5 Health Benefits Of CBD Vape Juice

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CBD is the most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis. Scientific research has made it possible to understand how these cannabinoids interact with the human body and their benefits. It is now possible to extract these cannabinoids and enjoy their benefits independent of the whole plant.

CBD is the most used cannabinoid due to its many benefits. The compound is found in many forms, including topicals, capsules, oils, tinctures, and edibles. As vaping becomes popular, people have ventured into vaping CBD too.

Vaping CBD comes with many health benefits. Taking strong CBD vape juice in the morning or evening can help alleviate various symptoms, including those of certain chronic conditions. Due to the limited understanding, people have about vaping; they may miss out on these benefits.

Health Benefits Of CBD Vape Juice

1. Vaping Provides High Bioavailability of CBD

Bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD your body can extract depending on the method of consumption. If you take CBD orally, your body is only able to use 4-20% of the CBD content you take. Taking CBD sublingually is one of the best methods, but even that avails only about 25-35% of CBD content.

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When it comes to vape, the absorption rate of CBD is very high. Studies on the bioavailability of CBD show that vaporization is one of the most effective ways of taking CBD. Vaporization offers up to 56% bioavailability.

When you intake a strong CBD vape juice via a vaporizer device or vape pen, you inhale the cannabinoid directly into your lungs. When CBD reaches your lungs directly, it enters the bloodstream quickly, which increases its bioavailability as it does not sit in the lungs for long.

Apart from the health benefit vaping offers, it also reduces your cost. When you can maximize the amount of CBD you consume, you can lower your cost, which will translate to reduced costs.

2. It Is Safer For Your Lungs

While CBD is safe and beneficial to the body, not all routes of consumption are safe. So, if you care about your health, the goal is to find the most effective and safest route of administration.

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There are only two ways to take CBD directly into your lungs. You can smoke or vape. As you know, smoking comes with the elements of combustion. Experts do not recommend smoking CBD for lung health due to the potential to cause lung injury and irritation. Combustion also releases carcinogenic by-products such as hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde.

Vaping, however, is relatively safe. Studies show that CBD improves lung function and may even reduce inflammatory conditions in the lungs. If you need CBD for your lungs, then vaping offers a safer and faster means of administration.

3. Instant Relief Of Symptoms

Most people who take CBD for health reasons use edibles, topicals, and pills or capsules. These methods take time for the user to feel the effects. Some edibles might take between one and two hours to start acting.

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These methods may not be suitable if you have migraines, instant anxiety attack, or you want to fall asleep immediately. You need a method that can relieve your symptoms or bring the desired effects almost immediately.

Vaping delivers the CBD directly into your lungs where it reaches the bloodstream within seconds. In a matter of minutes, you will be able to feel the effects. So, if you have migraines and you have work to handle, or your anxiety has struck at an inappropriate moment, vaping can help relieve those symptoms faster.

4. Vaping CBD Is Good For The Skin

CBD topicals are the commonest way of taking CBD for skincare. Vaping now offers users another fast-acting option. People with acne and other skin conditions can now benefit from vaping.

Acne is a skin condition that is believed to be caused by overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands and inflammation of the skin tissue. There is no effective treatment for acne, a condition that affects about 9% of the world population.

CBD oil can inhibit excessive sebum production and also has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight acne. CBD oil prevents the activation of inflammatory cytokines, which are the agents that trigger acne. 

5. Vaping Can Alleviate Anxiety

For people who suffer from crippling anxiety, they know how devastating the feeling can be and how it affects their daily lives. Any coping mechanism that can help is often welcomed.

Many people with anxiety and stress find vaping to be a reliable coping strategy. Health experts, however, do not recommend using vaping to cope with stress and anxiety and advise people to find approved methods.

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If you use CBD to manage anxiety, you could consider vaping and get the added benefit. Moreover, vaping helps deliver more CBD into your system faster, which can help with instant anxiety attacks such as stage fright.


Many people are self-medicating with CBD to treat various chronic conditions. Some of these conditions require high doses of CBD or fast-acting routes of administration. Vaping is proving as an alternative that can help such individuals.

If you are using CBD for health reasons, it is advisable to consult your doctor though before switching to vaping. They will advise you on its safety and whether to adjust your CBD dosage.