5 Amazing Tools That You Need When Starting Your Business

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Starting up a new business can be an extremely challenging task to take on. You might think all your plans will fall into place and might even have a contingency plan, but unexpected roadblocks are bound to emerge along the way. Hence, it is essential to have the appropriate tools and an efficient team to help you handle setbacks with ease.

From engaging with your clients to building your brand, having the right tools will help you increase your productivity and improve customer experience which will steer your company towards success. It doesn’t matter which industry you are in, you can get tools to help optimize your businesses daily operations. For instance those in the healthcare industry can use platforms like Revenue XL which is engineered to support and deliver the best business management software solutions for small healthcare practices.

Here are a few more examples of tools you definitely need to start your business.

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What Tools Are Necessary for Starting a Business

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1. QuickBooks

Money is the lifeblood of every business; therefore, keeping track of where it comes from and goes to is vital. Keeping track of your assets can be difficult without sufficient skills and assistance. QuickBooks is one of the leading finance tracking solutions for those looking to start a business.

QuickBooks is a flexible and affordable service that handles simple bookkeeping tasks and helps generate financial reports. Come tax season, QuickBooks will help you allocate the best tax solutions and reduce work-related stress along the way.

2. UpHabit

Networking is an essential part of starting any business. Be it, clients, potential investors, or employees, the people in your business’s network help build a foundation for your business. Managing your business relationships and connections can be difficult but with UpHabit staying connected and building more productive relationships becomes much more manageable.

UpHabit is the best Personal CRM for you, especially if you need an active network that will help you build the business of your dreams.

3. Google Suite

Google is globally recognized for its marketing capabilities and search engine. It was not long ago that Google used its experiences with online applications and email services to build G Suite, an assortment of online tools to aid in business functions from a central account.

Google Suite offers basic needs for startup businesses such as: cloud storage, email accounts, collaborative document creation, and document management. G Suites enables you to integrate seamlessly with other Google features, develop a branded email address, and connect with other essential apps like; Salesforce, Zoom, and Trello.

Google Suite users can familiarize themselves with the functionality of: Google Sheets and Slides, Google Calendars, Gmail, and Google Docs.

4. WordPress

In today’s digitized world, having a functional and attractive website is necessary for every business. Using a DIY website builder with multiple options available to craft a website that aligns with your needs is affordable. WordPress is the go-to option for startups and small businesses since it offers both built-in tools and leading customizability.

5. Slack

It’s absurd for any entrepreneur to do everything by themselves; therefore, it is crucial to have a team that helps you get things done. Having one-on-one discussions or keeping in touch with your team is key for keeping your business up and running.

Slack is recommended for efficient communication and staying organized. Its smooth design and mobile app allow fast and easy communication through several channels for various topics with different teams. You can also move across your desktop, laptop, or phone since messages sent through Slack automatically sync across linked devices.

Slack eliminates the need for tedious phone calls and emails with its range of intuitive features and its ability to quickly save messages, search chats, share files, and integrate with other apps.

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Don’t Stop Here

You are likely to encounter multiple variables when starting a business. This is why it is important to go into the business fully aware that despite doing everything right, experiencing a few problems here and there is entirely natural.

Even though it is impossible to predict everything that might go wrong and prepare for them, do not hesitate to start building a new business and giving it all you’ve got. With the right tools (like a CRM Software) and the help of a flexible team, you might be able to lessen the impact and occurrence of a few problems.

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