6 Ways to Establish Your Real Estate Empire Using Promotional Items

The real estate industry is full of highly-driven, competitive agents. If you’re one of them, then you probably have an idea of what lengths you need to go through to make yourself stand out.  

When deciding on what strategies to incorporate into your marketing plan to attract buyers, people usually overlook the power of promotional items. Always check legal considerations for marketing and selling of products. While real estate agents can provide guidance and information about property laws, they cannot provide legal advice or help with complex real estate transactions. These transactions often involve dozens of legal documents, and a real estate attorney is the best person to help you navigate them. It may be challenging to wrap your head around it at first. But come to think of it, how many brands have you remembered because you own one or a couple of things with their brand in it? 

In the same way, you can impact your audience and stay on top of your mind through promotional items. 

That being said, let’s look at some ways on how you can take your real estate business to the next level using promotional items: 

Show Your Corporate Identity Through the Item

Remember, you want to think of you if they need real estate services in the future. Promotional items give you the chance to do just that. In fact, 9 in 10 consumers remember your company through promotional items they received, according to a Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) report entitled “Tipping the Scale: How Promotional Products Complete in a New Era of Advertising”. 

As such, it must emphasize the company’s identity. As much as possible, the audience must have several points of contact with your brand. This could mean making sure that your logo is visible every time they see the souvenir or item. The more they see your brand, the better the memorability. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should just put your company’s logo all over the item. But strategically placing it where it’s easily visible will help. For instance, if you’re handing out pads of paper, you could put your logo at the top of the page. This way, people will immediately see it when they use the item. 

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You Can Personalize the Souvenirs

Sometimes, creating a personalized item rather than placing your logo all over the thing makes more sense. For instance, if you had a previous client who referred someone to your service, you could give them something in return for the personal advertisement. Not only will this improve customer engagement, but you’ll also receive free advertising. 

Personalizing the items could mean putting the customer’s name on the item – like water bottles or pens. Then, when others see the article and ask where they got it from, the owners can mention your real estate company. This is essentially free advertising for your company.

Moreover, people like personalized items these days. Although it’s okay to put your logo in it, make sure that it’s not the item’s main focal point. Make the personalized part (aka the customer’s name or identification) more prominent. 

Reach More Audience by Giving Out Items to Both Clients and Strangers

It’s easy to think that you should only give freebies to your clients. But if you want your company to extend its reach, consider giving out your items to strangers, too. It could be people you meet at the open house you’re hosting or even random strangers you meet at a café. 

People love receiving freebies. Plus, if the item is handy, they will have it on them all the time. According to the same report by the PPAI, 5% of the people who received promotional items keep them for at least a year. With that, they’ll be more aware of your brand and might even spread the word about your company. 

Provide an Actually Useful Item

When picking out a promotional item to use, choose an item that they can actually use. A pen, for one, could be a great promotional item since people use them every day. You can also use a table-top calendar, mugs, shirts, water bottles, or flash drives. People usually encounter these items every day. Using these as promotional items could be helpful not just to them but also for your real estate career. 

If people constantly use the item, others are bound to see it (together with your logo). With that, more people will be aware of your brand, and if they need your services in the future, you’ll be one of the people they think of. 

They Don’t Cost a Lot

Promotional items don’t necessarily have to be expensive. It’s all a matter of strategizing. Think outside the box. How can you make a simple pen stand out among other promotional items from other realtors? How will you make it unique so that you can leave a lasting impression? 

If you’re distributing promotional items, you do have to make a lot of them, so you can give out some regularly. If you need a cash flow boost, short-term business financing is always available. Like PO financing for suppliers, realtors can take advantage of lines of credit or credit cards to fund these projects. 

Promotional items are inexpensive. And even if you go a little beyond what you intended, the exposure they provide your company will ultimately make it a worthy investment for your business.

People Genuinely Like Promotional Items

Overall, people like receiving promotional items – especially if they’re helpful. Another data from the PPAI study showed that 83% of Americans like receiving gifts, and 75.4% keep them simply because they’re practical. So the more positive experiences the consumers get from your company, the better your impact will be in their decisions in the future. 

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Bottom Line

Promotional items have a lot of benefits for real estate agents. For one, it provides a way to connect with your audience; and two, it gives your company additional exposure on top of your digital efforts. All these ultimately translate to higher sales.

That said, if you’re looking for more ways to increase your reach, adding promotional items to your list of strategies may give your marketing efforts a boost. Take the key points above for reference if you’re looking for reasons to invest your money in promotional items. 

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