not be raw. Work with high-end clip arts that engage your target audience. 
  1. The right tone

The right tone comes a long way. So as using unprofessional or low-quality voice-over/narrations on your production. It’s a vital element to have a successful video explainer. Ensure you are using a voice-over that matches the brand’s voice. 

  • Try to work with experts or someone who has done it several times
  • Sample several options and review them before you make a decision
  • Use the perfect software for recording

What Are The Benefits Of Explainer Videos?

Once you have understood the essential elements of a compelling video explainer, you will surely reap the fruits of your hard work. Explainer videos are gaining popularity and are now a must-have part of your digital marketing tool to guarantee success. 

Here are the known benefits of explainer videos: 

  • Most people prefer watching a video when they want to learn something about a product, service, or company. 
  • Explainer videos are time efficient
  • They are engaging and attention-grabber
  • It helps improve your SEO
  • They are shareable on the various social media platform
  • It helps you build your brand awareness
  • They are cost-efficient and allows repurposing

What Can You Do With Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos are vital for any marketing plan to succeed. This video content sits perfectly on your website’s home page and builds engagements for site visitors. Aside from boosting traffic, brand awareness, there are some ways you can effectively use video explainers: 

  • Paid ads on social media

Explainer videos can work as a useful marketing tool through shareable video content. 68% of digital marketers post video content on social media platforms like Facebook, and is 87% effective. It allows you to reach your target audience based on your requirements.

  • As a recruitment tool

Explainer videos are also useful for recruiting and explaining complex processes or providing insights into its culture. 

  • Internal onboarding and company training tool

Videos designed for explaining the training process and onboarding procedure are vital to every company and newly hired employees.

  • It helps build your email signature.

Creating video content as part of your email can help improve your conversion rate and engagements. Video thumbnails are like sneak peeks of the real deal, which entices potential leads and converts to sales. There are various ways on how to incorporate video content on every email application. 

  • An effective email marketing strategy

Explainer videos support marketing campaigns and increase the success rate efficiently. Video content is flexible and can be used as a post-sales tool. 

  • Ideal for conventions and shows

Conventions and trade shows are excellent ways to reach out to your potential clients and business partners. What you need is to provide the perfect message fast and precisely. If you participate in trade shows, include on-screen text while keeping the video content played on loop to let viewers get your news.

  • Perfect sales pitches 

Starting your sales pitch with video content helps you get into the perfect core value to improve engagement with your potential investor or customer. It allows you to create a professional, slick first impression with your audience.

Final Words

Whether you are promoting a new product or service, it’s essential to spread the message to a broader audience. You can use powerful elements put together to create a practical approach—a video explainer. This marketing tool is educating, captivating, and helps increase sales by increasing conversion rate.

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