5 Tips for Collaborating With Bloggers

YouTube is the most popular video-streaming platform that brings the ability to become bloggers and gather a lot of subscribers for free. Creators publish any video content on the platform. However, since many people want to become popular, almost all niches are very competitive. 

Collaborations are one of the most successful ways bloggers use to promote their channels and attract new subscribers. Also, it is widely used for advertising products. In any case, if you want to succeed on YouTube, you have to know how to collaborate with bloggers. The top five tips from the post below will help you discover how to do it properly. 

Research and Find Most Corresponding Channels

The first rule you have to remember is that you shouldn’t select bloggers to collaborate by the number of subscribers they have. If you want to get the maximum profit from collaboration, you need to find a perfect creator. You should have a similar core audience. It will help you attract a lot of subscribers who are interested in a particular topic. For example, a collaboration between bloggers who focus on beauty tips and rocket science will have low success.

Therefore, if you want to get profit from collaboration, you have to research wisely to find the best bloggers to cooperate with. Examine the content they create and check out the activity of users. Note, some bloggers use different shady tactics to boost their channels. By checking out the comments, you will discover if real people follow a selected creator.

Send Personalized Pitches

Unfortunately, popular bloggers get many pitches and offers from different companies that want to advertise their products. Sometimes, their inboxes contain hundreds of unread messages because they cannot afford to invest all their time to answer messages. Therefore, they usually skip emails that look spammy. 

In case you want to get a reply fast, you need to send personalized pitches. First, reach bloggers, highlighting the fact that the message is not sent in bulk. Then, to get it noticed, you need to create a captivating title. Write a personalized pitch to help a blogger understand that you enjoy the content they publish and want to team up with the exact creator. Otherwise, there is a high chance that your messages will stay unanswered. 

Set Realistic Goals

Unfortunately, people always have high expectations when they collaborate with bloggers. They think that at least a third of subscribers who follow another creator will start following them or purchase a product. However, the results are not so impressive in most cases. You may get disappointed and lose a lot of money because of the poor engagement of the audience. In exceptional cases, a collaboration may bring zero results. 

Therefore, you need to set realistic goals, especially if the content is not 100% relevant. For instance, if a blogger helps students burdened by the question, “Who can write an essay for me?” it’s recommended to promote education-related content or products only. On the other hand, if you team up with such a blogger to advertise some cool devices to students, the success of collaboration will likely be extremely low.

Establish a Plan and Stay Flexible

If you want to collaborate with a YouTuber, it’s vital to establish a plan. Note, you will be required to invest a sustainable amount of time and money that should be paid off. To avoid wasting your time and savings, you should establish a plan and stick to it. If you don’t have a detailed plan, you need to create a mind map, especially if you’re a novice and have zero collaboration experience. Nevertheless, you always have to be ready to update your plan on the go because it’s impossible to predict all the outcomes. 

Bring Value for Both Parties

Note, collaboration has to be profitable for both parties. A YouTuber with millions of subscribers won’t team up with a creator who has only a few thousand followers. It is a great deal for a beginner, but it brings no value for an expert creator. In such cases, beginners are usually required to pay a popular YouTuber to get their channels advertised like other products. If you want to collaborate with a creator without paying the advertisement fee, you also need to help another YouTuber attract more subscribers. By picking the right creator to collaborate with, you can get a win-win case. That’s why the research stage is vital.

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