5 Ways To Know Which Weed Is Suitable For You

Your first time shopping for cannabis could be quite a confusing and overwhelming experience. Whether you walk into a local dispensary or shop online, the diverse varieties brimming with different aromas, colors, and complex cannabinoid profiles could leave you baffled. Terms like Sativa, Indica, THC: CBD ratio is commonly used to describe cannabis strains. Understanding what they mean and how they contribute to finding the right strains is a good place to start your strain hunt.

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All you need is a brief knowledge of how to categorize to identify the right strains for you, and here are five points that will help to narrow down the choices.

1. Categories

Categorizing cannabis plants differentiates them in terms of growth capabilities, cannabinoid presence, terpene concentrations, and characteristic effects. Cannabis  can briefly segment into three categories – Indica, Sativa, Rudrelis.


Indica strains are popularly known for their relaxation and calming benefits. The strains falling under this category contain a dominant presence of CBD compared to THC and induce physical sedation and a stoned feeling. These benefits can be useful to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation.

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Sativa strains, characterized by a dominant presence of THC induces psychoactive effects in users. The strains initiate energy booting and euphoric effects. They interact predominantly with the brain and nervous system. Hence, they are useful for boosting energy for activities such as dancing, workouts, improving creativity, focus, and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking.


Known to have properties very similar to Indica, Rudrelis strains carry slightly lower concentrations of THC. They are considered stable in terms of growth capabilities, even in harsh weather conditions, that make them suitable for breeders.


Hybrid Weed is the most common commercially available category that induces the best properties of Indica and Sativa in its strains. The mixture aids in balancing the extreme effects of the two categories and offers a subtle yet potent spectrum of strains. There are day time and night time strains available in the category that are easy to introduce in daily routine for elevated benefits.

2. Application

The purpose of using cannabis is a critical detail that helps to understand the right choices from the selection available. Most people look at cannabis as a recreational plant to use for getting high. But recent times have shown a spectrum of powerful therapeutic benefits possible from using the plant. Different strains of cannabis aid to treat ailments, including chronic pain, seizures, mental health disorders.

Guide to Cannabis is essential for those willing to relish the recreational benefits of cannabis, strains rich in THC with mild CBD concentration will be the best choice. The THC component initiates the psychoactive effects that contribute to the high, and CBD helps to calm the intensity of it to make the experience smooth and soothing.

In the case of medicinal usage, strains with the dominant presence of CBD is the preferred choice. The compound has powerful anti-anxiety, anti-bacterial, analgesic effects that can aid in treating ailments such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. The presence of THC in small concentrations is preferred in this case as the cannabinoid can elevate the effects.

CBD rich strains with very low or no THC are the best choice for treating mental health ailments such as anxiety, depression, PTSD. These strains do not initiate any psychoactive effects, which is the desired behavior in this case.

The purpose of use also determines the legality of cannabis in your region. While many states have legalized cannabis, most of these regions only allow the use of medical marijuana. Hence access the purpose of using cannabis to determine the right strain.

3. Terpenes

Terpenes are often neglected as simply the flavoring compounds of the cannabis plant. Although flavoring is the primary purpose of these natural oils, it can also elevate the cannabinoids’ properties to offer amazing benefits. The process is known as the entourage effect, where the terpenes and cannabinoids combine to offer therapeutic properties.

For example, one of the most common terpenes present in certain cannabis strains is limonene. As the name suggests, the compound gives refreshing, zesty, citrusy flavor, and aroma like lemon and grapefruit. The chemical has powerful benefits to boost energy and improve mood. Strains that combine this terpene with THC can offer strong euphoric effects to treat depression, stress, and anxiety.

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Identifying strains rich in terpenes aids in creating a completely new perception about cannabis that does not have to be about the bitter earthy flavors and pungent smell. They can add vibrant, delicious flavors and aroma to the plant and improve the overall experience.  

4. Tolerance

Acknowledging your experience with cannabis helps in finding strains that are most appropriate for you. The reason is that experienced users tend to develop tolerance to THC over time. Hence, using strains with a significantly strong THC concentration is imperative to experience a good high and enjoy the health benefits as well.

In the case of novice users, THC dominant strains could be a bane. It might cause an intense and uncomfortable feeling that could induce anxiety or panic. CBD rich strains are a good way to go as they are relaxing, enjoyable, and calming. 

5. Availability

Analyzing the availability of the strains you desire to use is important to make sure it is accessible at all times. Explore cannabis dispensaries and online stores to understand if the strains of your choice are commercially available. If not, look for alternate strains with similar properties for use.

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Always invest in high-quality buds from premium brands that are crucial to enjoying the many benefits possible from the plant. Research about certifications, cultivation process, and other details before you buy. For example, if you are residing in UK and are interested in topical applications, you may search for CBD cream UK and check out the list of such products. Carefully read the ingredients information and reviews of other buyers. Also, visit local cultivators to understand the commonly available strains in the region.


These five parameters cover the properties, application, and availability of cannabis strains that are crucial to identify the right strains for you. Research online to understand the importance of each of these parameters and their role in influencing your experience with weed.