5 Things to Do in Austin While You Are Out on Bail

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Going to jail or being convicted can be a stressful and overwhelming process. From getting arrested to paying bail money, committing a criminal offense in Texas – one of US 50 states, leads you to face serious penalties. 

After you finally get released, you likely want to try something fun and new. Here we’ve listed the top 5 things you can do once you’re out on bail:

Understanding Bail Bonds in Austin 

According to Texas law, a bail bond is a written agreement to appear in court and answer criminal allegations by the accuser.  Bail bonds are security debts paid to the law organizations to release you from police custody.

Bail bonds are of the following three main types: 

Cash Bond

A cash bond refers to money deposited by the defendant or family member as a promise to appear before the judge in court. For instance, if the bail money is $500, the defendant’s family member has to deposit the exact amount as a cash bond for the person released from custody. 

Moreover, the defendant gets back the money posted as a cash bond once the case is over. 

Surety Bond

This type of bond involves hiring a company or a bondsman that charges you a certain fee. Once you pay the amount, the hired body acts as your surety or guarantee and takes responsibility for your bail money. 

In addition, they will act as your collateral to promise that you will appear on your given court date. 

Personal Recognizance Bond

The judge grants Personal Recognizance (PR) Bonds after reviewing your case and criminal history. It is simply an agreement or surety that you sign to promise to appear in court during the trial process. 

If you don’t hire a surety nor deposit any money and fail to appear, the court requires you to sign this agreement. If you’re released on a PR bond and don’t appear, you’ll have to pay the bail money. 

One difference between the above two and the PR bond is that no money is held as security. Thus, PR bonds are for individuals with strong ties to the community. It includes people who have been living and working in the community for a significant amount of time.

Top 5 Things to do in Austin While You Are Out on Bail 

Now let’s discuss five fun things you can do in Austin once you are out on bail:

Join an Alcohol Awareness Program 

An educational yet fun thing you can do after you are out on bail is join an alcohol awareness program. Austin has several high-quality courses and programs to spread awareness and information about alcohol addiction and its harmful effects. 

You can choose to take physical classes or online classes, depending on your preference. In addition, the vast array of courses and programs make it easy for you to implement them in your everyday schedule. 

If you’re someone who’s struggling with alcohol addiction, consider joining group therapy. Here you can talk about your problems with open-minded people. 

Do Social Work for Nonprofit Organizations

Bring positivity to the world by giving back to Austin’s nonprofit social services. 

You can volunteer at several nonprofit organizations, including:

Take Addiction Prevention Classes 

Another great way to spread positivity and awareness about addictions is by taking informative addiction prevention classes. 

These interactive and educational programs include classes on the following topics:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Psychological Dependence 
  • Physical Dependence 
  • Physical Reactions of an Addict 
  • Substance Abuse in Addict 
  • Tolerance 
  • And much more!

Research reveals that more than 20 million people in the U.S. suffer from substance use disorder. Thus, taking addiction prevention classes is a great way to learn about addiction, its causes, and its impacts on people’s lives. 

Volunteer at Pet Shelters 

If you’re someone who loves pets and wants to make a positive change in the world, you may volunteer at pet shelters. 

Many shelters, including Austin Pets Alive, Austin Texas Gov, etc., provide pet lovers the perfect opportunity to clean, feed, and play with friendly dogs, cats, and other adorable animals. 

Plan a Barbecue with Your Friends 

Going to court is a significantly stressful and costly process. After going through this complex process, consider planning a fun night out with your friends. 

Having a barbecue with your family members and friends is one way to de-stress and appreciate the blessing of God.  

The Bottom Line

Texas has a zero-tolerance policy for all kinds of criminal offenses, including drunk driving and other misdemeanors. Once you are out on bail, you can enjoy signing up for various volunteer-based and educational programs.

But before that, you need to contact the right lawyer in Austin to get out of jail without spending hundreds of dollars. Contact Austin Criminal Lawyer to learn more about Austin bail bonds

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